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Friday, October 11, 2013

Once Apologetics Was an Honorable Pursuit

This is what a Catholic
Apologist Looks Like
Edit: Once upon a time lay apologetics was somewhat respectable. There were men of the stature of Joseph de Maistre, the sincere convert Orestes Brownson in the 19th century, and in the 20th century there were some lesser lights, but there was much volume, if not actual brilliance. Then we have those who have attempted to fill, or have been nominated by someone to fill, their shoes.

So, after being treated graciously by Michael Voris.  (Voris even recommends Shea's books, which is something we'd never do)  Shea goes on in his slandering, lying, dishonorable habitude.  This man just can't help but lie:

(Mark Shea): "Bah. Voris attempted to complain that prayer, fasting, almgiving and the works of mercy were "too vague" (and here he got in the sneer "like Vatican II"). Precisely my difficulty here is that so much of what he does is not admonishing sinners. It is expressing rage and often (as last niight) accusing innocent people like Fr. Robert Barron of being sinners and ginning up a mob against them. Poison."

1. Voris never says prayer, fasting and almsgiving is too vague.  This is yet another lie from Shea.

Also, Voris doesn't sneer at Vatican II, he might disagree with many of the interpretations employed by evil Lefty academics, but agree or not, Voris accepts the documents of Vatican II as a valid act of the Church.

2. Notice how Shea doesn't really discuss Voris' very legitimate criticism of Father Barron. Our guess is that Shea is incapable of addressing the problem because he's not only an intellectual lightweight, but also unwilling to admit he's wrong, and so resorts to making personal attacks on Voris.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of low information Catholics who hang on Shea's word.  It doesn't matter if Shea is disrespectful to priests, as he often is, directing his rather voluminous quantities of digestive fluid on them or whether he's slandering various lay Catholics, many of whom aren't traditionalist by the way.

Here's basically what Voris said about Father Barron, who is everything that's wrong with Catholic education:

 If you want to go to the Apostle of Dollars and Cents website, here: