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Thursday, August 2, 2012

"In Medjogorje the Gospa Waits" -- for the Homo-Porn Cardinal

Edit: Just to head you off at the pass, the accusation being made below that this Cardinal is protecting the Austrian abortion industry and promoting homosexuality is well documented.'s opinion of the intelligence of Neoconservatives you can infer for yourself.

A Pious Entrance for the Stupid Neoconservatives

Kirche in Medjugorje
© gnuckx, Flickr, CC
The Viennese Cardinal --- who protects sodomy and the violence of abortion -- has renewed his defense of the Medjugorje time bomb.

(, Medjugorje)  The Old Liberal Vienese homosexual-pornography Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has a flowery word of greeting to a youth festival to the false Marian apparition site Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

This was reported by the Archdiocese of Vienna.

Interfering in the Affairs of a Foreign Diocese

The youth festival took place this week.

With the words of greeting, Cardinal Schönborn stabbed his colleague who has forbidden pilgrimages to the false apparition site.

The Loving Closeness of the Lie

Yet still the Cardinal sent the youthful apparitionists his blessing which he inserted effeminately in a disordered way:

"It fills me with joy and admiration that you take all the trouble you to come to this so hot and secluded place where you do not expect a sea beach, no pool, but where a mother is waiting for you, Our Lady who each of you knows and loves. "

The prince of the church wishes the young people at the false apparition site, the experience of the "so loving closeness" of the Gospa.

The Biggest Hoax in Europe

With the statement that Medjugorje is supposedly, "the largest confessional in Europe" the homo-porn Cardinal said, that confession in the Conciliar Church has been abolished in most European countries.

He expressed his hopes for the youth that they have "a wonderful time in the community of the Church, which is living and brings us home".

 They will like being sent "by the Gospa and her Son".

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Old Liberal Viennese Cardinal Continues Support for Medjugorje

From Rorate Caeli, continuing reports of Cardinal's support for Medjugorje:

In a repeat of last year's scandal, a 'seer' of Medjugorje has been invited once more to the Stephansdom of Vienna to give his 'testimony'. The whole-evening event (which will be live-streamed on the Internet) will culminate in a live 'apparition' followed by a Mass celebrated by Christoph Cardinal Schonborn. This event is in line with Schonborn's repeated gestures of support for this strange phenomenon, which is supposedly under investigation by the "Ruini Commission".

Here's some live streaming from Mary-tv...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Medjugorje: The Pope Desires a Final Decision

There are a thousand contradictions that point to the fact that in Medjugorje there hasn't been an appearance of the Mother of God.  For that reason there should be a "much longer" investigation process to postpone it.

False Apparition Site Medjugorje

(, Vatikan)The Vatican investigation of the false apparition site of Medjugorje in Bosnia Herzegowina has just begun.

This is according to Marian Priest Salvatore Perella of the news service of the US-Bishops Conference, 'Catholic News Service'.

Father Perrella teaches at the Old Liberal theological faculty of the Marianum in Rome.  He is a member of the Vatican Investigative Commission, which is occupied with Medjugorje.

The Church has only made a few judgments on the appearances -- explained the priest.  It is supposedly not always possible to ascertain if an appearance is true or false:  "For the phenomena are greater than us."

In truth God works exactly according to the criteria of truth and falsity. Everything else comes -- according to the criteria of the discernment of spirits -- from the Devil.

Judgment on Saint Till the Cows Come Home?

Father Perrella explained that the Pope wants to make a final judgment on Medjugorje.

The spiritual  is validated  -- despite the easily verifiable facts, which speak against reality -- with a "very long process".

The case is "very complex",  but not impossible to solve.

The duration of the daily appearances create mistrust--  took the Mariologist into consideration.

He compared these phenomena with the  -- not daily unlike Medjugorje -- appearances of our Lady in Laus in south east France.

The Bishop of Gap recognized the sporadic appearances of the shepherdess Bnoite Rencurel († 1718) during fifty four years in 2008.

 The Church proceeds in any case with "maximum prudence"  -- continued Father Perrella further.

The Mother of God Appears as Black, Mexican or French

Finally the Mariologist allowed a pious fauxpas.

He said that the Mother of God could physically appear to men on earth because she is the only one brought body and soul into heaven.

