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Saturday, October 11, 2014

IS Fighters Encircle Turkish Troops

Kobane Under Attack
ANKARA. Troops of the "Islamic state" (IS) have encircled 36 Turkish soldiers in northern Syria.These guard the mausoleum of Süleyman Shah, the grandfather of the first Ottoman sultan, which is the extraterritorial property of Turkey. According to Turkish newspapers there are about 1,100 Islamists  deployed.
The grave is located about 30 kilometers south of the heavily contested Kurdish city Kobane.Thousands IS-fighters have been trying for days, to conquer the border city located directly on the Syrian-Turkish border. According to observers they have also employed  heavy artillery and tanks. Opposing them are a few hundred Kurdish fighters with light weapons. They are supported by air attacks from the United States and Arab countries.
The Syrian Minister of National Reconciliation, Ali Haidar, meanwhile, stressed that the government in Damascus could not support the Kurds with air strikes because of the proximity to the Turkish border. There was a risk that the machines would then penetrate the Turkish airspace.
Turkey pulls troops together
While the fighting continues, Turkey has begun to assemble  troops on their side of the border. As government Turkish newspapers report, nearly 10,000 soldiers and 35 tanks were mobilized. On Thursday the parliament in Ankara will advise about a possible deployment of ground troops in Syria and Iraq.
One suggested solution  is also a safety zone in the two countries where Turkish troops take control, to protect the inhabitants from the Islamists. Previously, Turkey has steadfastly refused to intervene against the IS   and has even tolerated activities of the terrorist organization in their own country. (Ho)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vatican Denounces Reports About Plans for Papal Assassination

Italian press report has claimed that Islamist terrorists were preparing to assassinate Pope Francis - Vatican spokesman Lombardi: "The Vatican does not harbor special concerns in this direction"

Vatican City ( The Vatican has denied a report according to which Islamist terrorists were preparing an assassination attempt on Pope Francis. This lacks foundation, in the words of Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi. "There is nothing to be taken seriously. The Vatican does not harbor special concerns in this direction," as the media quoted him on Tuesday.

On Monday, the Italian daily newspaper "Il Tempo" spread rumors, that fighters of the terrorist militia "Islamic State" were planning an attack on the Pope. Referring to Israeli sources, it was said that their leader, the self-styled "Caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, had ordered attacks in Europe and in particular against Francis as "the greatest representative of the Christian Religion" and "support of false truth".

Currently, the jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq, are coming to Italy, militia mingled with the numerous refugees coming across the Mediterranean. Last week the Italian media reported that Italy is reinforcing its security measures. But a concrete suspicion of terrorism did not exist.

 During the general audience on 13 May 1981 in St. Peter's Square Ali Agca, surrounded by about 15,000 people, made ​​an attempt on John Paul II. The Pope barely survived.  There is still nothing certain known about the actual motivations and instigators of the Turkish-Muslim assassin. This assassination-Shirt by Pope John Paul II. (Rome Reports, Eng.) (C) 2014 CBA Catholic News Agency. All rights reserved.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Archbishop Negri: Dialog May Not Be an "Unconditional Capitulation" and Not "Empty Talk"

