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Friday, July 5, 2019

Laity Rebel Against Priest Who Says Abusers Must be Forgiven — Pastor Says Forgiveness Not Necessary

Scandal: 70 worshipers and part of the church choir left Mass because of the sermon

Münster ( He had not been able to reach the “screaming mob” in the sermon with his voice and therefore could not explain his position and the biblically important meaning of forgiveness. In retrospect, the 79-year-old retiree Ulrich Zurkuhlen complained, as "Church and Life" reported. Zurkuhlen was critical, according to "Church and Life" that even bishops of priest-perpetrators would be spoken of as "criminals", even though they were also good pastors. The chaplain continued to explain to the editors that nobody was "only profoundly evil", but that often "goodness and guilt” are bound together in the same person. It is "gradually come to a time that the Church hierarchy after a long time can sometimes say a word of forgiveness.”

In the sermon in the Münster Holy-Spirit church, Zurkuhlen had spoken according to representation of worshipers in the sermon of two women, whose conversations were constantly circling around themselves and then have commented pejoratively on their deceased husbands. As a result, the priest pointed out the possibility of forgiveness. He then compared this to priests who had sexually abused minors, and they too should be forgiven. The chaplain affirmed this presentation to "Church and Life". At this point some parishioners were said to have interrupted the sermon and started a discussion with Zurkuhlen. Much of the community even gathered outside in the church square. Specifically, 70 worshipers and part of the church choir had left the Mass.

The responsible senior pastor in the parish association, Stefan Rau, explained to "Church and Life" that this analogy of blasphemous women and the victim-perpetrator relationship is "more than thoughtless". Victims have no obligation to forgive, such an impression should not be allowed to stand that way. He has invited those interested in a few days to a public conversation about the sermon. Rau considered it particularly bad that in this service those affected by sexual abuse were present.

A conversation has already been held with the chaplain, and further talks will follow, according to Rau. Disciplinary measures would not be taken against Zurkuhlen at first.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sect Expert Discusses Pedophilia and Violence in Satanic Cults

Cult expert Brigitte Hahn: "We need a much greater awareness of the issue." By Andreas Otto (KNA) 

Münster ( / KNA) The Münster sect expert Brigitte Hahn warns of the danger by Satanists. In their ceremonies they would expose children to extreme sexual and other violence, says the head of the "Working Group Ritual Violence” of the dioceses Essen, Münster and Osnabrück on Monday in an interview with the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Munster. She called for a much greater awareness of the issue.

KNA: Ms. Hahn, you have a few days before a major conference on organized satanic cults.  Because of strong demand many experts could not attend. How widespread is the problem? 
Hahn: There are no solid figures, but substantial evidence. In 2005 there were less than 1,000 psychotherapists covered by health insurance in Münster and Dortmund were questioned. 120 have reported  clients who have had experiences with Satanic rituals. Polls in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland gave similar responses. My findings are based on numerous exit questionaires.

KNA: What happens when the rituals? 
Hahn: The sect regards itself as a chosen race and an elite society that worships Satan. All the rituals are done in his honor. The focus is on  violence, the more suffering and violence someone endures, the closer you are to Satan. According to this ideology, there are ceremonies in which children suffer extremes of sexual and other violence.

KNA: That sounds more like pedophilia and sexual excesses that are ideologically exaggerated ... 
Hahn: First and foremost it is about the ideology around Satan. Their business involves the sect but with illegal actions. They offer their children for sexual use and participate in drug and human trafficking. In addition to the enormous sums earned there, the sect offers the opportunity to blackmail the customers and bring them into their hand.

KNA: When and where are satanic rituals? 
Hahn: Preferably at night in private homes, castles and forests. And unfortunately, they are trying to use as churches.

KNA: How can you tell Satanists? 
Hahn: They tend not to openly reveal themselves and  hide behind a totally bourgeois existence.

KNA: Are the children found out in day care and schools? 
Hahn: Even the children will be coached to not talk about the sect. But symptoms may indicate a Satanic background: High absenteeism, fatigue, confused impression, forgotten things, bruising or a sexualized behavior. The crux: With such distinctive peculiarities, the parents, who may be members of the sect must intervene, according to the law. The sect retains absolute control over the children. The effect is that the children are punished horribly - and if they still continue to remain conspicuous, from kindergarten they are withdrawn or simply enrolled into another school.

CBA: Are there any missionary efforts? 
Hahn: Most people seeking advice were born into the sect. Moreover, there are children, adolescents and adults who have been recruited. An example from my consulting work: A teenager was approached on the football team, moving first to small offenses and later to serious crimes up to the killing of a person.

KNA: What can one do against such sects? 
Hahn: Above all, we need a much greater awareness of the issue. Many in the field of social worker come into contact with people who report on ritual violence. Satanic sects in the destruction of our democratic-Christian value system is the target. Therefore, all social entities are required to take  action. Even the Church. We need the political will to investigate these reports. For dropouts from these sects, we need expert therapists and doctors, qualified accommodation and trained police officers.

KNA: Why is the Catholic Church in great demand? 
Hahn: The Catholic Church has  extensive outreach for the help for runaways and dropouts. Chaplains, volunteers, social workers, doctors, psychologists and counselors already support dropouts in many ways. Moreover, the Catholic Church is a particular target of Satanic sects. Our values ​​like charity, compassion, human dignity and the protection of human rights are to be destroyed. The satanic sects steal communion wafers, chalices and other sacred items. They are desecrated by being used in heinous acts. 

CBA: How do Satanists spread their ideology? 
Hahn: There are books available in bookstores and lots of information on the Internet. And in the sects themselves, members learn what they have to have to do. They learn that being the "Highest" the deputy of Satan, they have to obey absolutely.

CBA: Is there a way out of the cult? 
Hahn: Yes, there is a way out. Dropouts just need a good social environment and many professional people to accompany this difficult path and not to get confused by relapses. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Auxiliary Bishop in Münster

Editor: another clerics averse pastor for the Diocese that gave us the +Clemens von Galen and Joseph Pieper.

Today Pope Benedict XVI has elevated the Münster Cathedral Chapter to Auxiliary Bishop.

(, Münster)  The Diocese of Münster has published the naming of Stefan Zekorn as Auxiliary Bishop.

Msgr Zekorn assumed the assignment from Msgr Franz-Josef Overbeck, who has been Bishop of Essen since 2009.

 The new Auxiliary Bishop was brought to the light of the world on 3. October 1959.

 On 8. October 1984 he received priestly ordination in Rome by Cardinal Joachim Meisner.

Then he was released for his study in the Doctorate.

In 1985 he was made chaplain of Warendorf St. Larentius.

Two years later he became the private secretary and chaplain of the old Liberal Bishop Reinhard Letterman.  At the same time he was Cathedral Vicar of St. Paul's Cathedral and employed at the Episcopal Office in Münster.

By  1992Msgr Zekorn was Formation Director in the Borromaeum at Münster and Master of Ceremonies in the St. Paul Cathedral.

In 2006 the Bishop named him the Pastor at the Marian Shrine of Kevelaer in the same year also the non-resident Cathedral Chapter in Münster.

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