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Monday, May 29, 2017

New Utopian Novel in Italian: Fate of the Russian Pope

The Russian Pope
Edit: there's no telling how the title will be translated if it makes it into English.

What if the next Pope were Russian? Would the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary be made possible by the Mother of God in Fatima 100 years ago as an essential step on the road to world peace?

A utopian novel

In his novel The Fate of the Russian Pope published last year , the author, Mauro Mazza, assumes the optimistic acceptance of a conclave in 2018. In this concave, the author, the archbishop of Saint Petersburg is elected to the pope completely unexpectedly, and is assigned the name Methodius.
To avoid a misunderstanding, this is not the bishop of the diocese of Saint Petersburg in the USA, which is clearly geographically assignable in its Latin name Sancti Petri in Florida. This is actually the city founded by Tsar Peter the Great in Swedish Ingria in the Bay of Kronstadt, where the Neva River flows into the Gulf of Finland. This Saint Petersburg was the capital of Russia from 1710-1918 and today is the second largest city in the country, with five million inhabitants.
The novel is, of course, fiction, for an archbishopric of St. Petersburg of the Catholic Church does not exist and has never existed. Since 2013 there is a Russian Orthodox Archdiocese of this name. The city itself has been the see of a Russian Orthodox Bishop since 1742.

The author

The author's name is no pseudonym. Mauro Mazza, born in 1955, is one of Italy's best-known journalists. After the passing university entrance examination in the "hot" seventies, he made his first journalistic forays with the daily newspaper Secolo d'Italia, the party newspaper of the then Neo-Fascist party MSI. He remained connected to the party, which in the early nineties, after the collapse of the Communist Eastern bloc, went through a transformation to the bourgeois-conservative party.

Mauro Mazza

The way to the professional journalist opened him the early change to the news agency AdnKronos. In 1990 he became a news editor for the RAI Public Service, 1998 Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the RAI 1 newsreader, 2002 editor-in-chief of the RAI 2 editorial. In 2008, Mazza finally became director of RAI 1. With the return of a Leftist government, he was pushed off to be the director of RAI Sport. In the same year he published his first novel. Since 2015 he has been a member of RAI Vatican's editorship, which is the subject of his latest novel.

The conclave

118 Cardinals gathered in the Sistine Chapel after the death of the Pope to elect a successor. But days pass by, days pass, and black smoke is rising. After three weeks of stagnation, the quarreling Cardinals agreed on a quite unusual decision. They do not elect a cardinal to the pope, but Nikolai Sofanov, the Archbishop of Saint Petersburg.
The decision is most striking: a Pope from Orthodox Russia and a friend of Russia's President Vladimir Putin.
The acting characters in the novel are, in part, the real (Patriarch Cyril, Putin, Gorbachev, Hans Küng), partly inventions of the author.

The Pope, who isn't liked

Church flag (Middle Ages)

In contrast to his predecessor, the new pope does not like the powerful and freemasonry. He is displeasing to them even more because he speaks specifically of the defense of faith rather than of ecology and, above all, of that sentimentality which, "through hugs and skits, between Buona Domenica ( Beautiful Sunday) and "Buon Pranzo" (To your health) is the difference between the pope and the faithful. "Pope Wojtyla" always managed to preserve his charism, which demanded all respect and admiration: cardinals, bishops, priests and laity." (p. 40).
With his daily sermons, Pope Methodius combats modernism, the laicistic and Protestant aberrations and the dictatorship of relativism:
"The pope daily demolishes many of the so-called inviolable assumptions of prevailing thought. He makes it easy. He finds greater and greater approval among the people, but he also attracts an ever-widening dislike" (145).
The freemasons unchain the media against him. A federal daily newspaper, which is close to certain progressive circles in the Vatican, accuses him of concentrating power in his hands and talking too much of faith:
"He is trying to revive the sacredness of past times. In his sermons he contradicts secular (laicistic) values ​​and the rights obtained. And as if that were not enough, he stressed traditional reservations about democracy. Very soon his course of action will turn out to be destabilizing."(147).
The fight against globalization, the gender dictatorship, the surrender against Islamism and the compulsion to ecologism "as a new religion, in which man is no longer the head of the pyramid of creation, but a living person of the planet with the same rights of other 'animals' (108).

World Government and World Religions

Determined to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and restore the unity of the East and Western Churches, Methodius meets with Putin, who complains to the Pope:
"The British are doing what the Americans order. The Germans and the Italians are irresolute and fickle "(134).
The Americans, however, more or less slavishly follow the decisions of the "fraternity," a Masonic organization whose sole purpose is clearly defined:
"The world government, the united world currency (called Bancor), and the world unity religion that unites and overcomes all religions" (120).
Among the Cardinals, who were led by the "Brotherhood," including the Predecessor of Methodius, there are three who are members of the "Brotherhood". This is why a new cosmic ethics, "a mixture of gnosis and New Age", which could actually be ridiculed by a minimum of deepening, spread in the Church. For in their view, man is "equated with all other animals", but with an aggravating element "to practice abortion and euthanasia." Methodius complains that
"Even some bishops, whether from superficiality or conviction, can imagine that catholicity will in the future mix and equate with other religions or their absurd parodies" (108).