The Letter "N for Nazarene is Used by the Islamists to
Brand Christians
(Rome) Already for several days a large banner has been hanging in the middle of the northern Italian city of Ferrara,  with the Arabic letter N for Nazarene. With this symbol, the Islamists in northern Iraq label the homes of Christians who are who are to be driven out.  The banner with the prominent announcement on the fate of persecuted Christians in the Middle East hangs on the main square of the city on the facade of the Archbishop's Palace. The reason for the display is the contentious Archbishop of Ferrara, Msgr. Luigi Negri, one of the most prominent Catholic bishops in Europe.  From August 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary into heaven, the Italian Bishops' Conference had declared a day of prayer for the persecuted Christians of the Middle East.
On August 14, Archbishop Negri published on the Solemnity of the Assumption a pastoral letter to the persecuted Christians. Here are some excerpts:
"The  meaning of this brand is that it represents the first letter of the word Nassarah (Nazarene), the word with which the Quran refers to the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth - that is imposed by the militias of the self-proclaimed Caliph al-Baghdadi on infidel Christians, for the there is no place in the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, except to convert to Islam, who are subject to a head tax, and suffer the destruction of their ancient places of worship and the confiscation of their goods - want to express publicly that the Archdiocese of Ferrara- Comacchio feels as  one  with our brothers and sisters who bear the wounds of the suffering and death of our Lord on their bodies and in their souls.
Archbishop Luigi Negri of Ferrara: "No dialogue at all costs"
"While we prepare for the Day of Prayer (August 15),for the coming of peace  - or better it could be said that the Lord Jesus Christ will perform a miracle for it,  that humanly speaking is not the least hope  - I want that  the entire diocese would perceive, what Pope Francis has repeatedly asked that it is not just the "saying" of a prayer, but a prayer with the wholeness of life and of the heart. That it is mainly a plea for forgiveness from Him, because our lives as Western Christians shares guilt as a co-responsibility for what is  happening.
This responsibility comes with a naivete expressed, that is to say the least, pathologically. One must speak of dialogue, sure, but you should and can do so only if one is aware of the identity and the complexity of the conversation partner. There can not be in any case  a dialogue at all costs and it can not mean a withdrawal of Christians from the Middle East completely.
It would be our desire to be there with them, to strengthen the numerical presence of Christians in the places where the Church and Christians have been present for two thousand years and to be prosecuted with them. Let us ask the Lord that He makes us able to build an intelligent dialogue, to guide and not an unconditional surrender. And we ask the Lord also that He grants us to stop not only the flight of thousands and thousands of our brothers and sisters whose guilt is only to be Christians like the first martyrs, but as far as possible, to strengthen their presence there, as they can not be valued differently than as a fundamental contribution to the common good of all mankind. This is the authentic way to pray for the peace that is a gift of the Risen Christ, 'Peace be with you '. Everything else is just empty talk. The Church needs no empty talk and, as far as I know, even God does not need it. "
+ Luigi Negri
Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio and Abbot of Pomposa
Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Asianews / Archdiocese of Ferrara
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Syria: Islamists Descend on Christian Town

About 80 dead - 670 families from Kasab fled to the port city of Latakia Kasab ( / idea ) In north-west Syria, Islamist rebels have attacked the predominantly Christian town of Kasab. The reports are from the Christian Hilfsbund (Bad Homburg) working there in the Orient, citing eyewitnesses. As the director of federal assistance, Andreas Baumann, the Protestant news agency 'idea' said it has so far the area on the Syrian-Turkish border has been relatively quiet and safe. In the 3500 population city and twelve surrounding villages, there live mainly Christian Armenians. Even Armenian refugees from the city of Aleppo and other parts of the country have sought refuge there from the fighting. On 21 March an offensive had been launched by the Islamists. 670 Christian families then fled or were evacuated by the Syrian military - more than 60 kilometers south from the port city of Latakia. They lived there with relatives or in churches. Partner organizations of Christian auxiliary Federal supplied them with food.

Turkey Syrian Shoots Down Syrian Jet.

Baumann showed himself very concerned about the development. Government troops had tried in vain to repel the insurgents. So far, 80 people have been killed. Rebels had beheaded 13 Armenians. In the fighting, the Turkish military had shot down a Syrian fighter aircraft, according to the media reports it had penetrated Turkish airspace. According to Baumann it is believed that the rebels had advanced from Turkish soil to Kasab. The place is located just three kilometers from the Turkish border. Meanwhile, Latakia was being attacked with rockets, Baumann said. The Armenians are considered as the oldest Christian nation in the world. During the First World War they were the victims of genocide by the then Ottoman Empire, now Turkey. He noted an estimated 300,000 to 1.5 million Armenians fell victim. Turkey denies this genocide. Of the 21 million inhabitants of Syria, 90 percent are Muslim and 6.3 percent Christian, of which three percent are Catholics and Orthodox, plus small groups of Protestants before the Civil War. The rest of the population consists of non-religious people or followers of other religions. The Christians enjoyed relative freedom of belief under the regime of President Bashar al-Assad; they are hunted by the insurgents as his allies.

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