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Sunday, March 18, 2012

SSPX: Some Details From the Two Hour Long Discussion

If the problem could be solved by a signature, no one would refuse to sign.
Candidates for Deaconal Ordination
for South American District
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(, Vatican) The most recent letter to the Society of St. Pius X from the CDF renewed its request for the General Superior of the Society, Bishop Bernard Fellay, to sign the Dogmatic Preamble.

This was according to Andrea Tornielli at ''.

The signature of the Preamble is a precondition for the canonical reconciliation.

Tonrielli speculates that Msgr Fellay has been playing for time up until now without breaking the dialog with the Vatican off completely.

On the contrary, the Pope wants clear conditions.

On Friday Msgr Fellay spoke for two hours with the Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith, Cardinal William Levada, as well as the Secretary of the Commission of Ecclesia Dei, Prelate Guido Pozzo.

Msgr Fellay was accompanied by his chief assistant, Father Alain-Marc Nely.

The Church has thrown the Traditional Faith Overboard

The Society Bishop explained, says Tornielli, that the Society has no problem signing with the initial Professio fidei -- Profession of Faith .

Additionally, it recognizes principles represented in the Preamble.

The problem consists not in the principles, rather in their application.

The Church fails in fidelity to the Magisterium -- explained Msgr Fellay, according to Tornielli.

Recognition is in the Drawer

The Vaticanist reported still further that for the Society, in case they accept the Preamble, are ready to complete an offer with a Canonical Structure of an Institute.

It would allow the Society a status of complete independence from the Bishops, which protection is enjoyed by no other traditional group.

There are Effectively Two Different Religions

Tornielli suspects that the problem with reconicliation is not in the text of the Preamble but also as a result of disunity within the Society.

The majority, inclusive of the General Superior, want unity with Rome.  They recognize the primacy of the Papacy with its government as being central to the Faith.

A strong minority of the Society are against the reconciliation.   They call on Rome to finally convert.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pope Benedict May Have Something Better for SSPX: Bishop Williamson "Lashes" out at Jews

Edit: The Pope may have something even "better" in store for the Society in this round of deliberations over the Preamble, despite misgivings on the part of Bishop Fellay about the course of this.

Meanwhile, Bishop Williamson is in the Jewish press with his recent Eleison Comments, which are really non-controversial.
A report on the conference given by H.E. Bernard Fellay SSPX in Our Lady of Victories Church, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila on October 16, 2011

I attended Pontifical Mass from the throne (two assistant deacons and all) in the SSPX church in Metro Manila on the morning of October 16. The Mass was offered by Bishop Fellay and he was assisted by the District Superiors for Asia and for France. The church was packed to overflowing thanks to the presence of delegates from the SSPX-guided Praesidia of the Legion of Mary from all over the Philippines. (This is not to say that the church is not full on ordinary Sundays.)

During his sermon for the Mass, Bishop Fellay focused mostly on the need to trust in God, and the fact that the Lord who performed the miracle described in the gospel for that Sunday (the forgiving of sins and healing of the man sick with palsy) is the same Lord who is in the tabernacle. He has lost none of His power, and therefore we must have recourse to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament with complete trust. He also related the following story from Lourdes, which according to the bishop took place a few years back: there was this little girl who was very ill, and who had gone to Lourdes in the hope of being healed. She stood in line to be blessed with the Blessed Sacrament, as is the practice in that shrine. However, when the priest blessed her with the Blessed Sacrament, nothing happened to her. She then pointed to the Blessed Sacrament (which by then had been brought over to another person) and said, "I'll tell this to Your Mother!". At that instant, she was healed! The bishop did not neglect to speak about the need to pray the rosary and to have trusting recourse to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin. In the course of this he remarked that the crisis in the Church was so great that, humanly speaking, it can't be raised up, and only divine intervention can do so.

After the Pontifical Mass, the bishop gave an hour-long conference (open to the public) on the state of the relationship between the Vatican and the SSPX.

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