Optimistic start, gloomy continuation

The novel begins with an optimistic perspective, then quickly and ever deeper into the sober reality. Thus he unfolds concrete scenarios, which draw a gloomy picture. The secret "fraternity" engages in numerous actions to discredit the new pope.
"It is not just a fascinating story, but a no less exciting 'game', that will enable readers to figure out who is behind the fictionalized names the author has chosen for his novel. This is also the only fun the novel offers, because the rest is the tragic image of a world in which the obscure 'brotherhood' dictates the rules," says Corrispondenza Romana .
It would be desirable if a publisher brought out a translation for the readership of the English-speaking people. As an expression of our time, Mazza's work is not only a timely document, but also provides some illuminating insights, dressed in the genre of the utopian novel.
Mauro Mazza, Il destino del Papa Russo (Fate of the Russian Pope), Fazi, Rome 2016, 256 pages.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana / Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Libero Poll: 84% Miss Pope Benedict

The daily newspaper "Libero" has been conducting an online vote since yesterday with clear results. In the picture Pope Benedict XVI. as a cardinal.

(Rome) The Italian daily newspaper Libero has been conducting an online vote since yesterday. The question is: "Are you missing Ratzinger as head of the church?"

The current voting result

Only one-time voting is possible. The vote is counted after a few seconds and the current result is published as a percentage. It is not known how many readers have been involved in the vote. The reconciliation result is continually updated and is unambiguous. On April 13th, at 8:57 am, it looked as follows:

84 per cent of Libero readers have replied: Yes, I am missing Ratzinger as a church leader. Only 16 percent have so far denied the question.

The well-known Italian journalist Antonio Socci, who takes a very critical attitude towards the reigning Pope, writes for the daily newspaper Libero.

The comments on the online vote reflect the mood among the voters. Some examples:

A Franco Ranuzzini wrote:

"Ratzinger spoke of God and frequently quoted the Bible, but it is only understood that Bergoglio was a Pope because he is dressed in white, otherwise he would be considered a politician."

A Francesco Cenatiempo added in response to Ranuzzini's comment:

"No, Bergoglio is the Imam of the Vatican."

A Riccardo Cavalli wrote:

"The Pope is Benedict XVI.  In his recent sermons, Bergoglio crosses the line. He said that Jesus was the devil! And made himself a serpent! Is there any doubt about who Bergoglio is and who is Pope? Read the visions of Emmerich and Neumann. Let us remain faithful to the everlasting doctrine and the constant teaching of the Church!

Giorgio Collarin wrote:

"High on the emeritus pope. Happy Birthday!"

The representativeness of the survey can cast doubt on the overall question as to whether a Catholic Church head should be measured in surveys. In any case, the Libero Initiative makes visible a part of the mood among the people, which is a counterpoint to the likely attitude of the leading media toward Pope Francis.

Is it also the case that 84 per cent miss Benedict XVI as Pope because Francis "makes himself invisible"  on the Triduum, to  the Church, and celebrates the Mass of the Last Supper not in the Lateran basilica with his diocese and the world church, but to their exclusion and in the public From?

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Libero (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Brave Priest Suspended for Criticizing the Administration of Pope Francis on Islam and Amoris Laetitia

Edward Pushparaj at his Deaconal Ordination by the Archbishop of
Pescara. Because of criticism leveled against Pope Francis, the recently ordained priest
from India was supsended
(Rome) He, a Catholic priest, criticized Pope Francis on the last Palm Sunday in his homily - and was suspended.
According to Il Pescara of 10 April, Palm Sunday Mass in the Parish of St. Anthony of Padua in the town of Montesilvano in the Abruzzi in Italy came to grief. In the parish, the Indian priest, Edward Arulrai Pushparaj has been serving for some time. Don Pushparaj had already worked as a deacon in the parish. Already in the past he had criticized the office of Pope Francis. He did so in his sermon on Palm Sunday.
The priest had described "Pope Bergoglio, as an evil for the Church," according to the daily newspaper, referring to eye witnesses. The Indian criticized the "extreme openness to dialogue" with regard to positions and persons who represent positions that are openly contradictory to the doctrine of the Church. In particular, the priest criticized the "willingness to dialogue with Islam." His criticism also against the post-synodal letter Amoris laetitia was "hard".
Msgr. Tommaso Valentinetti, Archbishop of Pescara-Penne, was informed about the content of the sermon.This required enlightenment from the local pastor, Don Antonio Del Casale. The preaching had to serve the "meditation of the readings of the day, and certainly not to give personal judgments, especially if they were not in communion with the Pope," the archbishop said. "I think it is right to give the priest a time of rest and free him from his present obligations. It is certain that priestly ministry in the Catholic Church presupposes communion with the Holy Father." [LOL]
The archbishop also announced: "I intend to visit the parish of St Anthony of Padua at Easter, to take care of their sorrows."
The complaint against the Indian priest had been presented by the faithful to the Archbishop, as the daily newspaper had shown through. Some of the faithful even accuse the priest of "raising his voice to criticism" on the sidelines of his sermons.
Don Edward Arulrai Pushparaj was ordained priest in 2013 by his local bishop, Archbishop Antony Pappusamy of Madurai, but sent to the "sister diocese" of Pescara-Penne. Don Pushparaj comes from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He had already begun his theological studies in India and then continued at the papal universities in Rome.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: La Porzione (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Castro Mistress: Fidel Received the Last Rites

69-year-old in an interview with the Italian church broadcaster: Dictator met with a priest every day and developed a positive attitude towards Christianity

Rome ( The long-term Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (archive photo) had received the sacraments before his death in December 2016. "Some Jesuit fathers have told me that Fidel Castro died being comforted by religion, and they said to me, "be quiet because Fidel died in a Christian way," said Anna Maria Traglia, a former lover of Fidel Castro, for the Italian Church broadcaster "TV 2000." According to her information, the "Maximo Lider" was visited daily by a priest.

