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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

U.S. Secretary of State Attends Latin Mass in Vienna

Edit: certainly he's continuing his practice of sacrilegious Communions.

Vienna ( U.S. Secretary of State popped into the Saint Stephen's Cathedral on Sunday just before the conclusion of his Austria trip. "Kerry came just before 11 by the side door into the Cathedral and took part in the Latin Mass.", said Sacristan Georg Rejda for "Kathpress" (Monday). About an hour before the start of Mass officials of the Federal Police and the U.S. Delegation checked out the situation in the Cathedral. The visit of the U.S. Representative was unremarkable, a private person - as stated. The political significance of the important guests, was only revealed by the security detail.


Kerry was occupied for a good two weeks negotiation in the nuclear dispute surrounding Iran between the 5+ 1 group (the five UN voting powers and Germany) and Iran. The dispute surrounded the West's concern for ascertain able and believable guarantees that the Islamic Republic will not develop nuclear weapons and only use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. In return, Western sanctions will be discontinued.

The 71 year old travels with his 50 man entourage from the noble Hotel Imperial zum Coburg, where he is negotiating, and unleashes a chaos of traffic. Kerry is the first Catholic Secretary of State since the early 1980s. The Democrat from the eastern State of Massachusetts is considered to be a friend of Europe in Washington. Kerry visited Pope Francis initially last January.

Kerry has family roots in Austria: his father's family is from Bennisch in former Austrian Silesia (today Horni Benesov in Czech Republic ). His grandfather Fritz Kohn (1873-1921) converted in 1901 from Judaism to Catholicism, emigrating with his family to the U.S. and changed his surname to "Kerry".

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