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Monday, September 24, 2012

Homosexual Icon of San Francisco Arrested Again for Chid Pornography

What Are You Doing For Larry Brinkin Week?

Edit: A Jewish homosexual from San Francisco who is the darling of a political movement for decades has fallen afoul of the Police. The accused had been using child pornography for years and his transgressions are just now coming to light. Despite Larry Brinkin's high-profile as a leader of the so-called gay rights movement, and the nature of his crime, there has been relatively little coverage in the media at present.

This recent trial has raised serious concerns about the medieval culture of secrecy surrounding the gay rights movement, and the lack of accountability.  Perhaps what they need is more government oversight?

One compares this event to the recent guilty verdict against Kansas Bishop Finn who is said to have been covering up for a priest's admitted pornography addiction, which received national and international coverage.

It's also easy to look abroad at Ireand whose own pubic has its own irrational hate-hate relationship with the Catholic Church is also willing to deal unfairly in this same manner. When Senator David Norris's got caught using his power to cover for and please for his boyfriend who'd been arrested for child molestation in Israel, the Irish public was indifferent to this. It actually took a charge of embezzlement to oust the homosexual Taoseich candidate. These revelations also didn't get a lot of coverage outside of Ireland as the Senator quietly dropped out of the race.

Even in Germany recently, no one has said anything about the untouchable Old Liberal Cardinal Marx, who recently helped reassign another homosexual child porn user to parish work in the Archdiocese of Munich. We predict that the cool media reception to this story is Cardinal Marx's own Old Liberal, 1968 inclinations that protect him from the kind of media storm that drove his colleague, a man he personally stabbed in the back, Bishop Walter Mixa, out of his office. Certainly, striking a student is considerably less severe than giving a sexual predator and user of pornography a job where he is in a position of power of other people with access to children. Also, let us not forget over 500 cases of abuse at an Austrian Orphanage over many years. Trust us, if it had been truly Catholic, you'd have heard about it.

To date, there's been no response from the numerous homosexual advocacy organizations or the city of San Francisco, distancing themselves from a man who even has a week named after him in February as a champion of "gay" rights. Despite the years this has been going on, seems strange no one knew. Of course, considering that other co-religionists of Brinkin were avid pederasts, such as NAMBLA member Allen Ginsberg, there are surely others who are in the know and didn't say anything. Perhaps we can talk of media "coverup"? Perhaps these moral relativists are silent, because this is their true face? Here's a piece from PJMedia:

This article and some of its links contains some very graphic and monstrous detail.
Larry Brinkin, the high-profile gay activist who was arrested earlier this summer on child pornography charges, was booked in jail again today after police obtained even more evidence allegedly linking him to child porn.
Sgt. Michael Andraychak tells us that Brinkin, 66, turned himself in today at about 10:30 a.m. at the Hall of Justice after police secured a $240,000 arrest warrant for him. He was booked on two felony counts of possession and distribution of child pornography. He is expected to be arraigned in court tomorrow.
See Also: SFPD's Details of First Arrest Warrant Brinkin was first arrested in June after police were tipped off that the well-respected community leader had been using the e-mail address to view images of children as young as perhaps a year old being sodomized by and performing oral sex on adult men, accompanied by highly racist commentary.
Link to PJMedia...