Traglia, now 69 years old, is the niece of Cardinal Luigi Traglia, who in turn, in the 1970s, was the vicar of Pope Paul VI. In Rome. When she was 27, she had met Castro by the intermediation of his relative, the secretary at the Cuban embassy in Rome, whom Traglia had met and befriended. For years she had been Fidel's lover, said Traglia, who spoke of a "great love" until the end of her life and lived in Cuba for a long time. 

On her urging, a parish was opened in Havana, where she had attended Mass every Sunday afternoon, said Traglia. After the service Fidel was waiting for her in front of the church door in a car with the number plate "Comandante 1."  She had also unintentionally introduced a meeting between Castro and Cardinal Agostino Casaroli. When she was invited by the nuncio at that time, Castro had simply come along, causing the Vatican diplomat to be embarrassed, as there were no instructions for this situation. However, a "mutual sympathy" had developed immediately between the two men.

Traglia traveled to Cuba a year and a half ago, when Castro was already in bad health. By May 2016 there had also been regular telephone contact with the ex-dictator. On her last encounter she found Castro "very changed", said Traglia. "One day he told me: I often think of your words, referring to my Christian faith."

Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hungary's Foreign Minister: "How Many Churches Celebrate Ad Orientem?"

The Church of the Sacred Heart Surrounded by Scaffolding
(Rome) On March 8, Hungary's Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto visited the earthquake-hit city of Tolentino. The minister was personally informed about the efforts of Hungarian aid. At the same time, he also inspected the progress of the reconstruction work of art goods and the work on the masonry of the severely damaged Church of the Sacred Heart. The security work on the church is financed by the Hungarian government. The contacts were brought about by Prior Andrea Corradori with the Brotherhood of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is based at the parish.

Hungary's Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto (center) in Tolentino

"It was touching to see the young minister who entered the church which was closed because of the danger of collapse and genuflected to the Blessed Sacrament which was in the tabernacle, as was the case on the days of the earthquakes from the 26th to the 30th of August," Corradori said.
The minister asked the Prior of the Brotherhood of the Sacred Heart: "How many churches in Italy celebrate ad orientem?"
After the church visit,  the minister said in a local TV-interview:
"Hungary can face the challenges of the future if it is not removed from its Christian roots. For this reason, we are particularly responsible for helping the Christian communities in the world. So we did not think twice when the request came from Tolentino: We had to help!"
The Bishop of Macerata, Monsignor Nazzareno Marconi, also attended the meeting with the minister.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Youtube (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholishes..

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

An Italian Court Finds Muslims Who Tortured and Drowned Christians Guilty of Religious Hatred

A court in Palermo imposes 18 years of imprisonment because in 2015 Muslims apparently had thrown 12 Christians into the sea on their flight across the Mediterranean Sea - the judges regarded religious hatred as an aggravating circumstance

Palermo ( An Italian court last week condemned six migrants to 18 years imprisonment because they had thrown twelve Christians into the sea in April of 2015. The judges considered religious hatred as an aggravating circumstance. A defendant was sentenced to four years' imprisonment for torture, and others charged were released. Italian and Austrian media, including the daily newspaper "Der Standard", published in Vienna, reported on a report from the APA press agency.

Christian and Muslim refugees had dared to flee across the Mediterranean, and religious disputes arose on the ship: Christians had been compelled to pray to Allah. Muslim migrants are said to have beaten twelve Christians from Nigeria and Ghana and thrown them overboard.

Trans: Tancred

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Posters Appear in Rome Denouncing Pope Bergoglio's Modernist Autocracy

Edit: here's a brief edited google translation of Marco Tossatti's report:

[Marco Tosatti] In Rome every now and again there appear posters without permission on the walls; ie posters that do not follow the regular procedure for the City. A modern and updated version of the bills that the Romans unhappily hung at Pasquino, the mutilated statue at Piazza Navona, to protest against injustices and to express their displeasure.

The last case of putting up posters - irregular - and mocking,  concerned the Minister of Education, Valeria Fedeli, a few months ago. But that the walls of Rome are now covered up with dozens of posters against the Pontiff is certainly a big news.

It happened today, and the news broke broke at ADN Kronos in these terms:

"There appeared dozens of posters this morning throughout Rome, hung on the walls of the city, of protest against Pope Francis and his work. The picture across the board shows the image of the pontiff which is particularly darkened and frowning. Below, on the bottom in purple, written with Romansh font: 'In Francis, you police congregations, removed priests, decapitated the Order of Malta and the Franciscans of the Immaculate, ignored Cardinals ...  is this your mercy? ' . The poster is anonymous, does not report acronyms or symbols, but is easily attributable to the conservative circles who increasingly expressed their opposition to the Magisterium, measures and the pontifical line of  Pope Bergoglio. "

See also: and Rorate.


Monday, November 7, 2016

"Earthquake is a Punishment From God": Radio Marya Distances Itself

Position represented by the 75-year-old Dominican Cavalcoli, according to the broadcaster is "not in accordance with mercy as the core of the Christian message."

Rome ( KAP)  Due to a statement on the central Italian earthquake as "punishment from God" Italian Radio Maria has discontinued the priest's series. The position represented is not in harmony with mercy as the core of the Christian message, the Catholic broadcaster announced on Saturday in Milan. At the same time, it apologized to those afflicted in the earthquake zone.

The Dominican priest and former dogmatic professor, Giovanni Cavalcoli (75) had replied in his monthly mission to a listener's question that the earthquake in Central Italy was also a punishment of God "in the sense of an appeal to the conscience, to rediscover the principles of natural law" in view of marriage and family, or the recognition of same-sex partnerships. The Vatican and bishops of the earthquake region expressed their indignation and distanced themselves from the statement.

During a hard-hitting phone interview by Radio 24 following his remarks, Cavalcoli affirmed on Friday  the correctness of his pointed theses that homosexuality or adoption rights for same-sex couples deserved divine punishment by natural disasters.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vatican Excommunicates Members of the "Bambinello of Gallinaro"Community

CDF: This community is contrary to Catholic doctrine, because it prevents its followers from attending the Catholic sacraments and declares against the teaching of the popes.

 Vatican City ( The Vatican has declared the followers of "Bambinello of Gallinaro" excommunicated. The corresponding decree of the Roman Congregation was read on Sunday in the churches of the central Italian diocese of Sora and published on its website.

From the perspective of Church leadership is in the community, which in October 2015 calls itself "Christian Universal Church of the New Jerusalem," has become a "pseudo-religious organization". 

Their sanctuary in the village of Gallinaro annually attracts thousands of pilgrims, especially the last Sunday in June. 

Pilgrimages to Gallinaro are based on the alleged visions of Giuseppina Norcia (see photo). In 1947, she claimed to have seen the baby Jesus sleeping on a cloud. The phenomenon was repeated according to information by their Community on 15 May 1974. At that time, therefore, the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Michael called upon the seer to build a cradle for the baby Jesus. This led to today's sanctuary. 

Since then, further reports of miracles have reinforced the influx of the faithful. Norcia died in 1989 at the age of 49.  The CDF has now declared that the community is contrary to Catholic teaching, that it deters its followers from attending Catholic sacraments as well as contact with priests and parishioners and to disregard the teachings of the popes.  It is also pointed out that the diocese of Sora distanced itself from the group and the supposedly supernatural messages in 2001. As the self-proclaimed church committed a schism,  the community has rejected the Pope, and subject their followers to the entering  of excommunication latae sententiae, continued the CDF. The Bishop of Sora, Gerardo Antonazzo, gave his priests the authority with the announcement of the decree to absolve the excommunication in confession. But the priest must be satisfied that it was a deliberate and formal membership in the "Church of the New Jerusalem" and that person definitely wants to turn away from it. 

 Catholic Press agency KATH PRESS, Vienna, Austria 
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, January 21, 2016

"Gay Marriage": Bishops Uncertain About Pope's Course -- Which Led to Defeat in Argentina in 2010

(Rome) The Family Day, which is the planned demonstration for the 30th of January, organized by the Italian Manif pour tous, and the Pope's attitude about it, has set off a battle royal in the Italian Bishops' Conference -- between its President Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco and the General Secretary Bishop Nunzio Galantino.  Additionally it's still being discussed in Argentina to this day whether Jorge Mario Bergoglio, had favored the introduction of "gay marriage"  when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina in 2010.
The president  of the Italian Episcopal Conference is automatically the pope as Bishop of Rome. However, he appointed as representative  both a delegated President [He was voted in by a majority vote, which was then considered a snub to the pope.] as well as the Secretary-General. Cardinal Bagnasco was acquired by Pope Francis from his predecessor. Bishop Galatino, however, was introduced by him and is considered a "man of the pope". On the first Family Day, on June 20, 2015   a million people took part to protest against the introduction of "gay marriage" and against the gender ideology in schools.  Now the debate begins in Parliament, which is the reason for a second Family Day, to tell the representatives of the people what the Catholics and other people of good will do not want.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Even Though the Pope Doesn't Want it, Throngs Will Oppose Gender-Ideology in Rome

(Rome) Italy is currently experiencing what France experienced 2012/2013, and is gearing up for another popular demonstration against the introduction of "gay marriage" and the gender ideology in schools and kindergartens. The rally will be held, although Pope Francis gave to understand that he which does not wish it and has tasked papal Adjudants in the Bishops' Conference to  pressure against the rally. The question is of European importance, because the issues are the same everywhere. After the defeat in France, such should be prevented in Italy. Yesterday, the date for the rally was announced. In only twelve days, the organizers are hoping for a mass mobilization. 
On January 26, the Senate of the Italian Parliament starts debate on a bill, the DDL Cirinnà, named after a left democratic senator.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Politicians and Bishops in the Climate Hype -- Solar Cells Against Global Warming Instead of Prayers for Rain

(Rome) "Smog in Italy", "Poor air in Italy", "air pollution in major Italian cities", "crisis meeting because of smog." The message is also reported thousands of kilometers away from Italy in the world news. It suits well the climate hype that would be hammered into an "infidel" nation. The real emergency  is not the climate and the smog, but the politicians and bishops.
A commentary by Riccardo Cascioli *
Nothing is more appropriate than the alleged smog emergency to make the bungling politicians and the contradictory nature of the bishops visible.

