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Sunday, October 16, 2022

Pope Francis: "Back to Yesterday? No!"

Pope Francis yesterday warned the representatives of the French-speaking communities in the world against "indietrism".

(Rome) Pope Francis yesterday received the participants of the Pastoral Days of the Communautés catholiques francophones dans le monde ( CCFM), the French-speaking Catholic communities in the world in audience. In his speech, the head of the Church addressed a topic that has been particularly important to him for several months: "Indietrism".

The neologism in Italian that Francis introduced into the language of the Church means "retrogression", "regression", in his words those who want to "go backward". Concretely, the Pope means the communities and believers of the tradition. “Indietrism” first appeared in his late spring addresses when Francis justified his motu proprio Traditionis custodes and called for its implementation. He made a direct connection with this.

He also incorporated the neologism into his homily, delivered on Tuesday, October 11, in St. Peter's Basilica on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II, saying:

“Yes, the Church must first be looked at from above, with God's loving eyes. Let us ask ourselves whether in the Church we start from God, from his loving gaze on us. There is always the temptation to start from self rather than from God, to place our goals above the Gospel, to let ourselves be swept along by the winds of worldliness and to follow the fashions of the times, to reject the present that providence has bestowed on us , and turn to the past. But be careful: Progressivism, which adapts to the world, as well as traditionalism or backwardness, which mourn the loss of a bygone world, are not proofs of love but of infidelity. They are Pelagian egotists that put their own preferences and their own agenda ahead of the love that pleases God, that simple, humble, and faithul love Jesus asked Peter about.

The remarks sound like an equidistant balance between “progressivism” and “traditionalism”. However, the reality is different, as shown by the campaign against tradition launched by Francis with the motu proprio Traditionis custodes .

In the Consistory Hall of the Apostolic Palace yesterday, Francis said to his Francophone visitors:

“The synod is not a parliament, I want to make that clear, it is something else. Why isn't it a parliament? Because the most important figure at the Synod is the Holy Spirit. We speak, but it is not a parliament. The synod is a moment of grace, a process led by the Spirit that makes everything new, that frees us from worldliness, from our closed-offs, from our repetitive pastoral patterns and from fear. He asks us to ask ourselves what God wants to say to us at this time, today, and in which direction he wants to lead us. God, what is he telling me today? Today, not yesterday. Don't be 'indietrists': back to yesterday. No, today, looking to the future.”


Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred