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Friday, October 26, 2012

Democratic Party Candidate Ignores Violent Comments Against Catholics

Edit:  J.Z. Knight is a local cult leader in Yelm, Washington.   She's been accused of saying derogatory things about Jews, Catholics and homosexuals, and they are derogatory and even recommend violence.

She is also one of the largest contributors to the campaign of an Extreme-Leftist Green Sandra Romero who is the County Commissioner for District 2.  Incredibly, Knight insists that here comments were being taken out of context, but it seems the entire context had to do with "destroying Catholic Church down".  She's the largest contributor to the campaign of Sandra Romero.  Romero has no intentions of returning the contributions at this time although the State Republican Spokesman, Kirby Wilbur has requested they do.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out, but don't expect a lot of consistency or integrity from these radical elites.

Does this sound like Madame Blavatsky to you?  Or perhaps Jim Jones?

Here she is attacking the Catholic Church by calling for violence against it. Of course, she claims to be "in touch with the LGBT community".    She doesn't spare Jews either.  It sounds like she maligns everyone.  The video contains graphic language.