The politicians

Let's start with the former. What really stands out about the smog in our cities and because of these geographical and meteorological conditions of the air, for example, is currently in the Po Valley, which is something we have previously stated. In summary it can be said that the high Smog rating these days can not wipe out the fact that air pollution has declined steadily for several decades. Although the fine dust values ​​are at the moment over the limits, they are far below the values ​​that were a permanent condition 30 years ago. The current situation is due to exceptional weather conditions and, therefore, represents the exception to the rule. For two months it has not rained and the wind is calm. Therefore, the air is above the cities. That may be neither pleasant nor healthy, but is only a temporary condition that should not be overstated and should certainly not be used as an excuse for extraordinary measures. They will only cost the taxpayers a lot of money without bringing appreciable benefits.

The lies about the air pollution

But what do we see? Instead of mayors, governors and members of the government, explaining to the people based on concrete figures   what is going on, fears are enervated and scaremongering. There are full-bodied declarations, party political polemics and a cheap slugfest with views to the next elections. Then death statistics from air pollution pile into the house and the biggest bungler of all, the five-star comedian [Movimento Cinque Stelle, left-wing populist, Eurosceptic party] writes about the increase in deaths from pollution. In 2015 more than 70,000 people, more than last year, died in Italy. The lie is that it was linked to the air pollution, has been refuted by demographers Giancarlo Blangiardo which has unfortunately not put a stop to them.
The temporary air pollution in the major Italian cities could be compared with that of the early 50s.There were really Smog deaths. If things are really today, as currently claimed by climate hysterics, then perhaps anyone of them should perhaps explain why precisely Milan  has by far  the longest life expectancy in Italy.

Is air pollution good for health? Increased life expectancy in the cities clearly

Maybe we look at the tables of the National Statistical Office: in Italy in 2014, the average life expectancy for men was at 80.3 years, for women 84.9 years. In Milan it is as high as 81.4 years for men and 86.1 years for women. If we draw a historical perspective now, we see that the life expectancy in the past 20 years has risen in Milan for men by as much as seven years and for women by five years. In 1994, it was 74.2 years (men) and 81.3 years (women). Similar is the situation in Turin. For this industrial city the  surveys go back only since 2002. Back then, life expectancy was 77.1 years (men) and 83.1 years (women). Today it is 80.7 years for men and 85.2 years for women. Even Rome has the same development. The life expectancy has risen from 1994 until 2014 for men from 74.4 to 80.8 years and for women of 80.3 to 84.7 years.
Would that  we  thought like   the eco-ideologues, we would have to draw from these figures the conclusion that air pollution is good for the health. In reality, as the mere common sense suggests, things are naturally different in every way. The explanation for the rising life expectancy must be sought elsewhere. But for ecologists and politicians these simple panic messages seem to be a lucrative business when identifying and explaining complex processes that a general improvement in living conditions enabled (economic development, better food supply, better protection against heat and especially cold, access to better medical care etc). This includes new, environmentally friendly technologies, which in turn have improved the air values ​​and therefore our health.
This cycle must be understood that the continuing economic crisis could reverse this trend. The still unexplained increase in deaths in 2015 could be an indication. If this should be, then we would have to answer the call of climate hysterics: "Because of smog ..."

The Church representatives

But we come now to the Church's representatives. Their current silence is suggestive, after an almost ecstatic intoxication at the world climate conference in Paris, where it seemed that the bishops wanted to outdo each other with dramatic statements and appeals. Where are the Monsignori who marched suddenly against climate change, held sermons about the alleged human-inflicted global warming and called on priests to give such sermons? Where are the prelates who spoke of the "last straw" in order to save the world? In those days there was not to be heard a discussion of  Smogalarm, which really has  a lot to do with the climate.  A decent rain or   a strong wind  would suffice and the matter would be downright washed and blown away.
One can also see the positive thing. By their silence they have at least spared us some of those unnecessary CO2 emissions. Perhaps we may even hope that one with some sense is  yet to come and will have put away the ideological phrases in favor of reality.

How would it be, to ask the Lord for rain?

Some rain or wind would be good not only for the residents of big cities, but also for farmers suffering from the drought. But none of the major prelates came to mind, where every simple country priest came immediately to mind earlier: to ask the Lord for rain. The Church even has ts own Masses providing  for such purposes. But who remembers that? These are irrational things for shamans and heathens, will be what many will think of them. It's inconceivable that an enlightened, post-conciliar bishop can believe in such things. For this purpose, he would have to even be aware that God is really the Almighty, as the true Lord of heaven and earth, the true creator of the universe, the earth and of man, a true master of nature, who has the power, as Jesus showed  his disciples several times,  to command the forces of nature.
But even in the Church there is the hybris that everything depends on the people and of what man does. "Only the man can still change," is what it surely must mean. For if a man does nothing, nothing happens. So also many prelates give  money instead for solar panels on the roof of the parish and speaks of a "prophetic" gesture," because that indeed is the the way that alleged  manmade   global warming is to be stopped.  Unfortunately it does not occur to begin a novena to St. Joseph or to celebrate Masses to solicit rain and wind.
* Riccardo Cascioli, chief editor of the Nuova Bussola Quotidiana
Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Meteostat (Screenshot)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Highest Court in Italy Considers Aberrounions Invalid

In Italy homosexual unions concluded abroad remain invalid. Judges stressed: According to prevailing legal precedent, valid marriages may only be concluded only between a man and a woman.

Rome ( In Italy homosexual unions concluded abroad remain invalid. This was decided by the Supreme Administrative Court in Rome, according to Italian media (Tuesday). According to prevailing legal precedent, valid marriages may only be concluded between a man and a woman, stressed the judges.

This year the mayors of several Italian cities, including Rome and Milan, had registered homosexual couples who had married abroad as married couples in the municipal register.

Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano had declared this inadmissible. Homosexual couples and the Roman mayor Ignazio Marino, have submitted a counter-action. Link to Trans: Tancred AMDG

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Waldensians Reject the Pope's Apology: "We Could Not Forgive"

(Turin) Pope Francis had reached out his hand to Turin's Waldensians during his visit last June. He made controversial gestures to emphasize his intention and asked the Waldensians' forgiveness  from injustice done by Catholics.  Now the Waldensians have given the pope a response. A specially convened Waldensian Synod, which meets until Friday in Turin, rejected the outstretched hand of the Pope and declared themselves unable to grant forgiveness.Vatican Insider talks about an amazing "coldness" toward the Pope.
From April to June 2015, the  Shroud of Turin was on public display. Two million believers took the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Turin, including Pope Francis. After visiting the shroud Francis paid a visit to the Waldensian temple on 22 June. The first pope to do so. (see Papal Kiss  for Waldensian Bible - Pope Francis, Don Bosco and the Waldensian ).

Pope Francis asked the  Waldensians for forgiveness in June for Catholic injustice

The relationship between Waldensians and Catholics is one of deep conflict. On both sides there were atrocities mainly during  the Middle Ages and the early modern period. Even in the mid-19th century the  Waldensians sought the life of  St. John Bosco.
Pope Francis made the unilateral first step towards reconciliation and asked the Waldensian forgiveness for the injustice committed by Catholics. The Pope had said: "On behalf of the Catholic Church, I ask you for forgiveness for the unchristian and even inhuman attitudes and actions, which we have done to you  throughout history.  In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, forgive us! "
The Moderator of the Waldensian Table, Pastor Eugenio Bernardini, responded: "The Pope has overcome a wall that was built eight centuries ago when our church was accused of heresy and excommunicated by the Roman church." The pope did not argue.
To underline his readiness, the Pope kissed a Waldensian Bible which was presented to him by Waldensian pastors. It was a gesture that caused some criticism on the Catholic side.

Waldensian: Radicalized Pauperisten, the Calvinists were

Pope Francis kisses Waldensian Bible in whose main temple in Turin
The Waldensians  originated in the late 12th century as a pietistic movement. Its founder, Peter Valdes, was a contemporary of St. Francis of Assisi. The two movements of Peter Valdes and the Poverello of Assisi, however, went different ways. While St. Francis of Assisi renewed the Catholic Church, Peter Valdes led the way out of the Church.
In the 16th century the Waldensians adopted  Calvinist doctrine and have since been in effect,   Italian Calvinists. Since the 18th century there is, because of   the common hostility to the Catholic Church, close networking between Waldensians and Freemasonry. In the 19th century there was an "Away from Rome" movement in liberal circles of the leading Italian bourgeoisie toward the Waldenses. This movement was not numerically great, but intensified again the opposition. It is estimated that half of the 45,000 Italian Waldensians today go  back to the recent crossing movement. In 1979, the Waldensians  joined together with the Methodists in Italy.

 Waldensian synod specially convened to give the Pope an answer

The outstretched hand of the Pope sparked heated discussions within the Waldensian community. Finally, a  Waldensian synod was specially convened to respond to the Pope on his request for forgiveness. The Synod will meet until Friday in Torre Pellice for Turin. The answer is now clear and is negative. "We're moving, but we can not be forgive."  The decision of the Waldensian Synod can be summarized with these words.
In an official letter to the Pope the Synod declared: "Dear Brother in Christ Jesus, the Synod of the Evangelical Waldensian Church accepts with deep respect and not without emotion, your apology expressed on behalf of your church asking for forgiveness for what you have indeed even described as 'unchristian, even inhuman attitudes and actions' that have been taken in the past against our mothers and fathers," But then this is  followed by a big "but" of the  Waldensians. This new situation does not allow us, to step in the place of those who testified with their blood or the other Protestants suffering for their  faith, and to forgive you. "
This message, rejected the outstretched hand of the Pope, it was decided on Monday by the 180 people gathered at the Waldensian Synod.

No request for forgiveness by the Waldensians for the wrongs they committed

In the message goes on to say: "The fraternal dialogue that we are having today is a gift of God's mercy,  which has forgiven your and our church many times  and still forgives, by inviting to repentance, to conversion and to a new life." In fact, however, the Pope's asking for  forgiveness  has been answered with a affront. The Waldensians retreat to the position that a pardon can be issued only by the victims themselves. Vice versa the apology on the Catholic, the   Mea culpa for years passed  is thus called into question, since accordingly  only the offender could ask for forgiveness, but not their direct or indirect descendants. But this formalist position can not hide the fact that the Waldensians in reality do not want to approach the Catholic Church. Because this could have been expressed differently, despite the question of direct forgiveness.
The Waldensian Synod for their  part couldn't find a word of apology for the wrongs committed by Waldensians against the Catholic Church and the Catholics.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican Insider / Chiesa e postconcilio
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Christ Instead of Virishna, Horus or Krishna -- The Story of Don Franzoni: Ego Vocavi Te Nomini Tuo

