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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Madonna's First Venue in St. Petersburg to be Purified with Holy Water

Edit: One thing Poles and Russians can agree upon is their contempt for decadent pop stars.  Cut from interfax is the following:

St. Petersburg, August 9, Interfax - Activists from the Trade Union of Russian Citizens are planning to continue a series of lone protests against Madonna's concert in St. Petersburg, the public movement told Interfax.

"At first we were planning to hold protests outside the Sports and Concert Complex (where her performance will take place), but we dropped this idea because representatives from the LGBT movement will be protesting there. We have decided to go to Dvortsovaya Square tonight," the source said.

It was here that Madonna gave her first performance in St. Petersburg a few years ago, he said. "The time has come to consecrate this place. We have invited a priest to spray holy water onto Dvortsovaya Square," the source said.

The Trade Union of Russian Citizens believes that Madonna has turned its ideas into political demonstrations, having become "an ideological weapon of the West," the source said. "We are against the genocide of morality and ethics. Foreigners have no right to dictate the rules of life to us," the spokesman said.

Madonna is performing in St. Petersburg on Thursday. The show is due to begin on the stage of the Petersburgsky Sports and Concert Complex at 8 p.m. Moscow time. Madonna will sing songs from her new album M.D.N.A. as part of her world tour.

During her performance in Moscow on August 7, Madonna spoke in support of the arrested members of thePussy Riot punk band. Also, the singer wrote on her Facebook page that during her performance in St. Petersburg she will touch upon the problem of gay rights violations in the city, which banned "propaganda" promoting homosexuality and pedophilia to minors.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Warsaw Archbishop: Madonna Concert 'Vulgar and Self-Indulgent"

The protest was also held against the timing of the concert in Poland, on the memorial of the murder of 200,000 of their countrymen  in the 1944 uprising against the Germans.

Warsaw (  A Madonna concert on the anniversary of the Warsaw uprising has been condemned by the Polish capital's Archbishop Henryk Hoser in his reflection on the event.  The churchman described the show for the Warsaw radio station as "blasphemous, vulgar and self-indulgent".

The call for the freedom of art with may not justify the "deafening bedlam" on this day.  "There's no excuse for this",  said Hoser according to Polish news agency HAI's report.

Every year Poland recalls its countrymen on August 1st who were murdered when the Nazis put down the uprising.

The correspondence of the Madonna's appearance was criticized by many Poles.  Around 55,000 people supported the protest of the conservative youth organization "Youth Crossing".  They also criticized that the pop star insults the Catholic Faith.

Because of the Catholic protest the Warsaw city council insisted that the singer run a two and a half minute information video on the Polish Uprising of 1944.  This was reported by Cathnews USA.  This also happened to the applause of thousands of fans. [groan]

The national statidum is in the Archdiocese of Warsaw-Praga not far from the Cathedral of Archbishop Hoser.  Already in 2009 the Poles protested against a Madonna concert on the Assumption.  The Catholic Church then declined the Catholic right-wing committee to have a Mass for the protest.  It was not opportune, was the reasoning.

(C) 2012 Catholic News Agency KNA Inc. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poles Resist Invasion of Decadent Secularism

Edit:  A few days ago, we aired a story from the German Catholic commerce website about how Polish youth was taking to the streets against the encroachments of an alien and pernicious ideology.  Now the major news services are putting their finish on the story about an American prostitute who identifies herself with the Mother of God.

In some parts of the world, notably the United States, this kind of depravity insulting the womanhood of the nation is passed over as something you may or may not be interested in.  There aren't a lot of people interested in protecting the purity of the nation and the youth.

In Poland things are somewhat different.  It is the Polish youth who are fighting, like their grandsires, against the decadence, the materialism and narcissism of an alien culture.  This is also one of the most sacred days of the year for Poles.

August 1st is also the memorial of the Warsaw uprising when the Poles rose up against the occupying German Army.  This is a different sort of occupation.

Related News Stories:

411 writes:

Billboards promoting the concert have been vandalized with the sign of the Polish Home Army, the largest underground army in the Nazi-Occupied Europe. 

BBC, one of the most depraved news services in Europe, never the less admits:

Every year, at 1700 on 1 August, sirens wail across Warsaw and people stand still to pay their respects to the victims of the 63-day uprising, our correspondent says.
Conservative opposition MP Stanislaw Pieta has appealed to the government not to allow the concert to go ahead in Warsaw's National Stadium, Polish Radio reports.
Concert organisers have agreed to a proposal by city officials to show a short film about the uprising in the stadium before the show, in an attempt to appease the protesters.

The Telegraph is the most balanced and sympathetic:

Madonna is facing protests from Polish war veterans and conservative Catholics because her Warsaw concert tonight clashes with the anniversary of the largest and bloodiest battles in the country's history.