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Monday, July 4, 2011

Maximilian Krah Sells Bishop Williamson Out: Holds him to Ridicule for Germany's Anti-Catholic Press

Editor: Bishop Williamson may face jail time, included in the 'dapd' report, complete with denunciations from SSPX Legal representative Maximilian Krah who also ridiculed Bishop Williamson for believing in the Apocalypse.

Here's an excerpt from the google translation from anti-Church 'suddeutsche zeitung':

Much further in a Catholic community of priests probably can not dissociate from one of their members. An eccentric is Bishop Richard Williamson, one who had a "persistent problem with recognition of reality" and "monotonous regularity every two years, believes in the apocalypse."
You Look Fabulous, Dolly

^Italics ours.

Here's our translation of the end of the 'dadp' article, which contains the suggestion that Bishop Williamson may even face jail time for his comments for Swedish television:

The legal representative of the Society of Pius X, the Dresden Attorney Maximilian Krah, had also said as a witness for the courts that, Williamson's [sic] Holocaust-denial comes from conviction. "He believes that", explained Krah, who shortly after the publication of the Interview removed the Bishop's mandate.

According to Krah's account Williamson [sic] is valued in the Society as an eccentric, "colorful bird" and has no significant position of leadership. The Bishops of the Society of St. Pius X are first and foremost in there for Priestly Ordinations and Confirmations and not automatically entrusted with leadership.

The appeal is to take place, because after the first process before the Regensburg Court, both sides are seeking legal means against the judgment. The book of sentencing identifies punishments for denial or downplaying the crimes of the National Socialists prescribe a fine or incarceration of up to five years. (dapd)

H/t: Ignis Ardens