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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Prayer Vigil in Papal Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore for Immemorial Mass of All Ages

The Virgin Mary, Salus Populi Romani
(Rome) Following the deletion of the monthly Mass in the Old Rite in the Patriarchal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore  the Roman Coetus Summorum Pontificum, which is located at the papal basilica, is calling a prayer vigil.The Coetus  has already turned with an appeal to Pope Francis,  to reinstate the celebration in the traditional rite of the Roman Church. This concern also applies to the prayer vigil on the 25th of January at 4 O'clock in the basilica before the miraculous image of Our Lady with the Child Jesus, Salus Populi Romani .
The faithful reaffirm not wanting to interfere in the internal affairs of religious communities and institutions. However, they are complaining of unjustified "censorship" of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite and the baseless "closure" and "oppression" of Mass locations for traditional Catholics (see separate report Santa Maria Maggiore: Mass Abolished in the Old Rite - Call of the faithful to the Pope ).
They complain in particular that the souls whose salvation and rescue is the supreme task of the "holy hierarchy and at its head, the Sumus Pontifex",  who are being deprived of the necessary grace of the wellspring that nourishes them spiritually even since the foundation of the Holy Church, through Jesus Christ,  which was continuously available to the faithful and by the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum which Pope Benedict XVI reconfirmed in 2007.

Ghettoisation of  Traditional Faithful Contradicts the Papal Claim

The abolition of the Holy Mass in the Old Rite celebrated regularly for the last fourteen years and in association with the veneration of Mary at the Papal Basilica, says the Coetus,  contradicts the "benevolence" that has come the groups of the tradition through the reigning Pope's blessing  last autumn for the Second International Pilgrimage of  Tradition  that had gathered at the tomb of the Apostle Peter  in the Vatican Basilica. "Thus are  the faithful to tradition  to be sent into the ghetto, if not despised and rejected outright" said Coetus in its appeal.
This is also contrary to the message of "understanding and inclusion", that Pope Francis has made the basis of his pastoral care. "It seems incredible that  'Admission' is to be given to all except those who love the Church and the Pope, and are loyal to and represent nothing more than the Catholic faith like the Holy Church has always taught."

Appeal to Pope Francis and Prayer Vigil for Abolished Mass Locations  in the Old Rite

"For this reason we have asked the Holy Father for his intervention and to organize in anticipation of his actions on Saturday, a prayer vigil  on 25 January 4 O'clock  with rosary for the grace that the celebration in the Old Rite is restored through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Salus Populi Romani, at this church and the restoration of the now abolished Mass locations (Which were abolished to the great detriment of the faithful) ."
 Coetus turns with this invitation to "all Catholics of good will".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rome: After the Secret Meeting, Everything is As Before

Edit:  when three hundred bad priests are foolish enough to sign their names to a petition suggesting they no longer believe what the Church teaches and don't intend to obey what it commands, it's time to take them at their word.  The Pastors' Initiative has been ballyhooed in the Austrian and a bit in the world press for a few months now, but not a single word about the Pastors Initiative to OBEDIENCE, which actually has more signators.  At least ORF [Ex-Reichsender Vienna] mentioned it recently.

Pastors File Advertisement

About 400 Austrian priests under the title "Call to Disobedience" [Let's see how disobedient they are when they are sent packing with a small severance] are seeking reforms like the allowance of women and married to the office of the priesthood, have caused the formation of a counter-movement.    Under the Motto "Call to Obedience", they view themselves as Catholics true to Rome. [They go on to mention the 1,500 singers of "Call to Obedience".  Actually, there are now  2241 of which around four hundred are priests and religious.]

Pfarrer schaltete ZeitungsinseratNachdem rund 400 österreichische Priester unter dem Titel "Aufruf zum Ungehorsam" Reformen wie die Zulassung von Frauen und Verheirateten zum Priesteramt verlangen, hat sich nun eine Gegenbewegung gebildet. Unter dem Motto "Aufruf zum Gehorsam" sehen sich die Initiatoren als Rom-treue Katholiken.

Here's an analysis of the present state of negotiations regarding the issue in Rome right now.  Members of the Congregation want more action, but nothing decisive.

