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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Humorous Forms For the New Liturgy: Architectural Modernism

Editor: Bewildering, but not surprising. Notice how the indeterminate forms and bare spaces can accomodate ambiguity and foster religious indifferntism, that erroneous idea that all religions are equal.  This space could accommodate practically any event, a blood drive, a barmitzva, an autopsy, a house closing, almost anything, that is, except for the Mass of All Ages.  

An Old Liberal Bishop has rolled out a wire table for the believers in a stilted presentation.

New Table in the Hospital Chapel in Klagenfurt

(, Klagenfurt) The Old Liberal Bishop Alois Scharz von Gurk has blessed a newly constructed hospital chapel in the city of Klagenfurt population 94.000.  The Diocese reported this from its press office at the beginning of December.  [Ho-ho-ho]

Klagenfurt am Wörtersee is the capital of Kärnten.

Bishop Schwarz took this opportunity to  consecrate a wire table, which could pass for a counter top.

The metal construction was designed by Architect Dietmar Feichtinger, who had planned the entire clinic.

The humorous form will serve as a table for the New Mass.
The Bishoip used the rite with oil, incense and fire -- which could have been used for an actual altar -- also for the wire table.

Every Wire Strand is an Apostle

For his Sermon, Bishop Schwarz dared a comical allusion.

The twelve wire strands which are fastened to the counter, represent in the tortured imagination of the Bishop, the Twelve Apostles:

"The close circle of friends around Jesus held this house and that table, on which the bread was broken and the wine, the blood of Christ served as the redemption of the world," he mystified.

According to the witness of the Gospel, there was only one apostle under the Cross -- namely John -- usually.

A Symbol of the New Desolation

The bare chapel was described by Bishop Schwarz as "sanctified and sanctifying place of the power of God".

He also thanked the alleged artist, Karl Brandstätter, the one who can be blamed for the inarticulate window glass in the desolate room.

The Bishop explained that people would find "the Savior" in that bare room.

"There are many people who have access to God, some, who seek him, som, who speak with him, without knowing who he is, and some, who still don't know him that he seeks, the God of their life"  -- testified Msgr Schwarz Soundwave.