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Friday, November 2, 2018

Muslims Attack Coptic Christians in Egypt — Religion of Peace Kills 7

Coptic church spokesman confirmed at least seven fatalities

Cairo ( In Egypt, there was another devastating attack on Coptic Christians on Friday. According to initial media reports, gunmen in the Al-Minya province attacked a bus with pilgrims on their way to Anba Samuel Monastery. At least seven people were killed, according to a spokesman for the Coptic church in the newspaper Al-Ahram. Several others were sometimes seriously injured.

In May, a similar terrorist attack by gunmen on a bus carrying Coptic pilgrims to the same monastery left 30 people dead and two dozen injured. At that time, the terrorist militia IS took responsibility for the act.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Jihadist: "Will Pray in Rome" -- New Video by ISIS

Islamic State: The Goal is Rome

(Rome) The terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) has released a new propaganda video. The video shows a suicide bomber shortly before his deed. In his message he appears certain that Islam will carry "victory"  and the followers of Allah will soon pray in Rome instead of the Christians.
The suicide bomber blew himself up shortly after recording his video message in Benghazi in Libya in the air. He turns in his message to the jihadists in Syria and Iraq, who he wants to "win" and  to "pray in Rome".
Abdel Rahman el-Libi is the name of the Islamic kamikaze. He refers in his message to the "prophet" Mohammed, who had already predicted the victory over Rome. The Islamists should not fret neither the unity of the "crusaders," nor the Arab tyrants who were against them, Allah will give them victory. "We are a united nation and sharia will prevail throughout the world."
The video lasts 14 minutes and shows several pictures of suicide attacks in Libya and references inter alia to the Libyan General Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the army of the government of Tobruk.
According to the press agency Alwasat, Abdel Rahman el-Libi was killed in a suicide bombing last July 30 against a center of the Libyan army in Kawarsha in Benghazi. His video has just now been released by the Islamic State (IS) on the Internet.
Text: Andreas Becker
Image: SxS (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"We Will Drown the Streets of Rome with Your Blood" -- Islamic State Threatens the Conquest of Rome

Islamic State Threatens to Conquer Rome
(Rome) The Islamic State (IS) has released another document, in which it proclaims the conquest of Rome and the Vatican. It is the second title in four days.
A corresponding PDF document was published on social networking sites, so Askanews . It can be seen on the front page with a picture of the Colosseum  (see picture). It says: "They want ar Raqqa, and we want to Rome". The threat appears to be directly related to the double attack against the IS-capital ar-Raqqah in Syria. Al-Ragga is the objective that the US-led coalition and the Russian-Syrian alliance are advancing toward.
The document says: "They want ar-Raqqa, because it is governed by the law of Allah, and we want to Rome, so that it is governed by the law of Allah."
The Vatican is a "cave", they describe as the "den of thieves." "It is Rome that we want, the cave city of the Vatican, the capital of the Nazarenes, from where an impure man, known as Pope, sends an impure man known as the Pope, who always crusades against the Muslims."
Last Saturday the jihadists released a video that announced that the streets of Rome "are impregnated with your blood".

"We will rape their women"

The second document, published yesterday, was spread on the Twitter account of Al-Wafa Foundation of the Islamic State (IS). As an author himself has a woman who describes herself as Um al-Samh al-Qureishyah which in Arabic means "Mother of Tolerance of al-Quraysh".  Quarysh  is  the Arab tribe that lived in the time of Muhammad in Mecca, to which Mohammed belonged.
The text says: "We will humiliate the unbelievers of Rome, we will rape their wives [...]. Only he will save himself, who embraces Islam or submits to Islam. There is no other faith than Islam. They will soon realize. "The diction at least places the authorship of a woman in question.
The alleged author explains that an alliance of "over 60 countries"  has started a war for the conquest of the capital "of the Caliphate". It is reminiscent of the ruins that have been left behind by the jihadists of the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane, before the Islamic State withdrew (IS) from there. Kobane was freed by Kurdish militias after a long siege in January 2015. "How did our jihadists leave the city Kobane? As a heap of ruins. Not a wall remained standing, which reminds us that here once stood buildings."
The document ends with the statement that "there can be only Muslims and those subjugated to Islam on earth of our Lord Allah".
Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Askanews (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Armed With Pistol on Saint Peter's Square -- Security Gaps on the Opening of the Jubilee Year

Journalist Shows Her Weapon
(Rome) Shortly before the beginning of the Year of Mercy, Italian security agencies are working hard to close security gaps. Current critics says it may be easy to smuggle weapons say  Vatican security experts criticizing the current situation. A journalist recently made a  test and easily smuggled a pistol at St. Peter's Square this past Saturday.
The Prefect of Rome adopted a series of measures for the Jubilee of Mercy, which will be opened tomorrow. The transport of weapons, fuel and other flammable liquids has been limited.