No one has the courage, to challenge the media bosses and their useful idiots.  The cowardice is rampant among the Austrin Bishops -- and in the Vatican.

(, Wien) The meeting between Austrian Bishops with the Roman Dicastries about the Old Liberal one man show "Pastor's Initiative" will have no "dramatic consequences".

This not so surprising information was played out by the Bishops to the anti-Church Vienna daily, 'Kurier'.

The Bishops haven't "received any homework from the Vatican".

The Old Liberal speaker of the Austrian Bishops Conference, Paul Wuthe, referred banally to the meeting as "working discussion, as it regularly appears."

From This The Vatican Hasn't Learned the Truth

The journalist Guido Horst awoke in 'Die Tagespost' the impression, to know more.  Actually his reports were also vague.

The discussion about 'Pastor's Initiative' have taken place on Monday afternoon.

Four Austrian Bishops met with the Prelates of the Secretary of State as well as the CDF, Bishops and Congregation for Clergy.

The members of the Austrian delegation in rome were Cardinal Christoph Schönborn von Vienna, Archbishop Alois Kothgasser of Salzburg, Bishop Klaus Küng of St Pölten und Bishop Egon Kapellari von Graz-Seckau.

Horst believes that for the Pope and the Curia the moment has come  to cease "merely observing the break from Rome movement without decisive action."

The Vatican side of the meeting attempted, "through intentional and detailed questions to measure the weight of the threat of the Pastor resignation, if it were [allegedly] to result in a Church schism."

The Media Bosses Rule in the Church

Cardinal Schönborn doesn't want to do anything else but de-escalate -- says Horst.

The Prince of the Church hesitates to direct the taking of canonical steps.

A clarification could lead from a till now latent, to an open schism.

This is the fearful view that the Viennese Cardinal has portrayed for the Vatican.

Actually that is a bluff:  Because you can't base a church with only with the media bosses and individual faithfuless clerical retirees.

Where is the concern?

A few voices in the Roman Curia would like that the Bishops not put up with the creeping schism any further, writes Horst.

The faithful need orientation, even if the clear words might mean that one loses a [nominal] part of the Church membership -- which one would lose in the long run anyway.

Even the Pope is concerned about the alleged rebellion of the media bosses in Austria.

One pushes his inaction to the next

Even Horst views the Curial Cardinal of Vienna as the problem.

One wants to avoid the impression that Rome will act against dissenters.

It would be easier to  see, "if the competent bishops, that is, the pastors in the Alpine Republic of Austria, would effect a clarification among their priests."

Cardinal Schönborn, declares Horst, travels lightly back to his breakaway Archdiocese.

Because:  "If the 'Pastors' Initiative' can be given an international reach, then the opportunity to portray it as a purely Austrian phenomenon will be lost."

"Then the Vatican will have to intervene at last."

But then, the "international reach" would be the same bluff as the fear of an alleged schism.

Link to

Here's Austrian Independent, which writes, describing the dissident group's leader's attempt to go international and Cardinal Schönborn's response:

Schönborn said in several interviews that he was not denying the urgent need for reforms of the Church. However, the archbishop also spoke out against Schüller's suggestions which conservative representatives of the Church consider as radical propaganda.
They also accuse Schüller of trying to split the Church. Schüller said the Church was on the brink of breaking up indeed – because of its leaders’ unwillingness to react to significant developments in today’s society. Austrian Church officials did not confirm that the Preachers’ Initiative was spoken about in the Vatican on Monday. Newspapers report that the movement’s appeals were discussed indeed. Schüller said today he was not afraid of consequences over his actions.
The ex-Caritas Austria president announced: "I appreciate that the Worldwide Church starts thinking about our ideals. Maybe this was the start of something." Schüller said last week he planned to cooperate with priests abroad who shared his opinions. "We receive a lot of approval from Catholic reform movements all over the world," he said. The Probstdorf parish priest also criticised the Vatican for its conservative attitude. Schüller claimed it bore resemblance to an "absolutist monarchy". He added: "The Catholic Church must finally start taking its members seriously."

Photo: Markus Göstl