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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cues of History -- Cardinal Siri About the Congruence of Progressivism and Relativism

(Genoa) In 1975  Giuseppe Cardinal Siri, Archbishop of Genoa (1946-1987) published in the  his diocese newspaper some thoughts on church development. The then 52-year old cardinal was in 1958 considered as the favorite and preferred successor of Pius XII. to the papal throne. In the conclave of 1963 he was the victim of Cardinal Montini, the future Pope Paul VI.
"[...] You read magazines and books that openly contradict what has defined the Council of Trent; accepted forms of thought that were explicitly condemned in the encyclical Pascendi of St. Pius X., condemned as much in his decree Lamentabili; rehabilitated Loisy; draws the historical value of the history books of the Scriptures in doubt, raises the destructive theories of Protestants like Bultman to a standard; listens indifferently to sets of authors beyond the Alps even if they attack the center of divine revelation, the divinity of Christ. If one rampantly circumvents the  principles, one naturally gets the ecclesiastical morals and discipline that one wants. Considered under this general perspective that progressivism is to treat the revealed truth as relative, to change it as soon as possible and to give man a freedom with which in a short time he knows not what he should do, and in the face of the Absolute. Once arrived on this line, “progressivism” is congruent with  "relativism" and nothing is left to the “adored" man, not even his hopes! Of course, not all people who are considered progressive, share these contexts. But they do accept the consequences and the logical conclusions of them, which they know nothing. If they have a fault - God will judge! - then it consists in not by asking why its what they fanatically take sides."
Cardinal Giuseppe Siri in the Rivista Diocesana Genovese January 1975.
Text: Cordialiter / Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Cordialiter
Trans: Tancred

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George Weigel’s writeup on Cardinal Siri strikes me as condescending. Frankly, I have a hard time reading anything this man writes.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pope Plans on Using Assisi to Attack Relativism, Says Protestant Theologian

Editor: A protestant theologian who enjoys the Pope's confidence shares the misgivings of many over the Assisi conference. He receives assurances from the Pope.  It seems as though this Pope is finding himself saying those amazing kinds of things on the lips of the first fisherman, "Lord, you have the words of eternal life, where else would we go?"

Pope Permits Criticism of Assisi

Benedict XVI. insists he will point to "Jesus Christ as the only son of God and unmistakable savior".

( The initiative for the October Asssisi Meeting is "clearly not coming from the Pope".

This was according to the protestant theologian of missions, Peter Beyerhaus [82] for the Catholic monthly 'Kirchliche Umschau'.

Beyherhaus mentions a personal letter of March 4, which he received from Pope Benedict XVI.

Actually, Beyerhaus was critical that the Pope said that he considers the meeting "as obligatory".

Benedict XVI explained in a private letter that he wants to "control the direction of the whole and do everything therefore to make the syncretistic or relativistic progress of the event an impossibility."

At the same time the Pope expressed to the professor, a public response on the Assisi event.

He requested that Beyerhaus, therefore honor his trust "that the Pope stands upon that, what his office is understood as being -- that is, to strengthen his brothers in faith and recognize Jesus Christ as the only son of God and savior and admit it unmistakeably."

The German website of the Society of Pius X speculated about the possible reason for the third Assisi- horror.

The Old Liberal Roman Community 'Saint Egidio', which has organized Assisi as an inter-religious meeting, has "substantial financial resources".

The commentary on the web pages warns that the Church is not moved by lobbyism.

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Editor: This brings to mind the comment heard during the Vatican Council from our present Pope that, 'we need more Luther and less Chardin'. Despite his efforts to extend a hand, and fight relativism at the same time, his efforts are not appreciated by those he seems most eager to help, like the present Lutheran "Bishop" of Brandenberg.

The Pope Will Bless the Protestantic Way of Error

Germany. On his trip to Germany the Pope will "clearly" say, "what was positive that came from the reformation for Chirstendom: namely the concentration upon Christ and the Bible, the freedom of thought and the recognition of the reform ability of the Church." That is what the protestant "Bishop" of Brandenburg, Markus Droge promoted in his interview with the 'Markische Allgemeine'. So long as the Church doesn't recognize Protestantism as "a church in its own sense", the "Bishop" doesn't see any possibility for meaningful new developments in ecumenism.

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