Security Seasures to Prevent Attacks by Jihadist Militias

The prefect relies on anti-terror laws. In concrete terms, they should prevent assassinations by Islamic State be prevented (IS) and other jihadi militias. The threat of such attacks is classified as "realistic" by the Italian Ministry of the Interior.
Prefect Franco Gabrielli has adopted for the period starting on Sunday, December 6th to Wednesday, December 9 a ban on any transportation of weapons, ammunition, explosives and toxic gases on the entire territory of the Rome Prefecture. Also prohibited is the setting off of fireworks of any kind.
For the entirety of the 8th of December when  the Catholic Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, any transport of fuels, LPG, methane and other flammable substances is prohibited. Citizens were advised to not to use during those days, cars, gun cases, envelopes or packages, which are commonly used by the army or the police, or could serve for the transport of weapons, to rule out any likelihood of confusion or suspicion.

Experienced Counterterrorism Specialist Concerned about Vulnerabilities

With an assumed disability card and a handgun at the
St. Peter's Square
Prefect Gabrielli is one of the most experienced counterterrorism specialists in Italy. Since 1987, he has worked in senior positions of state security (DIGOS).From 2000, he headed the DIGOS of Rome. He was  involved at the breaking up of the newest generation of left-wing extremist terrorist organizations the Red Brigades (BR). In 2004 he took over the construction of the newly established Counter-Terrorism Committee (CASA) and in 2005 was head of the Centre to Combat Terrorism at the Interior Ministry. During that time Islamic perpetrators of the London subway bombings were arrested in Italy. In 2006 Gabrielli became head of the Italian domestic intelligence SISDE. Last April he was appointed overlooking the Holy Year of Mercy as Prefect of Rome. According to media reports, he shows  prefect optimism, but was worried actually about existing vulnerabilities.
For this there is also no reason: Tomorrow, Pope Francis will be present at  the opening of the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica, the Jubilee of Mercy. Only last Saturday the journalist Mary Tagliazucchi reported the daily newspaperIl Giornale about how she could easily reach St. Peter's with a pistol in her pocket in the late morning."  Smiling, Handbag and Gun: So I Came to the Vatican", is the title of the article. "A few days before the beginning of the year of jubilee I showed up with a pistol on St. Peter's Square without any problems.  A (false) disability card sufficed ... This was "recognizable as a fake." The journalist smuggled a pistol, brand Tokarev TT, Model 57 Jugo, 7.62 mm into the Vatican. "This weapon is especially common in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It was also used earlier in the year during the attack on the Jewish supermarket in Paris," as a weapons expert confirmed for the journalist.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Il Giornale (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Islamists Blow Catholic Nunnery in Mossul

The reason for the destruction indicated by local sources were that crosses were over the buildings. People apparently were not harmed.

Vatican City ( The terrorist militia of the "Islamic State" has tried to blow up a convent in Mosul in northern Iraq. The convent building of the Chaldean Sacred Heart Sisters and the church were severely damaged, reported the Vatican press Fides (Tuesday). The reason for the destruction indicated by local sources was that there were crosses over the buildings. People apparently were not harmed.

According to sources, a first detonation was unsuccessful. The militias then increased the charges. The residents were warned in advance. The nuns had apparently left the complex. According to Fides, the fighters of the "Islamic State" used the monastery for some time as a headquarters and logistics base, but left apparently out of fear of US air strikes.

According to the press service, the building had been built with a donation from the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Whether an adjacent George's Abbey was also affected by the explosion is unclear. (C) 2014 CBA Catholic News Agency. All rights reserved.

Trans: Tancred

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Italian Police Arrest Terror Suspects

According to media reports, the authorities have charged the identified suspects in the Veneto region, inter alia, of the recruitment of fighters for the "holy war". The detainees are reportedly to non-Italians.

Rome ( The Italian police have arrested five Muslims, who are closely related to the jihadist organizations in Syria and Iraq. According to local media reports on Wednesday that authorities have identified suspects in the Veneto region, inter alia, of the recruitment of fighters for the "holy war". The detainees are reportedly non-Italians. They are in the cross hairs of investigators in the course of the nation's increased security measures against militant Islamists. The Italian Interior Ministry fears that Islamist terrorists might deliberately mingle with the large numbers of boat people coming across the Mediterranean.

On Tuesday, the Vatican had denied reports that Islamic terrorists could be planning an attack on Pope Francis. This unfounded, said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi, as reported. The Italian newspaper "Il Tempo" had reported that the terrorist militia fighters "Islamic State" could prepare an attack on the Pope. Citing Israeli sources, their leader, the self-styled "Caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, stated that he had ordered attacks in Europe and in particular against Francis as "the greatest representatives of the Christian Religion" and "supporter of false truth".

