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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Emperor of Austria is Dead

Editor: He would have made a much better King of Spain than what we have now. The fate of the Kingdom of the Danube now rests in his successor, Karl's hands, Gott Rett Kaiser Karl. As he once said of his son, according to a British tabloid, "my son is Catholic enough, he knows what to do".

May His Highness, Apostolic and Imperial Emperor, rest in peace.

In 1961, Spanish dictator Francisco Franco offered to make him king of Spain after his own death. Habsburg declined, but [and] later praised the fascist leader for helping refugees, calling him a "dictator of the south American type ... not totalitarian like Hitler or Stalin."

BERLIN — Otto von Habsburg, the oldest son of Austria-Hungary's last emperor who saw the end of his family's centuries-long rule and emerged to become a champion of a Europe united by democracy, died Monday. He was 98.

Habsburg died in his sleep at his home in Poecking in southern Germany, where he had lived since the 1950s, with his seven children nearby, spokeswoman Eva Demmerle told The Associated Press.

Habsburg used his influence in a vain struggle to keep the Nazis from annexing Austria before World War II, then campaigned against the Soviet empire in the decades after the war.
Remember when Otto Hapsburg physically confronted Ian Paisley at the EU, where Paisley insisted he was punched by His Highness.

A link to the Mad Monarchist with a beautiful painting, here.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Romanian Prime Minister Attacks King Michael

Editor: the good news is that King Micheal is being taken seriously enough to be attacked. He's a threat to the existing Republican "order".

Romanian president attacks king
President Traian Basescu, who for some reason is allowed to consider himself the head of state of Romania, stunned his country with a vicious attack on former King Michael, 89, who is generally well regarded by Romanians, even non-monarchists. Despite the King having deposed the pro-Axis premier in 1944, only to be deposed at gunpoint by the Communists three years later, Basescu attempted to link the King with both the fascists and the Communists. The King and his mother Queen Helen (1896-1982) did all they could to help Jews during the war, but none of that apparently matters to Basescu. Naturally I condemn the traitor Basescu and his appalling remarks totally. King Michael, the world's last surviving adult head of state from the time of World War II, is a good man who does not deserve such calumny; it is he and not this disgusting common liar who should be Romania's leader still. I call on Romanians to rid themselves not only of this horrid president but of all presidents, and show Basescu exactly what they think of his venomous idiocy by restoring the Monarchy!

From Royal World...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nepalese King Advocates Return

Editor:  After the Communists forced the end of the Monarchy, things haven't been going so well.

Amid escalating uncertainties regarding the extension of Constituent Assembly (CA)’s term, Former King Gyanendra Shah has proposed the revival of monarchy in the nation.

It is learnt that Shah, in a dinner meeting convened with Alok Joshi, official of an Indian intelligence agency, said that assistance will be sought from the Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N), among other parties, to revive monarchy in one form or the other, provided that the CA’s term is not extended in the nation.

Parties rooting for monarchy will initiate protests within a few days if the CA is dissolved, sources close to the former king informed.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Prince Albert II's Fiance Converts to Catholicism

Editor: there's currently no statement available as to why she became a Catholic, but her husband, being Irish, celebrates St. Patrick's Day,., and almost as important, check out her veil.

Monaco (  Charlene Wittstock 33 the fiance of Prince Albert II of Monacho, is going to become a Catholic, according to a report from the Royal house.  In an official statement on Monday it is said that she is from a free and personal decision, coming into full communion with the Catholic Church.

The South African Charlene Wittstock was baptized as a protestant.  The civil wedding is set for the 1st of July.  The Church wedding will take place after in the family chapel at the Palace.

The Roman Catholic Church is the official state Church in Monaco.  The Principality has had its own Archbishop since 1981, who is appointed directly by the Holy See.  The freedom of other religions and confessions is guaranteed by Monaco's Constitution. [Pity]

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If Abortion Were Legal, it Would have been 35,000 More: Thailand

Thailand []  In the mortuary of a Buddhist Temple in the Thai capital of Bangkok were found around  350 bodies of small children, report international media.  They are possibly the bodies of victims of criminal child murderers.  The police found the bodies in plastic sacks and newspapers.  Abortion is still illegal in progressive [but Monarchial] Thailand.

Link to

Photosource, here.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monarchy, Versailles, Museums, Jesuits and Mystery Science 2000

Catholic Caveman has found an article by California Catholic on the most recent foray of the Society of Jesus into art, scandal and sacrilege. The Jesuits in California are doing scary things while turning sacred space into a cultural venue for fascinating multi-cultural goings on, as if the originators of the event had taken a page from Harvey Cox's Secular City.