Other departed Saints could appear incorporealy.

In reality there have been various appearances of Saints in the past.  In the Irish apparition site of Knock St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist appeared next to the Mother of God.

The Mother of God appears at various locations even in different forms.

Read further...German at

Editor's Note:  An "Old Liberal" is a term used at kreuznet to describe a certain kind of personality or institutions that is part of the graying and sterile generation of sixty eight, not simply because they are old enough to have been of age in that revolutionary time but chiefly because they share those values, which are typified by multi-Culturalism and the neo-Marxism of the noxious and intellectually cancerous Frankfuhrt School.  Some examples of "Old Liberal" include: Franz Kung, Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles, Cardinal Bernardine of Chicago, Archbishop Rembert Weakland and Sister Joan Chiddister OSB to name but a few to include most of the Jesuit Order.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cardinal Schönborn attacks Father Gerhard Wagner, an internet periodical that reports on Austrian news continues to engage, a conservative periodical favorable to Medjugorje, for their interview with Cardinal Schönborn on his birthday.

While Cardinal Schönborn allows and participates in Discomasses in Vienna, featuring crispy pancake "hosts", and soft pedals his embarrassing media-fiasco in Medjugorje, he attacks without naming, the rejected Auxiliary Bishop of Linz, Father Wagner, whom he blames for the massive exodus of Catholics from the Church along with Bishop Williamson and the economy. (It's the economy stupid)

The Cardinal mentioned "ideological" conflicts about Episcopal appointments as well: "If someone has the reputation of being conservative, one can be fairly certain that there will be a media protest."

It is also, however, "often the person himself" -- the Cardinal renews his attack on Father Wagner.

"One can and should not avoid all conflicts, but some conflicts require firstly, that we question them. But here we must look to the individual case."

As Kreuz opines here, "Perhaps it's better to anger stupid Neo-conservatives who are powerless than to anger the "Old Liberals", who possess the amassed power of the world media establishment."

Kreuz mentions that there will be two Disco "Masses" this Sunday in Vienna with the theme, "chase out the gray".

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Tablet Cites Schönborn's fake Interview at Medjugorje

As if the Tablet couldn't be any less credible, they comit this act of untruth.

The Tablet promotes Medjugorism by quoting a Fake interview: Quote: A cardinal close to Benedict XVI has signalled his support for the controversial Marian shrine of Medjugorje. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna indicated that Pope Benedict himself might one day visit the spot where the Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared to a group of local children. Speaking on his return from a three-day visit to the shrine in Bosnia at the turn of the year, he told journalists in Vienna that the time had come to integrate the "Medjugorje phenomenon" into the Church's ordinary pastoral work. Asked in an interview with the Bologna-based daily Il Resto di Carlino what he would tell Pope Benedict XVI about the trip, he said: "The Pope does not need my advice. He knows very well how important the Virgin Mary is for the Catholic Church and he is a fervent devotee. He has visited many Marian shrines and I think one day he might even come here." He added that Medjugorje could "become something very important and profound". But that interview on Il Resto del Carlino (that's the real name) does not exist! It is "a fantasy" according to Erich Leitenberger, Card. Schönborn's speaker. Please go to Papa Ratzinger blog, January 9, 2010. Thanks and God bless U all!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pope Benedict to Schönborn: Be careful about Medjugorje

By Richard Chonak on January 15, 2010 1:05 PM | 5 Comments
From the Italian web site Petrus (my translation):

Rumors from the "Sacri Palazzi": the Pontiff calls Cardinal Schönborn into line: "More prudence about Medjugorje". The cardinal traveled there December 31.

