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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Palm Sunday: Papal Liturgy Will be the Same

(Vatican) The Vatican publishing house has printed the booklet distributed to the faithful for the celebration of the Pope's Palm Sunday liturgy. Cantuale Antonianum drew a comparison with the previous years papal liturgy under Pope Benedict XVI., because there were fears that the painstakingly developed  liturgical renewal of Benedict XVI. would be undone. The handwriting of the papal master of ceremonies Monsignor Guido Marini is still unmistakable. The liturgy is thus “completely identical” to Cantuale Antonianum, except of course the vintage year (2013 Palm Sunday liturgy , Palm Sunday liturgy in 2012 ).
There is only one eye-stinging difference. The parts of the preface or the blessing sung by the celebrant contain no notes in the booklet for the Palm Sunday, 2013. Therein it is concluded in the Cantuale Antonianum that the Pope would not  sing. The Holy See has this notofficially expressed their opinion and therefore has not stated the reasons for it. Cantuale Antonianum voices the suspicion that Pope Francis can not sing. "What remains is speculative for now," said the site.
To another physical aspect Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombadi has not yet taken a position. Pope Francis has  celebrated by him in the celebration of the Eucharist at the major elevation of the prayer made at the Body and Blood of Christ does not genuflect. The fact confused and led to numerous inquiries.

Singing and knee problems the pope?

In the booklet for the solemn Pontifical Mass for the inauguration on 19 March was expressly noted that the Pope after the elevation "kneels in adoration." Pope Francis occurred yet, as previously, only one bow. Also in the magazine for the Palm Sunday liturgy is again recorded in both places that the Pope after the conversion words "kneels in adoration." For this too must a physical disability will be accepted which makes a genuflection possible, especially since the genuflection is prescribed and Pope Benedict XVI. is able to execute it despite his almost 86 years and his painful hip problems. A simple explanation by the "Newsroom" of the Holy See would provide clarity.
"Even if the Pope does not sing and can't kneel down, this is not to say that the priests should imitate him in it, said Cantuale Antonianum because the papal liturgy should generally be a role model for priests. "Human limitations should not be a reason for others to liturgical fractures. It's not about a question of style, but the substance, said the website, which is mainly dedicated to questions of liturgy and church music.
On Palm Sunday again, the antiphon Pueri Hebraeorum will be sung during the procession on St. Peter's Square. "A beautiful example that should be imitated in the parishes .” The following is the recording  from the Palm Sunday  procession in 2011 The verses are sung in Italian.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mozetta Returns --- Was it All a Misunderstanding?

(Vatican) A bright red mozetta  was recently delivered to the Vatican by the Pontifical Household. It was ordered just this morning  in haste at the tailor Gammarelli in Rome.
Tomorrow morning there will be the solemn Pontifical Mass for the beginning of the Petrine ministry of the Bishop of Rome. An inauguration ceremony has replaced the usual once since John Paul I. 1978 replaced the usual  coronation of the Pope with the tiara. "In all probability, the only possible reason to explain the order is that  it will be worn by Pope Francis at the inauguration. It is believed that this will be at the tribute ceremony, where the Pope accepts "the promise obedience of the cardinals,” as Messa in Latino reported.

Papal Mozetta Hurriedly ordered and delivered in the Vatican 

Will  the cover  combined with the choir dress of the pope back sooner than expected? Will its owner be the occupant of the Petrine Office?  Tomorrow we will have clarity. Pope Francis had the papal Mozetta that is not any piece of clothing, but a liturgical robe, rejected with rude words when master of ceremonies Monsignor Guido Marini tried to attire him for his first appearance after the Habemus Papam at the loggia of St. Peter's. The loud confrontation with Monsignor Marini was witnessed by many in attendance. The rejection by the Pope was all the more surprising to see, as the master of ceremonies only did his duty and Francis had worn the Mozetta since his episcopal ordination around 1992, including most recently, those of cardinals during the conclave in the Sistine Chapel. Was it all a misunderstanding in a highly emotional moment for the new Pope after his election?

