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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Father Z Kicked Out of Commie Diocese of Madison for Performing Much Needed Electoral Exorcisms

Edit: Father John Zuhlsdorf is being kicked out of the People's Republic of Madison because of some of his spiritual activities which we are certain anger the Devil, but also the Devil's bishop in Madison.  It's interesting how the evil one and his legions become aware of the Rite of Exorcism and descend like a dragon upon those who invoke it and assist it.

As we noted, the evil ordinary of Madison is complaining about Father Zuhlsdorf's exorcisms against the evil demons committing election fraud.  It isn't so much to complain about separation of Church and State, arguable, concern for the purity of the electoral process isn't a partisan issue, it's a matter of federal law.  As one of the commenters on the fruity "Where Peter Is" blog complains, if it had been James Martin complaining about the debunked "Russian Collusion" or the need for more progressive sexual practices in the world today, his ordinary certainly wouldn't be going after him.

My years in my adoptive Diocese of Madison have be fruitful on many levels. However, I’ve have discerned that – while I still can – I need to be closer to family. I’m not getting younger and neither are they. That, in itself, requires me to relocate in the not too distant future, to move, or at least to spend long stretches of time in places other than in Madison. I’ve discussed this with necessary parties. That’s in the works. I thank God and many others who have been so good to me here. I’ll be around, however, and I won’t be a stranger.

I've wondered at things Father Z has done for years, but he's always had the right enemies.  From his former superior at his first parish assignment, an comfortable and breezy Italian who regularly reads America Magazine and doubts scriptural inerrancy, to the various goblin imps and demonic episcopal trolls who are attacking him now.  Perhaps this move, as FatherZ himself notes, will be a very positive thing for him.

I once DM'd him on FB that I thought a lot of criticisms leveled at him that he doesn't really seem to be engaged as a legitimate priest would be alleviated if he livestreamed daily Mass and the Office.  I don't know if he ever read my suggestion, but he has been quite industrious about getting Mass and devotions out on video.   He continues to catechize and inform faithful Catholics everywhere, and that's a good thing. 

I would also like to personally thank FatherZ for offering Mass for my health when my saturation levels were hovering around 88%! 



Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bishop Morlino Says No to Sentimentalism at Funeral Masses

Editor:Most people don't know how to act in a variety of situations. Especially at a Requiem Mass. Most of them don't know what it's for. Not entirely their fault. Their parents didn't tell them what Catholicism was about, their Bishops were busy attending the theater or having Zen workshops.. Generally, people in suburbia get up and cover themselves and their families in shame by giving eulogies. Heaven forbid that you call them on it either. This is a very good sign for orthopraxis, and a sign of orthodoxy.

Of course, there's going to be a mealy mouthed jackass who's going to whimper bitterly about this and how he's going to join the Ba'hai or some such thing.

The Badger Catholic: Bp Morlino takes heat for correcting funeral liturgies in his diocese

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bishop Morlino's New Chapel: It's Beautimous

Thanks to Badger Catholic, we've just got this link with a lot of photos about Bishop Morlino's new adoration chapel, here.  It's amazing what can be done in Red Madison, Wisconsin.