(Rome) A devout woman was troubled by colleagues who wanted to convince her that Christ never existed, but was only an invention. They pressed a publication in her hand that supposedly provided the "evidence" that Christ sprang from mere mythology.
An example: Virishna in India has performed miracles and healings and was crucified 1200 years before Christ and was resurrected. The "serious" source: David Icke!   Horus, an Egyptian God was born of the virgin Isis and had 12 disciples. He died and rose again. Krishna, another Indian deity, was born on December 25 ...
The list goes on and relies on "experts" in matters of religion such as David Icke and Umberto Eco. One might say: Whoever does not believe and doesn't want to  believe, looks for justifications for his unbelief and  justifies to himself  what he accuses of believers: he believes what is truly irrational, because he willingly believes everything that  confirms his conviction  not to   believe in Christ.
The insecure woman wrote to the Catholic journalist Maurizio Blondet with the question of what they should respond to their colleagues, which historical evidence is there for Christ. Here is his response:

They claim that Christ is a Myth like Krishna? Then tell them the story of Don Franzoni

by Maurizio Blondet
I'm tired of responding to such allegations. I used to think, in this way one can convince someone. But even by the best arguments on man can't bring another man to belief. Colleagues like David Icke and Umberto Eco will have their moment in which they have to decide, and that path may lead through personal suffering or imminent death, at least it will be completely personal. There will be a moment where there is  no enjoyment in work and making fun. It comes to us all. Then the response of the person concerned will be decisive.

Christ is radically different from any real or mythological figure

I want to tell you  a rather different story, a personal history, so you will not be unsettled by others. I tell them about the man who made me understand why Christ is radically different and not at all comparable with any other real or mythological figure, not even those that appear to have anticipated the aspects of his being.  What use these  myths are to individual nations, we do not know, perhaps, as in the case of India, in those days, we can not  ascertain, how to initiate  conversion or appeal. But that is not the issue here today.
Let me tell you the story of Don Enelio Franzoni  - who I interviewed -- I don't know how much longer before - some  years past in Bologna for the weekly magazine Gente. He had nothing in common with the Don Franzoni who was mainly known by some in the media as a progressive priest at that time. The Don Enelio, whom I met,  was already old, and retired in a rectory.
Don Franzoni had been in World War II as a military chaplain of ARMIR, the Italian Army of Russia which fought from 1941-1943 on the German side against the Soviet Union. He had volunteered, because it is about life and death in the war and he wanted to give spiritual assistance, to  those who might be  wounded or die. "I thought: They need me there now, more than anywhere else. That is what the Lord wants of me now."
In the Soviet Union he got into one of the infamous Kessel [Pockets] with thousands of Italian soldiers, his "boys" in Russian captivity. With them he was sent to a Siberian camp, or to be exact, from one camp to another.

The hope in "Hell on earth"

Grave of an Italian soldier in Russia
He told me very little about the cold and the hardships they suffered, about which I knew from the stories of other Russian fighters. He did not speak about the brutality, the blows, the cries of the camp guards and their dogs. He also did not talk about the hunger that was so great that it could brutalize people inhumanely.   At most he told of  the marginal aspects of the humiliations that they had to go through having to relieve themselves in the snow in front of their tormenters under ridicule and violence, of the fleas and forced labor.
On the other hand, he told of the numerous confessions of young Italian prisoners, suffering, trembling, dying men, whom he had known in their heyday. He told of their calm, serene dying in peace amid a "Hell on earth". He told of the tears in their eyes when they thought of home. Of their families, their wives and their mothers, he told of the hope where all hope seemed to be pure madness. And he also told me about the most incredible actions, sometimes  including death which his "boys" were prepared to suffer,  to get even a few drops of wine for the Holy Mass.
He told of the many, which he gave the last rites, and those whose eyes he had to close, who perished in the camp. He recorded all in a small notebook that he had taken to Russia: first name, last name, date of birth, date of death and place of burial. They were buried at the beginning mostly in mass graves. "They died like flies," he said and paused, it seemed, despite the many times that had passed since then, when he would see them in front of him. There were so many who perished in the camp that the book was no longer enough. There was no other paper, an possession of it was banned. So Don Franzoni began to write the names in his field cap with the butt of a copying pin. But this was not enough, so he inscribed the inside of his military jacket. He had kept it and showed it to me. It seemed no longer the coat of a soldier, but the consumed, shabby cloak of a beggar or vagrant. Its interior was fully written in tiny letters. I read, names, dates, places. Thousands of names. "To find them again," said Don Franzoni me. "And I did not know if I would ever return."

Renunciation of the release

In 1948 he left the Soviet Union as part of the Italian prisoners of war set free. Don Enelio Franzoni was among them. He told me nothing about how he felt at that moment, when he could read his name on the list of those permitted to go free.  I know from the stories of others: The state of mind of a prisoner is turned upside down, at the moment, when he becomes free.
Part of his "boys" had to remain in the Soviet camps. No one knew why one was held back. It was just was a  means of pressure, that Moscow retained in hand. Don Franzoni renounced his release. He was their chaplain. He had gone to Russia for them. He could not leave them now. Their suffering would continue. Death was a permanent resident in the camp. The camp was surprised. One of the officers called disparagingly: "Throw him out!" But at the end they  accepted  the desire of  "the madman." He could stay and hear more confessions and close the eyes of  the dying. And recorded their names on his coat.

