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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Liturgical Abuses This Way in San Jose!

Edit: there's going to be a big ho-down with several of the big name operators in terms of the continuing alienation of the Liturgy from its historical locus.  In other words, a group of people are going to go to a conference in San Jose, California to "develop" the Liturgy.  We heard this from Creative Minority Report who says,
How can I put this? I am sure that many of these folks mean well, bless their hearts. Its just when it comes to a liturgy that has for two generations been tied down, beaten, and forced to wear women's clothing, this video does not inspire confidence that the restoration is coming any time soon.

GIA Publications, Oregon Catholic Press and Liturgical Press (See the rebellious "Pray, Tell" blog for details) will be there.  Fast forward to around the 2:50 mark to get a look at the various representatives of these organizations, especially the guys from Collegeville...  The guys standing in front of the Modernist Monastery's Abbey Church, at Collegeville, don't inspire much confidence, and the local ordinary, Most Reverend Patrick J. McGrath, doesn't either.

After suffering through the video, viewers might get the sense that these Liturgical experts who are bound to create and publish Liturgical books for the Parish to use are strikingly unfamiliar with and unconcerned about the historical, philosophical continuity with authentic Catholicism.  They are determined to keep Catholics in the dark about what Christianity means.

After being subjected to such people who have given the laity over forty years of heteropraxis, it's not hard to see that the trendy trend to keep Catholics in the dark about doctrine, unconcerned about their moral failings and in the case of many serious minded people, out of the Church entirely.

The Bishops seem less concerned about the continuing lack of understanding on the part of Catholics for their Faith and practice of it, than they are of assuring that the process which has led to the wholesale ignorance of most Catholics of their faith, along with the declining vocations and decay, continues.