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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cardinal Koch: No Communal Prayer in Assisi

Edit: After a quick listen to the video from '' and having it pointed out by a priest in Germany, Cardinal Koch says that "there will be no communal prayer at Assisi III", every appearance of syncretism must be avoided, that is to say, this won't 1989. It is said that  the Holy Father was going to use Assisi III to attack relativism. A Lutheran minister who is a friend of Pope Benedict says this. Do we see evidence for that here?  It's looking like it's coming true.

The interviewer also asks the Cardinal if he would celebrate the Immemorial Mass, and the the Cardinal sounds well-disposed to it, although he's never said the Mass himself since only being ordained in 1982.

It also should go without saying that this will address at least one of the concerns held by the Society of St. Pius X as they consider the Preamble which will bring them back into a clear and precise relationship with the Church.