VATICAN CITY - The Pope did not welcome the end-of-year visit to Medjugorje by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna and his former student at university. According to word filtering out from the "Sacri Palazzi" (there has been no official statement on the subject), Benedict XVI has personally communicated with the Austrian cardinal, receiving him in audience a few days after the arguments sparked by the journey of the prominent prelate to the small village in Bosnia-Herzegovina in which six alleged seers have claimed to see the Madonna since the 1980s. The Bishop of Mostar (the diocese in which Medjugorje is located), Monsignor Ratko Peric -- steadily convinced, like his predecessor, that the Virgin is absolutely not appearing in the village -- lamented in an official note that he had not been warned by Schönborn in advance of his arrival. The Archbishop of Vienna, for his part, after having prayed and said Mass at Medjugorje on December 31, also expressed his favorable judgment on what is said to have happened there, and had one of the six alleged seers who claim to see and speak with the "Gospa" accompany him. Then, as the Holy See has not yet expressed itself on the apparitions and many Cardinals and Bishops have shown their skepticism on the authenticity of the apparitions, Benedict XVI has therefore asked Schönborn for more prudence in statements relative to Medjugorje (the destination, this year, of millions of pilgrims), so that his presence there, as a member of the College of Cardinals, not be exploited by anyone to "authenticate" phenomena which the Holy See intends to monitor and analyze, besides the ordinary way, with an ad hoc Commission to whose guidance Cardinal Camillo Ruini will reportedly be called. The most recent Prince of the Church to express his own perplexity on the Medjugorje apparitions (in an interview in these pages) was the Cardinal José Saraiva Martins.

Link to article...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Come, Drink the Coolaid at Medjugorje

In a testament to the persistence of false religious beliefs and the gullibility of mankind, Spirit Daily Drinks the coolaid at Medjugorje. They gloss over details like Medjugorje's heretical and modernist "locutions", of Cardinal Schönborn's rank infidelity to Catholic teaching, his snubbing of the Austrian Pro-Life movement, scandalous promotion of blasphemous art and worst of all his disloyalty to the Holy Father. We think there are two possible causes for this and one is financial and the other is psychological.

Spirit Daily

The rumors last autumn swirled. After long years of confusion among the flock, after virulent debate -- and diatribes, especially from those who opposed it -- and after periods of outright befuddlement, the Vatican was going to issue guidelines on the famous apparition site of Medjugorje, said the Cardinal of Sarajevo, with hints that those guidelines would not be interpreted as favorable. It would come, they said, by the end of the year.

"I don't think we must wait for a long time, I think it will be this year, but that is not clear... I am going to Rome in November and we must discuss this," said Cardinal Vinko Puljic last October.

Read further...

Incredibly, there is even another or related website out there endorsing the Cardinal thusly:
Cardinal Schonborn is a towering figure in the Catholic Church, a member of the powerful Roman Curial, he sits on the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith and is a close friend of Pope Benedict XVI. When he speaks people should listen but we are not sure the American Catholic press is really listening.
It's hard to see how he could be such a powerful figure in the curia at this point if he was so ill-informed about the meeting in Rome between the SSPX and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; probably because he was kept in the dark. Surely, these kinds of statements bespeak a certain kind of desperation on the part partizans of Medjugorje.

Friday, January 8, 2010

He Knows His Neoconservative Bootlickers

Welcome to Vienna: If Cardinal Christoph Schönborn participates in the unrest of a foreign Diocese, then other Bishops may do the same in Vienna. Commentary

While photos are being published of the Vienese Cardinal in Medjugorje, there was a protest in Vienna.

It was directed against the honouring of a notorious child slaughterhouse by the unscrupulous Viennese blood-mayor.

The old liberal and politically devious Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn did everything in order to put stones in the way of the Catholic supervisors of the demonstration.

He even forbade admitting Salzburg's Bishop Andreas Laun to participate in the demonstration against the infamous commemoration.

In a private discussion the Cardinal explained himself in this way: „I won't permit in any event a bishop to drive here from three hundred kilometers away into my Diocese and blame the mayor.“

The Bishop obeyed.

Why, however, does Cardinal Schönborn travel 800 kilometers, in order to incite unrest in another Diocese: was it clear from the beginning that it would stir a wasp's nest?

The answer is found fast.

A goal of this exercise of the old liberal of a Cardinal was to pull disappointed neoconservative Catholics over the table.

Because in the meantime the most naive neoconservative truth denier must have recognized that Cardinal Schönborn works against the Church.

In December 2004 he stabbed the pro-life organization `Youth for Life' in the back, when it demonstrated against the introduction of the child slaughter at the Salzburg national hospital.

In October 2005 the sacrilegious pancake Consecration was effected by the Cardinal followed during one of his youth fairs.

In February 2006 Cardinal Schönborn permitted a homo-perverse mating in his Cathedral blessing.

