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Monday, February 13, 2017

ADL Calls the Shots in Vatican?

Edit: as if there were really any question. Real Catholicism is to be squelched and undermined at any cost.
[Tablet] On Thursday, a delegation from the Anti-Defamation League met with Pope Francis at the Vatican; ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt said the pope’s “moral voice is so needed today.” In a speech to the delegation at the Hall of Popes, Pope Francis, who has spoken out against anti-Semitism numerous times, and has visited Auschwitz, showed his respect for the ADL while denounced anti-Semitism in all its forms.
Here is a large chunk of Pope Francis’ powerful speech, which should be read in full:
Whereas the culture of encounter and reconciliation engenders life and gives rise to hope, the “non-culture” of hate sows death and reaps despair. Last year I visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. There are no adequate words or thoughts in the face of such horrors of cruelty and sin; there is prayer, that God may have mercy and that such tragedies may never happen again. To this end let us continue to help one another, as Pope John Paul II so desired, “to enable memory to play its necessary part in the process of shaping a future in which the unspeakable iniquity of the Shoah will never again be possible”: a future of genuine respect for the life and dignity of every people and every human being.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Details About Underground Network: Police Were Selling Hosts to Satanists

Edit: some of the details emerging in the accusations being leveled, which suggest that the perdition of the clergy is widespread are being strongly denied by Vatican spokesmen.

Plus some very succinct words from Rorate:

Pedophilia violates the rights of minors, while homosexuality affirms those of adults. Pedophile priests and homosexual priests in reality, appear to form the same “lobby” that is why they drink from the same libertarian, pansexual ideology, which has also penetrated inside the Church over the last fifty years.

The “homo-heresy”, namely, the theology of homosexuality, denounced by Father Dario Oko (With the Pope against Homoheresy), goes hand in hand with the theology of married priests. In both cases the enemy is the ecclesiastic celibate, a moral pillar which the Church has held on to since Her origins. Anyway, if the Pope expressed himself in these terms, he did so for obvious reasons. Some, such as the vaticanist Ignazio Ingrao, sustain that an entire chapter dedicated to the “gay network” is present in the relatio reported by the three cardinals charged by Benedict XVI to investigate the Curia: Julian Herranz, Salvatore De Giorgi and Jozef Tomko (Panorama, 24th June 2013). There are those who hypothesize that it was exactly the discovery of the presence of this network that would have pushed the abdication of Pope Benedict, by then intent in renouncing the Papacy. (“Il Fatto” 11th June 2013). There are also those who think that the words of the Pope would not be extraneous to the news that reached him about the events of Almo Collegio Capranica, denounced on the site “Corrispondenza Romana” in the article “The Drama of Sodomy in the diocese of Rome” which was promptly obscured by the Roman Tribunal. Behind that law-suit was the Rector of the Almo Collegio.