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Monday, August 27, 2012

Vimeo Restores Video Exposing Predatory Gomorrist

Adam Flanders is a Maine homosexual who in 2008 sexually assaulted a minor and attacked his father with a knife.  Since then, Flanders has been attempting to get a letter he wrote against a local homosexual youth group, accusing them of promoting sex with minors in 2007 on Pro-Family, and is recently had a civil suit against them for the amount of 1 million dollars thrown out, as reported by LifesiteNews.

Interestingly, Flanders attempted to relativize the abuse, citing a police official who described his offense as "stealing a candy bar" during an interrogation.  The police official distanced himself from Flanders by saying that during an interview, it is standard procedure to sympathize with the accused's point of view to obtain a confession.  He would not himself describe Flanders' criminal behavior in those terms.

In addition, the cowardly '' has removed hundreds of videos posted by Road Kill Radio without informing them, including one pertaining to Mr. Flanders. Clearly LifesiteNews, Mass Resistance, Sun News Network and, have done a lot to raise the profile of this deplorable bullying on the part of homosexual groups and their allies.

Vimeo has since reversed its decision and has restored the videos on line with the help of Kill Radio's legal representation.

Here's an interview with Brian Camenker, who was being sued for $ 1 million.

We'll post the video as soon as it becomes available.

Friday, September 16, 2011

FSSPX is Determining Legal Steps Against German Politician

Volker Beck, Typical German Politician

Stuttgart/Berlin (kathnews) The Society of Saint Pius X is looking into various avenues toward legal steps against Budestag Representative Volker Beck.    He portrayed the Society publicly as a "hardcore-antisemitic and antidemocratic sect" and called it a "scandal" that a "German Pope" would seek to "close ranks"  with their "historical forgetfulness".  Furthermore, Beck addressing the Holy Father said that in showing "patience with the Society of Pius" will also show still more patience for "an ideology of inequality within the Catholic Church".  This ideology degrades "Jews, Muslims, Homosexuals and emancipated women, to people of second class", so says the delegate on his internet site.

The Society Publishes a Statement

For this reasno the Society published a statement on Thursday:  "Volker Beck has demonstrated once again that he isn't mature enough for a pluralistic society like Germany."  Furthermore the proposal continues "whoever reproaches others for fundamentalism, runs the danger, of adopting fundamentalist theses.   That appears to be the case with the convinced Green-ideology of Beck."

One could ignore such defamations, it said in the statement.  "In view of the damage, which such statements in any case may effect in a wide public, the Society of St. Pius X has decided to address a legal media adviser to see how to proceed and attempt further legal steps."  The statement regarding Volker Beck's comments are from Father Andreas Steiner FSSPX, he is responsible for the publicity and media work of the Society in Germany.

"Whoever has himself lost respect for the estimation of the opinions of other citizens, must have their capacity to democracy put to a test.  That will be accomplished in the case of Beck,"  shows the Society to be decided.  The delegate will be expected in the meantime to withdraw his statements and apologize for them.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Diocese of Regensburg Wins Libel Case against the 'Spiegel'

The Spiegel may from now on may no longer maintain or awaken the impression that the Diocese of Regensburg desired to conceal cases of abuse and to criminally intend to make monetary payments.

Regensburg ( The Diocese of Regensburg has won a case against the news magazine "Spiegel".  According to the Bishop.  In the main the conflict concerned whether a damage claim could be considered hush money.  The Spiegel may no longer maintain this or give the impression that the Diocese of Regensburg  has concealed cases of abuse and did this with the criminal intent to make payments.  This decision came from the Federal Court of Hamburg on Friday.

Diocesan spokesman Clemens Neck said in an statement:  'The legal case was necessary because in all of Germany this was being described as concealing abuse.  For this reason authors are reproved as an example in the case of the Diocese of Regensburg and the article by Spiegel as well as other publications.  All documents -- like the writings of parents and their attorneys -- prove however unmistakeably that in no moment was any attempt made to effect anyone's silence.  This legal battle concerned the question if the Spiegel may have published an untruth.  It doesn't have this privilege. And it is good that this is so."

The Diocese published information about the case on Friday background information as well,  the following, an excerpt from the written meeting between the parents of the children concerned, the perpetrator and the Diocesan Ordinary on 30.06.1999.  The excerpt is the following words:  "Between the participants there is agreement that negative psychological consequences for the children concerned ... will be treated as possible, respectively, ameliorated through therapy.  In the considered interest of the children and the expressed desire of the parents that silence shall be respected".  And further: "Mr ... [name of the perpetrator omitted] is bound, to that which originated from the event of 31.3.1999, and where applicable, to compensate for material and immaterial damages.  He is bound also to pay the following damages..."

In another excerpt from the writing of the attorney of the family to the legal representative of the Diocesan Ordinary of 18.05.1999 is indicated: "1. The Episcopal Ordinary  expressly manifested that it will not stand in the way of an assessment for punishment against Mr. .....   The proceedings of 31.03.1999 could and should therefore, if the offended children and their parents desire, be brought before the responsible state authorities and completely revealed.  2. With a view to the well-being of the children, ...,  the husband and wife prescind from the possibility of a criminal complaint. This occurred from their own desire, not on the request or pressure of the Diocesan Ordinary.  The right of criminal complaint is expressly reserved..."

Translated from the German,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Religion Clause: Bankruptcy Judge Orders Trial On Whether Parish Assets Are Shielded From Diocese Creditors

Religion Clause: Bankruptcy Judge Orders Trial On Whether Parish Assets Are Shielded From Diocese Creditors

One commenter responds:

I've never liked the idea that alleged victims of priests' abuse could sue the whole church; its ministries like Catholic Charities should be untouchable. The church funds might pay for counseling --but if accusing a priest gives claimants a financial windfall, seems some people could be motivated to falsely claim abuse. If the abuse can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, then sue the priest! not the church. But my kid learned in "justice class" in a local school that you "sue the deep pocket." Some justice!

They should sue the leftist organizations that have been destroying the moral fabric of this country, and definitely sue Catholic Charities for its gross and long-standing imposture as a Catholic organization. The entire problem with this issue is that the root causes of this aren't discussed because there are protected classes who cause the problem and don't get fingered and sent to jail where they belong, or on a scaffold.

They should be sued for misrepresentation when they take money from pewsitters and give it to murderering, malingering, malcontent anti-Catholics like the Catholic Campaign for Human Development does.

The entire Sex-abuse thing is a classic agit-prop campaign of world-wide scope and soul shattering urgency.