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German "Far-Right" Politician Leaves Political Party For Church But Reprimands SSPX

'National Democratic Party Germany' politician from Regensburg, W.W. [known to the editor of Kreuz.net, who's revealed himself Willi Wiener and authored a clarification for kreuz.net which follows further below, where he challenges the SSPX for using his conversion to support the CDU] has decided to leave the "far right" NDP Party which some consider fascist, because he feels it conflicts with his Catholic\Faith. This story underlines a certain tension going on within the Society regarding ways and means about how much to participate in politics.  Mr. Wiener hasn't said the Church has no role to play in politics, but he's sure that it shouldn't be contributing to the debate.

In the past, Wiener was the President of the NPD-District Chapter of Regensburg and active in the Right organization, 'Free Resistance Regensburg'. This is according to the Landshut print edition of their 'Weekly Paper'  [German] on the 26th of February last month. He gave the following statement:

"On 30 November I have put down all of my responsibilities with the NPD and have left the party."

Here's his statement to a baffled "Wochenblatt' which seems to understand the murky world of fascism even less than it understand the Catholic religion:

"The reason for my leaving is based in that I want to return again to my old Faith, and also that the new Party Program of the NPD no longer professes itself that it no longer belongs to the Christian West or its values."

W. took with that the consequences: "As a believing Catholic I can no longer serve as a member of the NPD."

He will not forsake his political engagement in the future, however:

"There I mean to fight for the love of the one true, triune God and my German Fatherland, against the creeping Islamicization, the dissolution of National States, the mass murder of unborn children, homosexual marriage as well as against social injustice and to protect the rights of disabled people."

Pleasantly Surprised

The German Nazi-crazy media had revealed in June 2010 W's presence at the SSPX ordination in Zaitzkofen in Regensburg in order to use it against the Society.

The German website of the Lefebvrists commented on the conversion of the politician:

"Even if Mr. W.W. were not personally known to the editorship: if his conversion is sincere, then therefore we'll go out and can only congratulate him!"

The article noticed that this turn of events brought a "remark of praise" from the decadent German Bundestag:

"The Society of St. Pius X has helped to bring about a reduction in the extreme right scene."

Why the Society of St. Pius X will never adjust itself to the Zeitgeist. A few clarifications to my resigning from the NPD. by Willi Wiener.

Fear Makes a Terrible Adviser

(kreuz.net) I have been unwillingly been turned into grist for the mill of the Media after my exit from the NPD.

Ex-NPD Politician Willi Wiener

The Society of St. Pius X has given a prominent place to a corresponding report from the 'Regensburger Wochenblatt' and under the addendum of an unhappy politically fawning commentary [referred to above].

For that reason my Damascus experience and return to the Catholic Church was already in January 2009 -- and actually not to the Society of St. Pius X, rather to the Holy Mass in the Old Rite in the so-called official Church.

Naturally I am aware of the media campaign against Bishop Richard Williamson in the Society of St. Pius X.

I recommend the SSPX and it brought me there but have come to appreciate -- clearly later -- completely normal believers, who themselves happen to practice their Faith there.

I did not want to damage the Society by my presence as an NPD Functionary and received the encouraging news that Jesus died for NPDer's also, as I made my first Exercises with them at the end of December 2009.

It was at first with these Exercises that I began to attend Holy Mass regularly.

I left the party at the end of November in 2010 -- in any case not from any compulsion or even suggestions from the side of the official Society of St. Pius X.

The motives for my exit were and are completely from my own personal belief and understanding.

My basic political coordinates, which I had given in interview with the 'Regensburg Wochenblatt' are the same as given:

"The reason for my leaving is based in that I want to return again to my old Faith, and also that the new Party Program of the NPD no longer professes itself to no longer belongs to the Christian West or its values."

The 'Wochenblatt' did not cite my next statement: "I am now completely departed in any case from Party Politics."

I made it very clear to the 'Regensburger Wochenblatt' that there are no alternatives for me as a voter among the established political parties.

On the contrary: "The Left, Greens, FDP, SPD and also the supposedly Christian CDU/CSU are putting our land in danger, because they are standing for Islamicization, for the dissolution of our Fatherland in the EU, abortion, homosexual marriage as well as in general for values-- and the diminuation of the Faith.

Well it was with bewilderment and deep disappointment that I came to understand that the Society had taken it upon themselves -- initially they took it directly over the report of my exit from the Party -- to use this as a means of a voter initiative for their members and sympathizers to shamelessly call for an open vote for the CDU in Baden-Württemberg.

From this point forth I want to completely disassociate myself from its Press representative, Father Andreas Steiner.

It is clear to see from this that a Catholic Organization should never campaign, when there is more than effective and sufficient grounds that the CDU is undeniably anti-Catholic.

One thing must be clear: I did not leave the NPD in order that I can now be turned into a quasi campaign society for the CDU.

The Society of St. Pius X is become my pure spiritual home -- when they fancy from naked fear of persecution -- fear of the closing of their schools, fear from being taken to through the federal courts -- that they can seek favor politically and align themselves, then I will not follow in this.

Fear is always a poor adviser. And your political opponents sense this fear, so they use it -- just like a priest stumbles on the other, like falling dominoes.

As a believing Catholic and from my political experience I can only warn the Society of this.

For from political and cultural alignments will come softening and leveling in the religious area.

Kreuznet original, here.


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Who ever you are, who posted this article: You got the sense completely wrong, because you didn't understand the German original texts! Therefore your translation is also completely wrong and it is a falsification of the purposes. In some cases you express even the opposite of what is meant!If you don't change it, you desinform your readers!

Tancred said...

Whoever you are, you don't seem to be too concerned about the lack of clarity or supposed "misinformation" because you haven't identified the problem.

One possible guess is that you don't understand English well enough to comment about that.