Friday, January 8, 2010

He Knows His Neoconservative Bootlickers

Welcome to Vienna: If Cardinal Christoph Schönborn participates in the unrest of a foreign Diocese, then other Bishops may do the same in Vienna. Commentary

While photos are being published of the Vienese Cardinal in Medjugorje, there was a protest in Vienna.

It was directed against the honouring of a notorious child slaughterhouse by the unscrupulous Viennese blood-mayor.

The old liberal and politically devious Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn did everything in order to put stones in the way of the Catholic supervisors of the demonstration.

He even forbade admitting Salzburg's Bishop Andreas Laun to participate in the demonstration against the infamous commemoration.

In a private discussion the Cardinal explained himself in this way: „I won't permit in any event a bishop to drive here from three hundred kilometers away into my Diocese and blame the mayor.“

The Bishop obeyed.

Why, however, does Cardinal Schönborn travel 800 kilometers, in order to incite unrest in another Diocese: was it clear from the beginning that it would stir a wasp's nest?

The answer is found fast.

A goal of this exercise of the old liberal of a Cardinal was to pull disappointed neoconservative Catholics over the table.

Because in the meantime the most naive neoconservative truth denier must have recognized that Cardinal Schönborn works against the Church.

In December 2004 he stabbed the pro-life organization `Youth for Life' in the back, when it demonstrated against the introduction of the child slaughter at the Salzburg national hospital.

In October 2005 the sacrilegious pancake Consecration was effected by the Cardinal followed during one of his youth fairs.

In February 2006 Cardinal Schönborn permitted a homo-perverse mating in his Cathedral blessing.

In the December of the same year he defended deprivation of fluids and sustenance for the terminally ill.

When Catholics demonstrated in February 2007 before a child slaughterhouse in a Viennese shopping center, Cardinal Schönborn as expected, stabbed them into the back.

Then the inexpressible exhibition in the Viennese Cathedral museum in March 2008, which showed the Apostles as homo-perverse piglets and Christ as bound masochist with an erection.

Despite world-wide protests the Cardinal did not stop this outrage.

Besides he denied the Church's mission to convert the Jews in April 2008.

The award of the Papal Gregorian Medal followed to the baby-murdering, Viennese Ideologue, Comrade Renate Brown in June 2008.

As a Pope Benedikt XVI, highly regarded priest of Windischgarten, Mons. Gerhard Wagner, appointed to Linz Diocese, found Cardinal Schönborn in prominent place busily preventing his appointment.

In May 2009 the honoring of the Viennese Martyr Sister Restituta Kafka followed. You Cardinal, seemed to miss the demonic and bare breasted representation, which got the name in Vienna of "Prostituta".

But the Cardinal is smart enough, in order to know that its neoconservative bootlickers have a short memory and are stupid.

It is sufficient to throw to them a Medjugorje bone at his feet so that they forget the old liberal changes of the church in Austria, he has made.

After his Medjugorje journey the Viennese Cardinal can turn, therefore, again unimpaired to the cocktail parties with comrades and abortion politicians and work on the next plot against Catholics.

Because the neoconservative dullards are for a further seven years in the seventh Medjugorje heaven.

However, the resounding slap, which the Cardinal received after his Medjugorje visit from bishop Ratko Perić from Mostar Duvno, neither will resound for long:

"I regret it that the Cardinal with its visit, his appearance and his explanations added the present suffering of the local Church anew, which does not contribute to the necessary peace and to the Diocese.“

Cardinal Schoenborn plans to return to Medjugorje.

Despite actual Vatican condemnation of the priest chiefly associatd with this "Apparition", the Cardinal actually intends on creating quite a bit of a fuss. The Catholic Online report reads:

In a statement posted on the website of the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno, Bishop Peric explained that Fr Vlasic has been reported to the CDF "for the diffusion of dubious doctrine, manipulation of consciences, suspicious mysticism, disobedience toward legitimately issued orders", and accusations of sexual immorality.

The Catholic Review Online, the Baltimore Diocesan Newpaper has this interesting piece of information to add to the rest, despite going on a bit about the good things that are attributed to the shrine, which may, it is not reported, have more to do with the intention of the pilgrims and the pre-existing shrine than the things that Fr. Vlasic and the Seers are up to.

Bishop Peric, who repeatedly has questioned the authenticity of the apparitions and struggled to limit the influence of religious living in the diocese without permission, issued a statement Jan. 2 saying that while he recognized the right of a cardinal to celebrate Mass anywhere in the world, “there also exists a certain etiquette in the church” that encourages a visiting cardinal to discuss a visit with the local bishop. He said neither the cardinal nor anyone from his office contacted him.

In addition, Cardinal Schonborn’s visits to unauthorized religious communities “could be interpreted as supportive,” Bishop Peric said.


Timothy said...

This blog is a great example of a Cafeteria Catholic that picks and chooses which clergy to support and which ones to demonize strictly according to their own agenda. Hardly the example of model Christian behavior to mock a Church servant leader who is a Cardinal. The Pope, Vatican and CDF apparently aren't as smart or perceptive as this blogger.

Tancred said...

You should be more careful of your allies, Timothy. The Cardinal isn't someone we would want in our corner. Of course, this is the commentary of, not our own, although we do more than raise an eyebrow at the Cardinal's cynical behavior.

If you want people to really trust in the non-sense, that's your business, but don't expect people to swallow it whole forever.

The Cardinal doesn't only want a cafeteria (one with perverse art on the walls), but he wants to open his own cafeteria in Central Europe.

Dan said...

And yet Mr Schonborn is still running around masquerading as a Prince of the Church, because no Pope dares to discipline him.

The Big Question then is, why would a Pope let such a man - who is such a disgrace to his cloth - continue on as a Cardinal?

That, sadly, is the crux of the problem in the Church: it is not being governed. And until it starts being governed by a Pope with a backbone things are going to get worse. Much, much worse.

Tancred said...

It's a bit of a mystery as to why this homosexual enabler was entrusted with the position he has. But there have been Bishops like him before the Council who were incorrigible as well. Names like +Nicholas von Kues, Tallyrand, ++Richlieu, ++Carrol SJ, ++Ireland, Cardinal Gibbons or Cardinal Cushing.

The encouraging thing is that this isn't anything new and that the Romish laity continues, as in times of old, to resist the novelties of politicizing prelates despite the *apparent* approval from Rome.