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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Modernist Monk Inflamed About His Clique Being Called out by Cincinnati Vocations Director

What a Wonderful Day for an Auto de Fe
Edit: flamers gonna flame...   Father Anthony Ruff is having a clerical tizzy meltdown over a spade being called a spade at his Pray, Tell blog.   He complains about a priest who is the Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Father Martin Fox, who writes in Bonfire of the Vanities about a gathering of dissident Warlock Priests in Oregon, the Association of Catholic [sic] Priests.

What this is is a case of a "Catholic" priest complaining about a Catholic point of view described by the  good Vocations Director, and of course, the unstated and growing paranoia on the part of Father Ruff, that his cohorts of Liberalism and relativism are thinning and dying away.

 Father Ruff himself is an Old Liberal dissident of dubious orthodoxy who works at the Modernist Monastery, a hotbed of Old Liberal dissent and Gomorrist syncretism, if not manifest heresy, who has recently taken another priest to task for his tone.   Father Ruff can disparage the hierarchy, but when various organizations associated with the aging lavender clerocracy in the United States are justifiably attacked, he's beside himself and wants something to be done about the Vocations Director of the Cincinnati Archdiocese.

No one held Ruff responsible for attacking Pope Benedict's agenda for the translation of the New Mass that we know of, and no one holds Ruff or his superiors responsible for undermining the Catholic Faith, either.  So why should Father Fox be held responsible for doing what is right and doing nothing other than stating an obvious truth that this post-Vatican II crew is dying out?

Here's a sample of Ruff's simpering:

Fr. Martin Fox, writing in his personal blog, Bonfire of the Vanities, has issued a broadside against the Association of Catholic Priests and their upcoming meeting in Seattle, calling it the “Sad-funny-ironic swan-song of the ‘Spirit of Vatican 2′ crowd.”

Calling their agenda “pointless,” his dismissive remarks about the group, which has 950 members, highlight not only the generational differences between age cohorts in the American Catholic priesthood, but also the increasingly acerbic and derogatory tone that younger priests feel free to take in public when speaking about their elder brothers.[Ruff misrepresents Fox on several occasions throughout this blog entry and in the subsequent hilarity of the ensuing comments. That's not particularly brotherly.]

In fact, it would be hard to tell from Fr. Fox’s remarks that he regards older priests as brothers at all, much less valued older colleagues in ministry. They are described more as if they are either enemies or a pathetic nuisance to be gotten out of the way. Younger priests such as Fr. Fox, confident that they hold the whip hand, now seem ready to snap it — on other priests.

Continue reading at Pray, Tell...

One positive thing with this is that it shows that higher ranking clergy, including Bishops, are finally calling out the bad fruit.  If there is a gap in the "former bastion of priestly solidarity" it's only because there are too many priests who are disobedient, heterodox and frankly evil, promoting pernicious doctrines under the guise of the Catholic Church, with relative impunity I might add.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Modernist Monastery Attacks New Translation of Missal: Homosexual Culture Promotes Abuse

Big surprise, homosexual super-culture promotes dissent.  Never mind that the whole thing could be solved by simply returning to the pre-54 Missal.  Father Ruff has, after much soul-searching, to be sure, has decided to call it quits. Maybe he should quit pretending to be a Catholic and a Benedictine? Why doesn't he just join the Unitarians?  Well, Pro-homosexual "America" has published his open letter.  Birds of a feather, etc...

Remember, this is the guy who recently lent an uncritical ear to the yammering of Germany's homosexual enthusiast David Berger, who recently got fired from a seminary faculty in Rome after he was shown as a promoter and practitioner of homosexuality. C'mon people, St. John's is the haunt of predatory homosexual vampires who want to destroy the Church as much as they want to corrupt and destroy young minds.  The only reason this dump still puts out a shingle with the word Catholic on it is because of lazy, good-for-nothing, laymen who turn a blind eye.  This place really deserves to be shut down by competent Church authorities.  Still, nothing heard about any disciplining for an evil Benedictine there who promotes homosexuality on your dime, [If you're stupid enough to give money to Collegeville that is]. 

You know it's got to be bad when Jeff Mirus at Catholic Culture catches on.

So, this should come as a surprise to no one, especially not the homosexual super-culture of the Modernist Monastery in the Midwest, surely the most ugly brutalist, Mies Van Der Rohe inspired pile of concrete in the world....
With a heavy heart, I have recently made a difficult decision concerning the new English missal. I have decided to withdraw from all my upcoming speaking engagements on the Roman Missal in dioceses across the United States. After talking with my confessor and much prayer, I have concluded that I cannot promote the new missal translation with integrity [You're worried about integrity now?]. I’m sure bishops want a speaker who can put the new missal in a positive light, and that would require me to say things I do not believe.[Knowing the Bishops, some of them would, at least, prefer a Catholic speaker]

I love the Church, [With caveats and qualifications] I love the sacred liturgy [You love defacing the liturgy], I love chant in Latin and English, [An artistic conceit?] and I treasure being involved with all these as a monk and priest. It has been an honor to serve until recently as chairman of the music committee of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) that prepared all the chants for the new missal. But my involvement in that process, as well as my observation of the Holy See’s handling of scandal, has gradually opened my eyes to the deep problems in the structures of authority of our church. [Yes, the practice of your community of continuing to ordain and tonsure homosexuals is a problem with authority, we suppose.]

The forthcoming missal is but a part of a larger pattern of top-down impositions by a central authority that does not consider itself accountable to the larger church. [Join a pro-homosexual, pro-anarchist "church" then, if you don't like top down arrangements.  It's not like there aren't other ecclesial arrangements more suitable to your predilections.]   When I think of how secretive the translation process was, how little consultation was done with priests or laity, how the Holy See allowed a small group to hijack [Probably that's what happened at St. John's in the thirties when Liturgical Abuses became the norm, among other kinds of abuses, to be sure] the translation at the final stage, how unsatisfactory the final text is, how this text was imposed on national conferences of bishops in violation of their legitimate episcopal authority, how much deception and mischief have marked this process—and then when I think of Our Lord’s teachings on service and love and unity…I weep. [Bullcrap]

I see a good deal of disillusionment with the Catholic Church among my friends and acquaintances. [Good, then leave.] Some leave the Catholic Church out of conviction, some gradually drift away, some join other denominations, some remain Catholic with difficulty. My response is to stay in this church for life and do my best to serve her. This I hope to do by stating the truth as I see it, with charity and respect. I would be ready to participate in future liturgical projects under more favorable conditions.

I am sorry for the difficulties I am causing others by withdrawing, but I know this is the right thing to do. I will be praying for you and all leaders in our church.

Pax in Christo,

Fr. Anthony Ruff, O.S.B.

There are a lot of other places you could go, Tony, and be an effeminate social worker with a decent salary.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Catholic" Blog Defends David Berger's Homosexual Deception

 Homosexual friendly clergy at "Pray, Tell" blog, hosted by some priests at a Modernist Monastery in the Midwest are focused like laser beams on what a dishonest homosexual activist from Germany and former theologian has to say about the Catholic Church and Its legitimate aspirations.  Berger's already accused the Church of hypocrisy about Its position about sodomy, why doesn't he join St. John's Abbey and all the other liberals who pose as Catholics and found their own religion?  It's ironic indeed that one of the largest centers of homosexual predators in the country if not the world also hosts a website concerned about the sexual health of Traditionalist priests.

Speaking of aspirations, Berger is enjoying almost universal praise from the anti-Catholic press.  The bloggers there, after insisting they are very familiar with Berger's work are very defensive of the homosexual charlatan.  If they ever met at St. John's Abbey for a conference, you can be assured there'd be a mutual admiration society set up.  One of the homosexual enabling blog's commenters complained that he didn't know what Berger's "professional" status in the Catholic Church is.  Well, Berger still teaches at a Catholic high school in Germany and like a lot of schools who hire active homosexuals either knowingly or unknowingly often refuse to fire them even after they've proven themselves to be less than honest.

Father Ruff rises to Berger's defense, insisting that he's read the deceptive German sodomite:

 Fr. Allan, if you haven’t read the book by Berger, perhaps you should step back from comparing it with Michael Rose’s book.

Berger is a bright theologian (doctorate in the field). I’m not so sure that Michael Rose even claims to be a theologian. Rose holds that homosexual orientation and homosexual people is the problem. We need “good men” again. Berger, rather, discusses the problematic ways people do or don’t deal with their orientation. I think this is a significant difference. I find the former homophobic, but not the latter.

I wouldn’t lump Berger and Rose together.

Yes, the latter is a lying homosexual poser, a confidence man who admitted to winning over people in Traditionalist circles to earn income while he  was living in a homosexual relationship with hiis "partner".  The former is an honorable man and was very accurate about what was going on at the Louvain, which at the latest had abandoned its Catholic identity and will be closing out in any case, due to a lack of interest in what they have to offer. 

Another blog contributor, Father Cody Unterseher is worried that this histrionic creature's book won't continue being carried by Ave Maria Press, thanks Cody:

One wonders if Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University will be courageous enough to keep Berger’s little book Thomas Aquinas & the Liturgy in print. It’s an very useful contribution, and I’d hate to see it fall victim to unnecessary and unhelpful suppression.