Will Pope Francis wear tomorrow the vestment he rejected at his election?

Pope as Cardinal Francis with Kardinalsmozetta Peter's SquareMessa in Latino,  who was notified of a near dismissal of the Benedict XVI appointed  master of ceremonies, takes note with satisfaction that Monsignor Marini in any case will direct the inauguration ceremony and coordinate with the altar server Franciscans of La Verna who were summoned to Rome.
The Pontifical Ceremonies has with meticulous precision and dedication prepared everything in detail on the model and the provisions of Pope Benedict XVI. Lauds Regiae and the Pontifical Mass will be celebrated in Latin, the language of the Church. The readings, the Responsorial and the supplications are in different languages ​​including Arabic and Chinese. The Gospel is presented only in Greek, the language of the Church of the East, not in the sacral language, as Pope Benedict XVI. had introduced for solemn papal conventions. It seems to have been the desire to abbreviate the ceremony somewhat. With the same intent, the procession will account for the offertory.

Monsignor Marini XVI had prepared a solemn Pontifical Mass according to the specifications of Benedict.

For the Offertory,  the Sistine Chapel will sing the four voiced,  Palestrina motet Tu es Pastor Ovium which was specially composed for the 1585 coronation of the popes.
Monsignor Marini has compiled Latin / Italian / English program notes  for the inauguration, which was printed for the next day at the Vatican publishing house and will be given to all believers and the present leaders, the diplomatic corps and representatives of the Eastern churches, other denominations and religions . In the Eucharist, the Roman Eucharistic Prayer will be used. After the elevation of the Body and Blood of Christ is explicitly recorded that "the Holy Father kneel in adoration."

Pope will bow in adoration after elevation of the Body and Blood of Christ, the knee?

Pope Francis had in his two Masses in the Sistine Chapel in the parish of Santa Anna, and each made only one bow.
The Communion is kneeling on the tongue, as Pope Benedict XVI. had restored under the current rules of the Church. Pope Francis, however, has not as yet not participated in the Communion. In the Sistine Chapel and Santa Anna he gave Holy Communion, only to the two who were serving as deacons.

No Communion by the Pope

With the Te Deum sung, the liturgical part of the celebration closes.
Gammarelli Tailor is a traditional company, since 1798. Under the Blessed Pope Pius IX. it was in the papal tailor in the  19th. All of the robes of all popes since the Blessed John XXIII. were tailored by them.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Messa in Latino

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Italian Blog Quotes Pope, “The time for carnival items is over”.

Is this good-bye Msgr. Marini?

Edit: this is Cathcon’s translation of Katholisches which picks up a lot of stuff in the Italian press and presents it for a Catholic audience in Germany. Here, they’ve quoted the very reliable blog, Missa in Latino, with one person apparently overhearing the Pope tell Msgr. Marini that "The time for carnival items is over”.

It’s also apparent that Msgr. Marini, Pope Benedict’s Master of Ceremonies, is going to be fired.
Monsignor Guido Marini, the Master of Ceremonies of Pope Benedict XVI. and all previous Masters of Ceremony face redundancy. This is reported by the tradition-orientated Messa in Latino . Pope Francis will get for his inauguration ceremony and the associated Pontifical Mass, the Franciscans of La Verna. "A further signal of the Jesuit Bergoglio to present himself as Franciscan on which the media places great value " said Messa in Latino .

Can only panic ensue because of the nature of the statement for which no exact source can be specified? Only a form of incitement associated with traditionalists against the new Pope, as the Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi recently lamented? Traditionalist Catholics are confused by some gestures of the Pope. The return of the "plywood altar" (Paul Badde) as people's altar in the Sistine Chapel was perceived partly with horror.

The Master of Ceremonies of the Pope is associated with the Roman Curia and the leadership of the church as much as a hermit on a high mountain. He is responsible for the central part of the liturgy, from which alone can come the renewal of the Church. If Monsignor Marini should actually be dismissed and it looks like even the first to be dismissed, then the recently so vehemently demanded conversion of the Roman Curia would start with a completely wrong step.
Link to Cathcon...