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Monday, February 14, 2011

Catholic Church Hosts Anti-Semitic, Marxist Congressman for Talk

Editor:  Antonio Gramsci alert... Comrade Keith Ellison,  a Jesuit educated byproduct, has been brought to you by the usual socialist electorate you'd expect in a major American city.  He's been an enthusiastic supporter of Lou Farrakhan in the past, when he's not dodging parking and traffic tickets, but anti-Semitic is ok at the leftists who run the Basilica of St. Mary's; perhaps someone should explore the connection between fascism, homosexuality and Islam?  Certain people have long inspired the public to believe, with some justification, that there's a connection between Catholicism and homosexuality, and given what goes on regularly at the Basilica, you can see why this is more than a passing possibility.

"Jews are among the most racist white people I know." Declared Ellison [laughably]:

“We stand by the truth contained in the remarks attributed to [Ms. Jackson], and by her right to express her views without sanction. Here is why we support Ms. Jackson: She is correct about Minister Farrakhan. He is not a racist. He is also not an anti-Semite. Minister Farrakhan is a tireless public servant of Black people, who constantly teaches self-reliance and self-examination to the Black community.”

Here's the offending article at Basilica:

Interfaith Forum with Congressman Keith Ellison

The Generosity of Inclusion: Everybody Counts, Everybody Matters

Thursday, February 24, 12:00–1:00pm
Westminster Presbyterian, Nicollet Mall & 12th St
Keith Ellison represents Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. A member of the DFL Party, he is the first Muslim to be elected to the United States Congress. He served two terms in the Minnesota State Legislature, representing District 58B, prior to election to national office. Keith Ellison offers a message of hope, reconciliation, respect, and inclusion. Join us for music at 11:30am and a reception at 1:00pm. Free and open to all! Co-sponsored by The Basilica of Saint  Mary. Contact Susan McKenna at 612.332.3421.

Link, here.

They were also present at the "Gay Pride" event last year too.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Obama's faith assertion called 'politically driven' 'Too many black 'community organizers' gained power through churches'

President Obama's statement that he is a "Christian by choice" drew strong reaction on the Web, largely dividing responders into two camps: one supporting him and urging that he focus on programs that better the nation and another contending that asserting he is a Christian doesn't necessarily make him one.

"I wonder if our president believes God created the heavens and the earth in 7 days or if he thinks the Bible was fibbing," wrote griffin 76 on a Minneapolis Star-Tribune forum page. "I think I already know his answer based on his stances on abortion and homosexuality."

Added ceegee, "You can call me skeptical and a cynic, but too many black 'community organizers' gained their political power through the inner city churches. The church is a means to an end for people like Obama, Jackson Sharpton et al. Attending church is a convenience and seen as a way to network into the community. And one still has to ask why [Obama] attend[ed] Rev. Wright's fiery church for 20 years? I assert Obama's motivations for faith are selfish and political driven."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Scottish Bishops' New Website and Frankfurt School

Thanks to our confreres in Scotland at Catholic Truth, he invites comments on the new site of the Scotish Catholic Bishop's Conference. It's not very Catholic looking, the packaging is more redolent of car sales than of something distinctly Catholic. The content matches the packaging, unfortunately. Would that at least the content was Catholic.

In a related sense we bring you Eleison Comments, Bishop Williamson's blog which goes into the subject of the Frankfuhrt School which migrated to the United States and enjoyed a tremendous amount of sway and influence over Catholic education, eventually spilling over into things Catholic as well. We believe it's especially noticeable in the Scotish Conference's website.

By Bishop Richard Williamson

Valuable lessons for all friends or lovers of "Western civilisation" are to be culled from an analysis of the USA's leftwards lurch in the 1960's by a Californian Professor of Psychology, accessible at their website. Professor Kevin MacDonald is there reviewing the critique of mass culture in a book on "The Frankfurt School in Exile".

The Frankfurt School needs to be much better known. It was a small but highly influential group of non-Christian intellectuals who, when Hitler came to power, fled from Germany to the USA, where in conjunction with a like-minded group of New York Trotskyists they continued to exert an influence out of all proportion to their numbers. Feeling a profound alienation from the "traditional Anglo-American culture", says MacDonald, they made war on it by promoting the individual against the family, multi-culture against White leadership, and modernism against tradition in all domains, especially the arts. "Theodor Adorno's desire for a socialist revolution led him to favour Modernist music that left the listener feeling unsatisfied and dislocated - music that consciously avoided harmony and predictability". The Frankfurt School wanted "the end of the order that bore the sonata".

The Frankfurt School scorned the American people's lack of desire for Revolution, and they blamed it on the people's "passivity, escapism and conformism", says the Professor, and on "late capitalist" control of the mass culture by, for instance, conservative organisations imposing moral standards on Hollywood. Yet when in the 1960's they themselves gained control of the media, universities and politics, they exploited to the full the mass culture and Hollywood and the people's on-going sleep-like condition to swing them to the left. The Professor laments the resulting vicious attack upon "White interests", "White identity" and the "traditional people and culture of the West".

The Professor is right on several counts. For instance, the war is not mainly between capitalism and communism, as the leftists originally thought, and as many Americans still think. Material comfort has lulled the American people to sleep, after the 1960's as before them. Also, on or off the leash, Hollywood and culture play a huge part in moulding minds and masses (which is why "Eleison Comments" often treat of cultural topics). Also, there does exist a small group, conscious and resolute, of highly influential enemies of "traditional Western culture".

However, to defend "White interests" the Professor needs to go well beyond White interests as such. The real problem is religious. Why did White Europeans ever have so much to give ? Because for centuries and centuries they co-operated with God's grace to profit best by the Catholic Faith. Why does this small group of leftists so hate "Western culture" ? Because it is the lingering remains of that Faith. And why did the small group become so powerful from the 1960's onwards ? Because at Vatican II the same "Whites" were mainly responsible for the Catholic officials' betrayal of the Faith which took place at that Council. Today's triumph of the leftists is no more nor less than a just punishment from God.

Professor, you are not asleep. Now pick up a Rosary !

Kyrie eleison.

London, England