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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Edit: Yoga is a violation of the First Commandment.

[Mumbailaity]Straight forward answer is “YES”. They know more on Hindu and Buddhist occult spirituality than Authentic Catholic spirituality. They know Hindu Sanskrit Shlokas better than Bible scripture. Why are you targeting only MUMBAI, Why not Bangalore, MANGALORE. It is the same story in India and around the World. There is a great demand for Christian YOGA teachers around the World.

FATHIMA RETREAT CENTRE MANGALORE conducts Christian YOGA retreats. St. PATRICKS Church campus Bangalore used for YOGA and PRANAYAMA, INFANT JESUS SHRINE MANGALORE OCD priests promotes YOGA classes. In Mangalore Diocese every parish promotes YOGA classes for children. Our religious institutes, Campus, Schools, colleges are used to promote SATANIC Spirituality.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Indian Catholic Bishops Conference Want Larger Families

Edit: In light of the persecutions, it's certainly warranted.  India is the last frontier and Western Catholics might consider reallocating resources to India rather than blowing them on bad investments at local parishes with the Modernism, the Liturgical Abuses, the Feminism and so forth.
[The Pioneer] Worried over the steady fall in the growth of Christian population in the State, parishes in Kerala have started giving incentives for Catholics to have larger families even when the Central and State governments do not want parents to beget more than two children.

St Vincent De Paul Forane Church, a parish church in Wayanad district, is offering fixed rate deposits of Rs 10,000 in the name of the fifth child born to a Catholic family. A Catholic News Agency report said the parish church had issued deposits to two families, according to church vicar Fr Jose Kallarackal. Part of the Sunday collection is set aside for such deposits, it says.

The programme, launched in mid-August, is being executed with assistance from Sion Prolife Movement. Its regional coordinator Salu Mecheril is quoted as saying that the campaign’s popularity is increasing and that a second parish is preparing to adopt the same plan. He said efforts were on to spread the campaign to all parishes in the Wayanad’s Mananthavady diocese.

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