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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pope Benedict on Assisi 3: "Have Trust"

You heard it here first. Assisi 3 will be the attack on relativism.

Edit: we just found a referring article describing the Assisi 3 event.  We picked up a letter written by a Lutheran minister who is a friend of the Pope on April 24th from, two days before Rorate got it. The Lutheran minister describes the Pope's intention with Assisi.

Rorate has entitled their most recent article, "Pope explains why he's going to Assisi 3".    Katholisches is much more accurate, and frankly, just.

Many of those commenting at Rorate don't seem to understand the article, or believe that the Pope is in earnest.  The Pope's words themselves are actually quite shocking and unprecedented.

Of course many "Traditionalists" don't appreciate that the Pope is actually attempting to the address their concerns.  Maybe it's just shellshock? 

This should be taken in with other statements by various officials and actions in recent years on the part of the Pope himself when he more than met the hopes of the SSPX with respect to Summorum Pontificum, on the part of individual Bishops, even Liberal ones, Conferences and even the Vatican officials themselves indicate that this won't be anything like the previous Assisi events and will be used by the Holy Father to "attack relativism".

Benedict XVI. on Assisi 3:  "Everything will be done so that a syncretistic or relativistic interpretation will be impossible".

On the 1st of October the event "Pilgrims of Truth on the Way to Assisi" took place, organized by Catholica Spes, in order to discuss considerations and concerns related to Assisi 3.

"The Holy Father wanted to underline the idea of a Pilgrimage to Truth:  not in order to pray in various ways with the danger of mixing the supernatural faith and natural religions, rather a common way back to the one truth." With these words Curial Cardinal Leo Burke explained the sense of the inter-religious meeting in Assisi will be invited by Pope Benedict XVI for the 27th of October 2011.

An excerpt from katholisches...