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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pharmacist Dismissed Because She Refused to Sell the "Morning After Pill" in France

(Paris) A French pharmacist refused to sell the early abortive morning after pill out of conscience and has now been discharged. Jacqueline F. had asked a colleague to serve a customer the morning after pill. The customer received the product that has both a contraceptive and abortifacient effect. A complaint was brought against the pharmacist.

The question of conscientious objection concerns in France don't just include the mayor who refuses "gay marriage",  who they want to compel by the socialist government by state law. The French law also prohibits pharmacists of conscience to refuse sale of the morning-after pill. Who does so anyway, risks losing their job, as happened to Jacqueline F. In a report by  the  Objection Association she made ​​known her case.

The woman had completed her pharmacy degree two years ago and has since worked as an employee in the branch of a major pharmacy company. The idea that she would have to sell the morning-after pill as a contraceptive, but also with an abortifacient effect, and thus contribute to the killing of an unborn child, put her under ever greater strain. After a long struggle with herself, she trusted her manager and pharmacist colleagues as to her conscience problems. To her amazement, she found that they shared her concerns and themselves had difficulties with selling the killing medication. "He made ​​me the proposal, to refer customers who wanted abortion products to other colleagues," said Jacqueline.