In the December of the same year he defended deprivation of fluids and sustenance for the terminally ill.

When Catholics demonstrated in February 2007 before a child slaughterhouse in a Viennese shopping center, Cardinal Schönborn as expected, stabbed them into the back.

Then the inexpressible exhibition in the Viennese Cathedral museum in March 2008, which showed the Apostles as homo-perverse piglets and Christ as bound masochist with an erection.

Despite world-wide protests the Cardinal did not stop this outrage.

Besides he denied the Church's mission to convert the Jews in April 2008.

The award of the Papal Gregorian Medal followed to the baby-murdering, Viennese Ideologue, Comrade Renate Brown in June 2008.

As a Pope Benedikt XVI, highly regarded priest of Windischgarten, Mons. Gerhard Wagner, appointed to Linz Diocese, found Cardinal Schönborn in prominent place busily preventing his appointment.

In May 2009 the honoring of the Viennese Martyr Sister Restituta Kafka followed. You Cardinal, seemed to miss the demonic and bare breasted representation, which got the name in Vienna of "Prostituta".

But the Cardinal is smart enough, in order to know that its neoconservative bootlickers have a short memory and are stupid.

It is sufficient to throw to them a Medjugorje bone at his feet so that they forget the old liberal changes of the church in Austria, he has made.

After his Medjugorje journey the Viennese Cardinal can turn, therefore, again unimpaired to the cocktail parties with comrades and abortion politicians and work on the next plot against Catholics.

Because the neoconservative dullards are for a further seven years in the seventh Medjugorje heaven.

However, the resounding slap, which the Cardinal received after his Medjugorje visit from bishop Ratko Perić from Mostar Duvno, neither will resound for long:

"I regret it that the Cardinal with its visit, his appearance and his explanations added the present suffering of the local Church anew, which does not contribute to the necessary peace and to the Diocese.“

Cardinal Schoenborn plans to return to Medjugorje.

Despite actual Vatican condemnation of the priest chiefly associatd with this "Apparition", the Cardinal actually intends on creating quite a bit of a fuss. The Catholic Online report reads:

In a statement posted on the website of the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno, Bishop Peric explained that Fr Vlasic has been reported to the CDF "for the diffusion of dubious doctrine, manipulation of consciences, suspicious mysticism, disobedience toward legitimately issued orders", and accusations of sexual immorality.

The Catholic Review Online, the Baltimore Diocesan Newpaper has this interesting piece of information to add to the rest, despite going on a bit about the good things that are attributed to the shrine, which may, it is not reported, have more to do with the intention of the pilgrims and the pre-existing shrine than the things that Fr. Vlasic and the Seers are up to.

Bishop Peric, who repeatedly has questioned the authenticity of the apparitions and struggled to limit the influence of religious living in the diocese without permission, issued a statement Jan. 2 saying that while he recognized the right of a cardinal to celebrate Mass anywhere in the world, “there also exists a certain etiquette in the church” that encourages a visiting cardinal to discuss a visit with the local bishop. He said neither the cardinal nor anyone from his office contacted him.

In addition, Cardinal Schonborn’s visits to unauthorized religious communities “could be interpreted as supportive,” Bishop Peric said.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bishop Peric Regrets Cardinal Schönborn's Visit

Unfortunately, despite the praise or begrudging admission that there are good "fruits" with Medjugorje, there is actually a pre-existing shrine to which these mysteries of repentance and "good" fruits are attributable, but that's not discussed here. What is clear is that the Cardinal is not exactly a welcome visitor in town.

Catholic Culture

The bishop of the local Mostar-Duvno diocese has issued a statement expressing concern about statements issued by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn during a visit to Medjugorje last week and emphasizing that the cardinal’s visit “does not imply any recognition of the authenticity of the ‘apparitions’ related to Medjugorje.”

Bishop Ratko Peric-- who has repeatedly warned against the dangers of “the Medjugorje phenomenon” and strongly discouraged confidence in the alleged apparitions—complained that the visit by Cardinal Schönborn had caused new pastoral problems for his diocese. Citing a list of conflicts and irregularities arising from the activities of the alleged seers and their supporters, Bishop Peric voiced “regret” that the Austrian cardinal’s appearance had lent new credibility to their claims.