(C) 2014 CBA Catholic News Agency. All rights reserved.
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Trans: Tancred

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ismail Tipi: A Vigilant Democracy Must Give Out Red Cards

Edit: in other words, abolish free speech.  Correspondingly, it's easy to see how such laws regarding free speech could be used to silence this politician as it certainly silences other Europeans today.  Recently, the founder of Riposte Laïque has been found guilty for "Islamophobia" as Tiberge at Galliawatch reports.
Turkish Cobby a Turkish born CDU politician warns of the danger of Salafists in Germany: "ISIS already speaks German." Tipi has received death threats for his opinions  and has placed a police report.

Wiesbaden ( "ISIS already speaks German." This was written by Ismail Tipi (photo), CDU politician and Member of the State Parliament of Hesse, on Facebook. He posted a photo of a young man, the poster with the picture of an ISIS warrior held in his hand, which is written in German: "Yesterday Syria, today Iraq, tomorrow Europe". This is the intention and purpose of the Salafists, observes Tipi. Many of the Salafists sympathize with  ISIS and they have been  already out of their backyards for a long time, "they are among us."

Tipi explains to employee about  Koran distribution  and exclaimed, "Lies!": "Lie activists are already in several hundred stalls and  active daily in 9 countries in Europe. A defensive democracy must distribute red cards, without repression, it is not. Operation prohibition for extremist Salafists. "Stop Lies Action! ... ". 

Tipi said, it was "high time that my suggestions to better fight radical Salafists in Germany are finally implemented," he admitted in a statement published on his website. "I support our Federal Minister of the Interior to one hundred percent in his considerations, radical Salafists with German background who come back from the war zones back to Germany to pick up the passport. I can understand the skeptics who are coalition partners of the SPD, who will   not hear, prevent everything, from allowing for stricter laws. It must be possible to remove the Salafists' German identity card -. Even if they have no criminal record."  The CDU politician pointed out that the current laws are inadequate, especially for German Salafists, here there they should probably be changed according to the law.  The increasing connection between Salafists and right-wing radicals who feel united in their anti-Semitism is also disturbing. "Here a sinister connection arises, whose dangers we must not overlook."

On Monday, Tipi had urged the imposition of sanctions against the "men behind the IS." "We need firstly to find opportunities here in Germany, but also in other European countries to freeze accounts and finances of the Salafists or seize them altogether. It is more than obvious that any so-called "charity campaign" by German Salafists only serves to finance the war against religious minorities in Syria and Iraq. We must urgently put an end to this," Tipi demanded on Monday in Wiesbaden. 

He called for a comprehensive review of all business activities of the European states with the Gulf countries, which are regarded as financial backers of the Salafists. It is not excluded that  weapons are delivered via a roundabout way to the IS and would ultimately be used for the expulsion and extermination of Christians and other religious communities. 

Already in 2012 Tipi had declared that  Shariah, in whatever form, should never get into  German courtrooms. Such a possibility would do great harm to the integration of immigrants. Integration was taking place on the floor of the liberal-democratic order of our State, which must be accepted by all.  "We also call for equal rights for men and women. The Shariah is not above the Constitution. Religious freedom belongs to all of us where our democracy and legal system is at risk," said Tipi. 

Tipi is the first Turkish-born CDU representative in the Hesse Landtag. One of the focal points of his political work is integration policy. Prior to his seat in Parliament, he had worked as a journalist for Turkish and German media. Because of his engagement against Salafists, he has received death threats last Saturday via internet, as reported by "Das Westen".   "For about an hour I was reviled, cursed and threatened in the chat". Tipi has "filed a complaint for defamation, coercion and threats." photo Ismail Tipi (c)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Christians of Aleppo Plant Olive Tree Where Three Were Killed by Islamists

(Damascus) Last week was the parish of the Holy Trinity in Aleppo was the target of a brutal attack by  Syrian rebels. The parish church was attacked with a rocket that struck just in front of the church. Three Christians were killed, including two nuns. Now the priests and faithful have  planted an olive tree in response  at the point of impact, as a sign of peace and for the future.
"We had just celebrated the Holy Mass. Had the rocket hit the stairs to the church, the number of victims would have been much greater," said Father Joseph Bazouzou to the news agency Fides. Last Sunday, the priests and faithful of the parish gathered after the Sunday Mass, "to give the only answer to the bombs and the violence that for years always claims new lives," said the priest. As a symbol against violence and for the hope in Christ, they planted an olive tree at the point at which the Islamist rocket struck and took three dead. They wrote in Arabic on the pot: "Peace" and "God is love".
Since the outbreak of the civil war,  Christians have been the target of Islamist rebels. Christians are murdered, expelled, or forcibly converted subject to the Islamic dhimmi system. 
While the West is silent or finances the Islamists and equips them with weapons, church organizations engage in concrete help.  Regarding the Prayer of the Fraternity of St. Peter for the persecuted Christians and the fasting and prayer of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna has already been reported. Help for  needy Christians, who made ​​up 15 percent of the population, according to the Church historian Rudolf Grulich, until the outbreak of the civil war in 2012, comes from the Relief Organization, Church in Need .
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Infovaticana
Trans: Tancred