The return and the meeting with Nikita Khrushchev

It was 1952 or 1953. I do not remember exactly, anyway, it was about eight years after the war, he was released with the last survivors and returned to Italy. Soon after his arrival in Bologna, Don Franzoni began to contact the families of the dead  who had died in captivity. He founded a committee for this, to demand the repatriation of the remains. He did not let up until he succeeded with a delegation of mothers of officially "missing"  to get an appointment with Khrushchev.
Nikita Khrushchev was then leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Soviet Prime Minister. He had called out Stalin's crimes publicly by name. Khrushchev raised the question of how the desire of mothers would be realized toward exhuming their dead sons. Then  Don Franzoni handed him the list of the names, the date of death and place of burial. Khrushchev was so astonished that he said, after some hesitation, he did not understand the list.  He did not understand how such a list could exist with exact details.
He asked the delegation: "For what purpose should these bones be exhumed? They have now been connected to Russian land for a lonig time."  After a moment of silence, he added, ".. They're already on Russian land "

"Comrade Secretary, each of these guys is the son of a mother"

Khrushchev replied as a Russian, or rather actually Asian. Buddha would probably not responded otherwise. I still loved  l Hinduism and was convinced of the superiority of the neutral Brahman, the impersonal Nirvana over the Christian salvation. I, too, would not have responded differently.
But Don Franzoni replied to Khrushchev in Russian: "Comrade Secretary, each of these guys is the son of a family. Some of them even have  a wife that awaits them; others had brothers and sisters. All have a mother. A mother who has loved each one of them by name and is not content to know that their son is mixed somewhere in Siberia with the ground.  Every mother wants her son, just him, because she loves him and she wants a grave for him, that they may seek to talk to him. With him, only him.
That was a Catholic response, a Roman response that even a Communist Party Leader could understand. 

The final resting place with the inscription: " Ego te nomine tuo vocavi "

Khrushchev gave permission for the exhumation. Delegations of parents, led by Don Franzoni, examined the places on where to bury their sons, sometimes more had been buried. They found here the remains of other Italian soldiers which Don Enelio had not recorded because they were killed at the site at another time. Remains that asked for no mother because no one knew of them.
Don Franzoni also brought these nameless bones back to Italy. They were buried at his request, at a military cemetery. He made an inscription   in large letters a word of the prophet Isaiah: "Ego te nomine tuo vocavi ". It is God who speaks like this: "I have called you by name."
He wanted to express: Although no commander is there any more, soldier,  who is calling you, who knows about you; although not even your mother's call has gone to  you, exactly to you and only you, unique person; although all have forgotten you, I remember you, I know your name, just you who are a unique person for me because I have given it to you. I love not "all" of you, but each one of you.

This is my "proof"

That, my dear, who are troubled by unbelievers, is my "proof" that Christ is not a myth. I will not even attempt to provide a proof that Christ has existed in history, 2000 years ago. That would be far too little.[!]
The "proof" is that Christ exists today and now. It is the evidence of Don Enelio Franzoni, a soldier of Christ, bolder than a samurai, so brave that he even refused his release, and at the same time, loving as a mother.
A mother loves her son, even if he is a villain, because he is just "he,"  her son. Don Franzoni loved them all, with whom he removed, one by one, he looked radiant and looked miserable, and especially he saw them in their greatest inner distress and at the moment of their death. And he stayed by their side and has returned each  and returned each to his mother. Yet  where there was but no mother, the motherland,  from which they had set out, and if that should mean nothing    then it is even more true that he has lain them in consecrated ground, where they are silent witnesses of the faith, and a warning voice for peace.

Imitation of Christ

Don Franzoni did this in the belief he imitated Christ with his limited human powers and the impotence of a prisoner, with the special love that knows the world only through Christ: bolder than a samurai and more specific than the mother who does not love "all" but who knows her own by name.
I know that this offers no "proof" for scientific discretion  that one can oppose to professional unbelievers who talk of Krishna and Horus, because they want to deny Christ. It is also not a rational argument, although it can show historical data and tangible archaeological finds.
The faith is not a matter of intellectual methods. The faith in its essence is not theory but practice. It is never abstract but always alive. He is to follow. Following in courage, in action, in heroism, in the mercy and love of Him who has risen on the cross for all of us, not for us "all", but for each individually, for each of us, although we are not there earn.  It's like a mother's love for her son, even if he is a villain, only larger by a multiple.
The proof, others  might say evidence, for the real and actual existence of Christ are people who follow Christ and imitate Don Franzoni or Padre Pio and thousands of others who love Him contrary to reason - as a mother - who does not deserve it. Many of these people have not been canonized by the Church, because they work behind the scenes, but are known to Christ, for He has called them by their names, each individual. There are those people who in the Imitation of Christ testify in each historical moment in their narrowness and overcome their limits in Christ.

Hope not for everyone, but for each individual

Therefore, my dear, I know that Christ and his salvation are radically different than what Buddha, Horus or Krishna has to offer. Therein lies my personal hope: I am a rogue son, who has not loved his mother as she loved me. I neglected her, and now that she is dead, I can not make a  remedy, though I want to. I have not done even a thousandth of what Don Franzoni has done and have not even applied a millionth of his love. But I have a hope that is given to me by Christ. My mother loved me, even though I was with her as I was. So I cherish the hope that God looks up to me at the last day and increases my little merit, as would my mother.
Therefore Pray for your colleagues, who now laugh at you. Pray out of  love and the hope that your colleagues, when  God calls them, to answer Him even if it only at that last moment, in which we are all prisoners, of suffering and powerless at the moment of dying, that Don Franzoni  has so often witnessed and in which he could support his "boys"  representing Christ and the consolations of the Church founded by Him. A moment that awaits us all. For the Lord says to each one: " Ego te nomine tuo vocavi ".
Introduction / translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Il Timone
Trans: Tancred