We thought the above pictured pagan idol reminded us a lot of Crow from Mystery Science 2000.

It may be true that museum goers need not have a religious bent to enjoy sacred art, but we wonder whether these California Jesuits at St. Ignatius Church in San Franciso have a properly formed sensus catholicus. No doubt, their desire to shock and break with tradition have all but completely overwhelmed their stated purpose of doing everything for the glory of God.

In a related event at Versailles, France, a similar kind of artistic, cultural terrorism is happening, which may afright and confuse those of us who are accustomed to a more or less conventional experience. It really is a tribute in a way to the revolutionary nature of Museums in the first place, which were really designed according to an Enlightenment idea that the public could be educated by herding them into large public buildings to view art, apart from their privileged and aristocratic associations.

The Measure

In his New York Times decade-in-art retrospective, Holland Cotter singled out the Jeff Koons exhibition at Versailles as the most significant exhibition of the aughts, and next fall Japanese Pop art star Takashi Murakami (pictured) will have an opportunity to set the tone for the 2010s. (The other contemporary artist to have a show at Versailles, French conceptualist Xavier Veilhan, was featured there in 2009.) Agence France Presse reported yesterday that the Murakami retrospective that was first announced last summer will open on September 12, 2010 and run for three months at the palace outside Paris.

Sadly, [happily for us] because the French have a serious complex about the former seat of their dearly departed monarchy, the art shown therein must be as tame as possible. Or, as AFP puts it:

the palace, a symbol of the system of absolute monarchy, is being careful to avoid displaying works with pornographic or morbid connotations that might offend some visitors.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Media Hoopla against Prince Charles Pre-ordered and Planned

Insight into the manufacture crises and mood manipulation of the liberal media-czars.


We heard nothing on the TV news media about the 'relevance of the monarchy in Canada' until a week or two before the arrival of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall in Canada.

The survey the media manipulated must have been taken in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver in a mixed culture where a monarchy is seemingly unknown.

All during the royal visit, the TV media and especially the TV news presenters (Peter Mans-bridge, Tom Clark, etc.) had debates and long-winded discussions ad nauseam about whether Canada should drop the monarchy and become a republic. Manipulation was quite obvious.

Now I ask you, wasn't that a fine welcome for the Royals? On previous royal tours, there would be full coverage of the Royals' daily happenings, but during the recent tour we were shown snippets only, about two minutes in an hour-long newscast. Tells you what the TV media is about, doesn't it?

Also strange is the fact that since Prince Charles and the Duchess left Canada on November 12, there are no more debates, no more discussions on the monarchy. Why? The late Senator Eugene Forsey would turn over in the grave to know the TV media showed so little respect for our 'Royal Visitors.'

The TV news media has a lot to answer for the constant barrage of such untimely discussions of the monarchy when the Royals were in Canada. Present the news, don't manipulate it.

Doris F. Saar,

Pembroke, ON

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maoists ended Monarchy in Nepal

What's the possibillity of restoring the Monarchy to Nepal and handing the Chinese their own back-yard insurgency? We didn't back the Afghani Monarchy when it was still in power and effectively running the country and now look at the mess we have.

Prakash Koirala
Senior Politician, Nepal

Prakash Koirala demands no introduction as he is a well known politician of this country. His association with the Nepali Congress was simply but natural because one of the founding fathers of the present day NC was his own father late B.P Koirala.

Junior Koirala differed with his uncle, Girija Prasad Koirala, on many issues of national interests. When enough had been enough, Junior Koirala quit the mother party or say he was sidelined by his own conspiratorial uncle.

Junior Koirala still commands respect and honor in his former party.
However, when Prakash Koirala went to the fold of the Nepali Monarchy, his prestige began swinging in his own mother party. Koirala claims that Nepal’s Monarchy could still be taken as the symbol of national unity and in an implied manner wants to see the now sidelined monarchy revived through the conduct of a referendum.
The rest, let’s listen to what Junior Koirala has to say on contemporary political events: Editor.


TGQ1: What prompted you Mr. Koirala to proceed with the “Nationality Preservation Campaign”? What are the prime objectives of this campaign? Will you please shed some light on what have you been doing of late? Your comments please!
Koirala: The country at the moment is undergoing through a very dangerous transitional period. The country and the Nepali nationality are under grave threat. Practically all the important national decisions are being taken in collaboration with the forces that represent the international community. Because of the intensified international pressure with each passing days, the country and its nationalism aspect is becoming weaker and weaker.

