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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Will Castro End His Life as a Devoted Catholic?

Fidel Castro will be received back into the communion of the Roman Catholic Church during Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the island in March, the Italian press is reporting. If true, this is a remarkable story — and one that has yet to catch the attention of editors this side of the Atlantic.

On 1 Feb 2012, La Republicca — [Italy’s second largest circulation daily newspaper, La Republicca follows a center-left political line and is strongly anti-clerical; not anti-Catholic per se but a critic of the institutional church] — reported that as death approaches, the octogenarian communist has turned to God for solace.

ABC’s Global Note news blog is the only U.S. general interest publication I have found that has reported this story.  It referenced the La Republicca story and said that Castro’s

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freemasons Cast a Long Shadow on the Elysee Palace

(Paris) The initials appear to be harmless: CIU Cercle interuniversitaire [Circle Inter-Universal]. Actually behind this clever sounding society of French academics conceals in actuality a Freemasonic super lodge. The initials are the same, on the contrary sounded in the actual name: Confraternité initiatique universelle [Universally Initiated Brotherhood]. If some members are university professors, who are interested in questions of Freemasonry, then others are involved in close connection with French politics. This is concealed in the reportage of Le Point. The weekly magazine has already published numerous articles about Freemasonic networks in France. In this case Le Point investigates members in the election process of the most important Presidential candidates.

Candidates of the Greens and the Extreme Left Are Freemasons

Two French Presidential candidates of the second rank are self-described Freemasons: Jean-Luc Melenchon, candidate of the extreme-left is a member of the Grand Orient of France; Corinne Lepage of the Greens, wife of the former Minister for Environment and CIU-associate Christian Huglo, belongs to the Ladies Grand Lodge.

Disregarding the clear connections between radical and extreme leftists in the Freemasonic network, it is clearly interesting that Le Point counts 13 Freemasons in the election entourage of Nicolas Sarkozy including François Baroin, Labour Minister Xavier Bertrand, Defense Minister Gérard Longuet, Minister of the Interior Claude Guéant, Justice Minister Michel Mercier, Minister of Sports David Douillet, Minister for Relations with Parlament Patrick Ollier, the Minister for the International Cooperation Henri de Raincourt and Education Minister Luc Chatel.

Sarkozy's Freemasonic Friends

The latter two ministries were in the history of the French republic entrusted almost all Freemasons. Corresponding significance of membership in a lodge in a total staff of officials of these ministries and the French state schools. Prime Minister Francois Fillon, not even a Freemason appears in Sarkozy's cabinet, however, represent an exception. The Government of the French President could be aptly described as a large box. Many of the ministers are close to the mysterious CIU. This does not mean that this is consistent with the direction of the majority of French Freemasonry, the Grand Orient. Sarkozy himself is closely connected with Alain Bauer. The well-known criminologist, son of Georg Bauer and Monika Ejzenberg who survived the persecution of Jews in the East, was Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France. Since his youth was a member of the Socialist Party of Sarkozy Bauer was entrusted with important tasks. Le Point also know suggests that it was amazing, at least for someone who is stressed again and again to be a Freemason, that adorns some of Sarkozy's signature with three points as the "brothers" to. The correspondence as Interior Minister in the Chief of Police or the police union was "marked" by it. It is generally known in France that are all Freemasons to the leadership of the police.

The Grand Orient of France Oggles Hollande

Should the Socialist candidate Francoise Hollande win, who is has clear sympathies to the Grand Orient, would not change much from the Freemasonic point of view. In the team, who organize Hollandes election, Le Point counts ten Freemasons including the Senate president Jean-Pierre Bel, former Minister Michel Sapin and Jean-Yves Le Drian, the Mayor of Lyon Gérard Collomb and Hollande's press speaker, Manuel Valls.

Given this band of "brothers" can someone who does not trust the French Freemasonry be tempted to choose the candidate Francois Bayrou center or the right candidate Marine Le Pen. As Le Point assures us, the Lodges have also already taken steps in this regard or are busy here. Bayrou is on the side of the former Senator and Member of Auditors Alain Lambert. He belongs to the same Lodge from which the mysterious CIU has emerged. From the same back ground comes Dominique Paillé, the former spokesman of the Sarkozy's UMP party. He is not even on the entourage of Bayrou, but this was the victor in his novel "Panic in the Elysee Palace" and is considered particularly influential in the circles that support the candidate Bayrou.