Catholic Culture... article...

Bishop Peric might be painfully aware of this series of scandalous events as well. He might as well be having a secular film personality to comment on Medjugorje in his Diocese.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cardinal Schönborn is Spying on Medjugorje

Catholic Culture is going to set us straight, but we heard that the Cardinal was bringing his clown makeup and some paintings by recently deceased Hrdlicka for altar settings.

Conflicting interpretations of Cardinal Schönborn's 'private' visit to Medjugorje
December 31, 2009

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna has been in Medjugorje this week, on a visit to the site where the Virgin Mary has allegedly been appearing regularly since 1981. The cardinal met with some of the “seers” who claim to receive regular messages from the Virgin, and celebrated Mass at the Medjugorje parish church.

The Austrian cardinal has been careful to emphasize that he is making a “private” visit, not endorsing the authenticity of the reported apparitions nor violating the official Church policy that discourages pilgrimages to Medjugorje. Nevertheless Cardinal Schönborn’s visit has been viewed by supporters of the Medjugorje “seers” as a tacit endorsement—particularly when the cardinal said that it is impossible to deny the “good fruits” of the Medjugorje phenomenon and observed that some events defy a natural explanation.

It is possible to put an entirely different construction on the cardinal’s visit, however. Cardinal Schönborn is a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is reportedly studying the Medjugorje phenomenon, and may be collecting information to help form a definitive Vatican stand regarding the reported apparitions. Cardinal Schönborn has unquestioned influence at the Vatican; [source?] he is a former student and close ally of Pope Benedict, who chaired the editorial committee that prepared the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Link to original...

+Schönborn and Medjugorje go Together like Freemasonry and Lies

The Masonic Cardinal Schönborn makes a trip to Medjugorje, a town known for its booming devotional tourist business. Numerous pentecostal worshippers flock to the Croatian town every year to hear its message of religious indifferentism and "hope".

Link to

Link to Medjugorje blog...

Link to another Med blog...

Link to informative site about the problems with Medjugorje from Michael Davies, Bishop Peric and so much more. It's probably all you really need to confront the Medjagoogoo fanatic in your family.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cardinal Schönborn’s visit to Medjugorje 'not a statement,' spokesman says

Cardinal Schönborn's masonic sympathies were well explained and demonstrated by earlier this year when wrote about how he had attended his masonic father's masonic funeral and enjoys the good opinion of Masonic leaders in Austria today, leaders who are not quite so fond of some of his less correct brother Bishops. So, with these strong sympathies, it seems safe tocall them so, the Cardinal is attending another Masonic locale, Medjugorje.

However, his communications director, Father J. Fürnkranz indicates that this was not to be a public visitatio.

Cardinal Schönborn’s visit to Medjugorje 'not a statement,' spokesman says

Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nov 16, 2009 / 02:55 pm (CNA).- Cardinal Christoph Schönborn will visit Medjugorje, the small town in Bosnia-Herzegovina where six young people have allegedly been witnesses of apparitions from the Virgin Mary. But according to the Archdiocese of Vienna, the trip is “completely private” and does not imply a statement from the cardinal on the veracity of the apparitions.

“It was supposed to be a completely private visit, it was not supposed to go out to the internet,” Fr. Johannes Fürnkranz, personal secretary to the Archbishop of Vienna, explained to CNA.

The cardinal’s visit will take place between December 8th and January 4th.

“The cardinal's visit was supposed to be absolutely personal and not public, but since it has been leaked, I can only confirm that it will take place. There is no statement whatsoever involved (in the visit),” Fr. Fürnkranz told CNA.

The local Church authorities, including Bishop Ratko Peric, whose diocese encompasses Medjugorje, have declared that the alleged apparitions are not to be published or promoted.

Story here...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cardinal Schönborn is coming to Medjugorje Shrine

By the turn of the year, Cardinal Schönborn is coming to Medjugorje, says kathnet. He'll be meeting with the "Seer" and the Oratory of the Cenacle Society and Schwester Elvira as well as the local ordinary who is a Medjugorje-critic.

Speaking in glowing terms about the condemned apparition, the Cardinal insists that Our Lady has revealed herself to Her children in a "special way" at Medjugorje.

Link to article...