While, on the one hand, we make tall claims as regards the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and national independence, however, in practice foreign forces are being allowed in a naked manner to decide our fate. Analyzing the existing anomalies in the national politics, we have endeavored to move ahead with the campaign to preserve and protect Nepal’s nationalism which has been made weaker.

Link to article...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monarchist urges end to barrier against Catholics

Canwest News Service

November 29, 2009

The strongest supporters of Canada's constitutional monarchy are urging Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other Commonwealth leaders to "modernize" the centuries-old rules of succession that bar Catholics from the throne.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to informally discuss possible reforms to the 1701 Act of Settlement with fellow Commonwealth leaders during their summit in Trinidad.

Robert Finch, chairman of the Monarchist League of Canada, said that such reforms would mean that those pushing for this country to become a republic would "no longer be able to claim the monarchy discriminates against Catholics."

He said: "The queen has no official religious role whatsoever in Canada, so it really shouldn't be an issue to allow Catholics to become king or queen of Canada."

The succession issue is a long-standing source of objections from many Catholics and critics of the monarchy in both Canada and Britain. A British MP's bill to rewrite provisions of the 1701 act was scuttled this year by the government -- but with assurances from Brown that reforms would be considered after discussions with other Commonwealth countries.

Link to original...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brown Urges Overturn of Law Banning Catholics From Monarchy

Once again time proves us right. We knew this was an effective possibillity, it was only a matter of time really.

By Thomas Penny and Kitty Donaldson

Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- A ban on Roman Catholics becoming British monarchs and the precedence given to men over women in the succession to the throne needs to be overturned, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said today.

Changing the law, which would need the agreement of the 16 Commonwealth Realms where the queen is head of state, may be discussed in the margins of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting starting in Trinidad and Tobago on Nov. 27, Brown’s spokesman Simon Lewis said.

“The Act of Settlement is outdated and most people recognize the need for change,” Brown told lawmakers in the House of Commons today. “Change can only be brought about, not only by the United Kingdom, but all the realms where her majesty is queen.”

The 1701 Act of Settlement means any Catholic marrying into the royal family must make a choice between abandoning Catholicism in favor of their spouse’s right to the throne. The law also places the sons of a monarch ahead of their sisters in the line of succession.

The queen is monarch in 16 countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada, according to the British Monarchy Web site. All 16 are members of the Commonwealth and will be present at the heads of government meeting.

The law is “state-sponsored sectarianism,” said Peter Kearney, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church in the U.K. “This conference provides an ideal forum for the prime minister to raise the issue and urge his colleagues from governments around the world to condemn, repeal.”

The former Autumn Kelly, the Canadian-born wife of Peter Phillips, the queen’s grandson, converted to the Church of England before their wedding last year so that he remained 11th in line to the throne. In 1978, the queen’s cousin Prince Michael of Kent was removed from the line of succession after marrying a Catholic.

To contact the reporters on this story: Thomas Penny in London at; Kitty Donaldson in London at
Last Updated: November 25, 2009 12:59 EST

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Queen a Parasite? No, a penny pinching paragon.

This morning, we will see the great, unwritten British constitution on display in all its glory — the Sovereign in her Crown and on her Throne, opening her democratically -elected Parliament.

At the same time, a promising political career lies in ruins for mocking it.

Until yesterday, Peter White was a young Labour activist seeking the first rung on the political ladder.

A former chairman of London Young Labour and former aide to a Labour Minister, he is a prospective candidate for Havering Council in East London.
Today, though, at 26, he finds himself sitting somewhere between Sir Fred Goodwin and swine flu in the court of public opinion.

Over the weekend, Mr White launched a vituperative personal broadside at the most popular and respected figure in British public life.
The cause of Mr White’s foam-flecked fury was a suggestion that there should be a public holiday for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Australia (and Canada too) is better off with a Monarchy

This Essay was published earlier by Charles Coulombe and it contains an apologia for Monarchy. It attempts to awaken an appreciation for its deeper religious significance and therefore, it's importance for society as a whole, even a society dominated by republican sentiments and political mechanisms as the Commonwealth is.

"Whereas the People of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established."