Freemasons open Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen seems to be the only candidate for the highest state office, who is not surrounded by "brothers". In the retinue of Marine Le Pen, Le Point has identified only one single Freemason. It is Gilbert Collard. The lawyer who most frequently appeared in the French media was initiated in the Grande Loge de France, then moved to the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF), which is described from Masonic point of view as "traditional" and obedience is the ground on which the CIU was created. It seems a lot of water from the Loire and Rhone has flowed since the "brothers" of the Grand Orient were threatened with expulsion in the 80s if they were members of the National Front, which was then headed by Marine Le Pen's father. Even those who were threatened, to those who dared to seek the support of the FN, or were suspected, such as former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Soisson, defend those who sought for the second ballot the votes of FN to his position as president of the National Council of Burgundy. Maybe nothing will come of it. The Grand Orient at least seriously discussed the possibility to invite Marine Le Pen to a meeting behind closed doors, "to give her the opportunity to present the 'brothers' her program," as it has been granted before to the other presidential election candidates. The very thought would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Jean-Marie Le Pen was never offered this "privilege". Freemasonry opens Marine Le Pen, Le Pen is open Freemasonry? Le Pen's environment shows a strong resistance against it: "It would end with a crushing hug," is how it would look from the environs of the FN-Candidate.

Masons also want to retain influence after the election in 2012

The diverse landscape of France Masons has numerous differences in positions. But there are certain threads that connect them and in the end, French Freemasonry succeeds in having more political weight than in other countries in terms politics. The approximately 150,000 Masons in France seem determined to preserve their influence, in France specifically, even around the presidential elections in 2012.

Text: BQ/Giuseppe Nardi Bild: Bussola Quotidiana

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

America: 1861-1865 - Stephen Heiner with Charles Coulombe

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Catholic President in Finnland?

There will be no support expected from the modern hirling-Bishops.

( Last Sunday the party "True Finns" chose their founder and President Timo Soini (49) to run for the office of State President.

The State President will be chosen in two votes directly by the people --- on 22. January und am 5. February 2012.

The People Trust Him

Soini is a practicing Catholic. He sits at the moment for his party in Parliament.

As a true son of his Church, he is a clear opponent of the criminal violence of abortion and the unjust privilege of those who are homosexually disturbed.

For years he has been a sharp critic of the EU-Bureaucracy.

For that reason Soini has won in the polls many times, from which it arises that the Finnish people trust him for the most part.

Soini is married and has two children.

Where does the Bishop of Helsinki stand?

As the candidate of the formerly conservative and presently homosexual and abortion "Kansallinen Kokoomus", Sauli Niinistö (63) will step forward.

At the same time candidates have been nominated for the divorced socialist, Comrade Paavo Lipponen (70), of the SDP and the homosexual ‘Green’-extremist, Comrade Pekka Haavisto (53).

The Old Liberal scandal-Bishop Teemu Sippo SCJ of Helsinki is deemed to be the personal friend and indirect supporter of the divorced Socialist.


Photo: © Soppakanuuna, Wikipedia, CC

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

German "Far-Right" Politician Leaves Political Party For Church But Reprimands SSPX

'National Democratic Party Germany' politician from Regensburg, W.W. [known to the editor of, who's revealed himself Willi Wiener and authored a clarification for which follows further below, where he challenges the SSPX for using his conversion to support the CDU] has decided to leave the "far right" NDP Party which some consider fascist, because he feels it conflicts with his Catholic\Faith. This story underlines a certain tension going on within the Society regarding ways and means about how much to participate in politics.  Mr. Wiener hasn't said the Church has no role to play in politics, but he's sure that it shouldn't be contributing to the debate.

In the past, Wiener was the President of the NPD-District Chapter of Regensburg and active in the Right organization, 'Free Resistance Regensburg'. This is according to the Landshut print edition of their 'Weekly Paper'  [German] on the 26th of February last month. He gave the following statement:

"On 30 November I have put down all of my responsibilities with the NPD and have left the party."

Here's his statement to a baffled "Wochenblatt' which seems to understand the murky world of fascism even less than it understand the Catholic religion:

"The reason for my leaving is based in that I want to return again to my old Faith, and also that the new Party Program of the NPD no longer professes itself that it no longer belongs to the Christian West or its values."

W. took with that the consequences: "As a believing Catholic I can no longer serve as a member of the NPD."

He will not forsake his political engagement in the future, however:

"There I mean to fight for the love of the one true, triune God and my German Fatherland, against the creeping Islamicization, the dissolution of National States, the mass murder of unborn children, homosexual marriage as well as against social injustice and to protect the rights of disabled people."

Pleasantly Surprised

The German Nazi-crazy media had revealed in June 2010 W's presence at the SSPX ordination in Zaitzkofen in Regensburg in order to use it against the Society.

The German website of the Lefebvrists commented on the conversion of the politician:

"Even if Mr. W.W. were not personally known to the editorship: if his conversion is sincere, then therefore we'll go out and can only congratulate him!"

The article noticed that this turn of events brought a "remark of praise" from the decadent German Bundestag:

"The Society of St. Pius X has helped to bring about a reduction in the extreme right scene."

Why the Society of St. Pius X will never adjust itself to the Zeitgeist. A few clarifications to my resigning from the NPD. by Willi Wiener.

Fear Makes a Terrible Adviser

( I have been unwillingly been turned into grist for the mill of the Media after my exit from the NPD.

Ex-NPD Politician Willi Wiener

The Society of St. Pius X has given a prominent place to a corresponding report from the 'Regensburger Wochenblatt' and under the addendum of an unhappy politically fawning commentary [referred to above].

For that reason my Damascus experience and return to the Catholic Church was already in January 2009 -- and actually not to the Society of St. Pius X, rather to the Holy Mass in the Old Rite in the so-called official Church.

Naturally I am aware of the media campaign against Bishop Richard Williamson in the Society of St. Pius X.

I recommend the SSPX and it brought me there but have come to appreciate -- clearly later -- completely normal believers, who themselves happen to practice their Faith there.

I did not want to damage the Society by my presence as an NPD Functionary and received the encouraging news that Jesus died for NPDer's also, as I made my first Exercises with them at the end of December 2009.

It was at first with these Exercises that I began to attend Holy Mass regularly.

I left the party at the end of November in 2010 -- in any case not from any compulsion or even suggestions from the side of the official Society of St. Pius X.

The motives for my exit were and are completely from my own personal belief and understanding.

My basic political coordinates, which I had given in interview with the 'Regensburg Wochenblatt' are the same as given:

"The reason for my leaving is based in that I want to return again to my old Faith, and also that the new Party Program of the NPD no longer professes itself to no longer belongs to the Christian West or its values."

The 'Wochenblatt' did not cite my next statement: "I am now completely departed in any case from Party Politics."

I made it very clear to the 'Regensburger Wochenblatt' that there are no alternatives for me as a voter among the established political parties.

On the contrary: "The Left, Greens, FDP, SPD and also the supposedly Christian CDU/CSU are putting our land in danger, because they are standing for Islamicization, for the dissolution of our Fatherland in the EU, abortion, homosexual marriage as well as in general for values-- and the diminuation of the Faith.

Well it was with bewilderment and deep disappointment that I came to understand that the Society had taken it upon themselves -- initially they took it directly over the report of my exit from the Party -- to use this as a means of a voter initiative for their members and sympathizers to shamelessly call for an open vote for the CDU in Baden-Württemberg.

From this point forth I want to completely disassociate myself from its Press representative, Father Andreas Steiner.

It is clear to see from this that a Catholic Organization should never campaign, when there is more than effective and sufficient grounds that the CDU is undeniably anti-Catholic.

One thing must be clear: I did not leave the NPD in order that I can now be turned into a quasi campaign society for the CDU.

The Society of St. Pius X is become my pure spiritual home -- when they fancy from naked fear of persecution -- fear of the closing of their schools, fear from being taken to through the federal courts -- that they can seek favor politically and align themselves, then I will not follow in this.

Fear is always a poor adviser. And your political opponents sense this fear, so they use it -- just like a priest stumbles on the other, like falling dominoes.

As a believing Catholic and from my political experience I can only warn the Society of this.

For from political and cultural alignments will come softening and leveling in the religious area.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eduardo Verástegui Puts himself Behind Cardinal Burke

Mexican actor supports the pro-life message of future Cardinal Burke. The abortion opponent said this on his website for Hispanic US-Citizens that they should seriously consider the words of the Cardinal designate.

Los Angeles ( The Mexican actor and Pro-Life-Activist Edwardo Verástegui has two sensational videos on his website which supports the points made by Archbishop Raymond Burke. The star, famous among Spanish speakers and known Catholic supports the message of the Archbishop, who will be appointed a Cardinal in the next Consistorium.

The Cardinal designate had spoken out clearly against abortion and homosexual "marriage" when he was named. +Burke, the Prefect of the highest court in the Vatican, had explained that Catholics must take into account the ethical considerations of the candidates as main criteria.

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Here's the video on Gloria, of his film Bella.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Open Season on RINOs in Arizona

PHOENIX – Former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth says he's planning to run against John McCain for his U.S. Senate seat.

Hayworth told The Associated Press late Friday that he stepped down as host of his radio program on KFYI-AM, a conservative radio talk show in Phoenix. Legally, he wouldn't be able to host the program and be an active candidate.

Hayworth was ousted from his Congressional seat in 2007 after 12 years in office by Democrat Harry Mitchell, and has hosted the radio show for the past few years.

Hayworth says he's not formally announcing a run for the Senate seat, but that "we're moving forward to challenge John McCain."

He added that he's had a wonderful time at KFYI, but "it's time to enter public life again."

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