By Charles Coulombe

The character of Kings is sacred: their persons are inviolable; they are the anointed of the Lord, if not with sacred oil, at least by virtue of their office. Their power is broad - based upon the Will of God, and not on the shifting sands of the people's Will ... They will be spoken of with becoming reverence, instead of being in public estimation fitting butts for all foul tongues. It becomes a sacrilege to violate their persons, and every indignity offered to them in word or act, becomes an indignity offered to God Himself. It is this view of Kingly rule that alone can keep alive in a scoffing and licentious age the spirit of ancient loyalty, that spirit begotten of faith, combining in itself obedience, reverence, and love for the majesty of Kings which was at once a bond of social union, an incentive to noble daring, and a salt to purify the heart from its grosser tendencies, preserving it from all that is mean, selfish, and contemptible. (P J Joyce, John Healy, pp 68-69).

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Maoists Rally in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Nepal's former Maoist rebels, waving hammer-and-sickle flags, blocked roads to the capital on Tuesday in protest at the reinstatement of the army chief, the first time they have taken such action since the end of the civil war three years ago.

The Maoist-led government fired the army chief, General Rookmangud Kawatal, in May saying he had refused to take orders. But the move was reversed by the president, prompting the Maoists to quit the government and plunging the country into crisis.

Maoist activists danced on the roads, or sat in front of vehicles, in a protest that may damage the tourism-dependent economy and has raised fears about Nepal's fragile peace.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Monarchy is still Revered in Canada: relevance of Mainstream Journalists questioned.

Not a small number of Journalists are questioning the relevance of the Monarchy during Prince Charles' visit attempting to incite a "national dialogue" about something they've already concluded.

The following article from Reuters here says that the relevance of the Monarchy should be questioned, but it seems more obvious from the actual polls that, a few journalists notwithstanding, that the majority of Canadians revere their Queen and the Institution of the Monarchy as much as Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The thing that should be questioned here is the quality of the news services offered to Canadians.

The article did manage to correctly quote the Prime Minister:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told the St. John's ceremony that Canada's association with the monarchy was a "defining symbol of our unique Canadian identity."

This is Prince Charles's 15th visit to Canada, but his first since 2001. Queen Elizabeth is expected to visit the country next year.

Article here...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Queen is as Popular as Ever in Canada despite Media Distortions

Significant increase in popularity for the Queen in Canada in New Zealand at BBC which they say is even up from 2001, but this Wikipedia poll says 78% favor the Monarchy.

But there are others, pre-emptively predicting the abolition of the Monarchy in Canada, primarily from strange outlets like ths politically dubious report from Yahoo.

The Queen generally stays out of political frays, but it's hard not to imagine that the leftists want to belittle her importance to Canada prior to her visit in 2010 for political advantage, so no doubt, there will be those wanting to "dialogue" about her irrelavence to Canada when it's clear from the massive jiggerng of the polls that the majority of Canadians actually do favor the Monarchy and look forward to welcoming her Majesty next year.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monarchy threatened in Nepal by India and China

The following article appeared in the India Times and points to India's growing interest in the government of Nepal which it apparently seeks to destabilize by overthrowing the monarchy. Mr Prasai, quoted in the article, quite rightly identifies the historical consequences that invariably follow from the overthrow of monarchy, an anarchy from which the Indian government hopes it will benefit.


The writer Mr. Prasai with the former president of India-1987

It is true that there are many countries which do not have monarchy still they could remain independent and prosperous. But in a diverse country like Nepal, monarchy is the only basis of national unity and Nepal cannot be compared with other countries. Indian conspirators are taking some deviant leaders of the political parties on their shoulders with the sole aim that it will be easy for them to control Nepal if monarchy can be displaced. But such a situation will be a happy one for India also. Some communist parties take monarchy as the root cause of Nepal’s all woes. This is not correct. No Nepalese king has ever acted or walked on the path which is against Nepal’s national interest.

Many countries where monarchy was displaced have now ceased to exist and several other have fallen into anarchy and civil war. It will be totally inappropriate without knowing fully the ground realities. It was not for whether to keep monarchy or not. The Nepalese constituent assembly is just a representative organization to formulate a new constitution and it does not have any right to displace monarchy. Can the future of the country be decided just because so called big political parties ganged up together? Those powerful nations, who in the past shed blood in Vietnam, North and South Korea, East and West Germany, Cambodia, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, are now trying to drag Nepal into a civil war. So, if the political leaders, including the Maoists, tried to trample on this truth, one should know that the existence of Nepal [is threatened?].

And as if to confirm it, the article appears here at Revolution in Asia blog.