Friday, July 27, 2018

Greek Bishop: “Your Atheism Has Brought Down the Wrath of God Upon Us!”

Greek Orthodox Bishop Ambrosios von Kalavrita has accused the Greek Prime Minister of being complicit in the severe fires in Greece

Athens ( Greek Orthodox Bishop Ambrosios of Kalavrita has accused the Greek Prime Minister of being complicit in the severe fires in Greece. "Atheist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is drawing the wrath of God upon us," writes the bishop on his blog. "The atheists of Syriza are the cause of the great disaster! Their atheism draws down the wrath of God upon us!" He emphasizes again. In the forest fires in recent days 74 people have died. But the Archbishop of Athens has emphasized that this is only the personal opinion of the bishop.

Trans: Tancred


Constantine said...

The Enlightenment intelligentsia of the West has penetrated the Greek Church too. And the Greek Church too has their brave and valliant traditialists, who one day may be saved in spite of some theological misunderstanding. But the leftist bishop of Constantinople is the one the antiPutin Ukrainian Orthodox back over the Patriarch of Moscow. They say Putin is corrupt. But look at the lurid complicity of sexual perversion and financial dependence to leftist billionares, churches, parties, and ideologies which the Western leaders promotes!!! Putin's financial corruptions, of which have been commonly been found in every age, does not promote and drive the engine of sexual perversions as does the Western financiers.

James said...

Could you imagine a Roman Catholic prelate ever having the balls to say something like this?

Litacanaman said...

Good for the Bishop.

JBQ said...

As previously stated, the Bishop may be correct, and good for him. Western Civilization has "jumped off the cliff" and the Roman Church has a great number of lemmings.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for the Greek people who have suffered under the yoke of the Cabal that has plundered and punished them for many years.

The same Cabal that sold of parts of Greece such as islands to Hollywood Execs and stars such as Tom Hanks that picked them up for peanuts. The same Cabal that started fires in Sweden and in many other places as in Chile 2 years ago and Iberia one year ago.
The same Cabal that has IDF running the Greek airports and now has military bases. When will the Greek military say enough is enough? Satellite footage will prove if it was the Cabal or just land specualators.

Tom Walsh said...

Anon 28, 9:30 AM should get the facts right about Greeks, 'Cabals' and who runs Greece's airports.
The IDF connection is nothing more than a reference to the annual joint Greek-Israel-USA airforces exercises.

Blotto said...

After devastating floods hit Florence in 1966, killing over one hundred people, Padre Pio said,"This is the scourge of God: blessed are those who realise this." This Orthodox bishop is on the right track.

Gianluca Petroni said...

Padre Pio was expressing a personal opinion on the lessons that one might learn from a destructive flood. Attributing the lost of life (how many totally innocent ones?) to the positive Divine Will is, I think, going beyond his competency.

Blotto said...

Bill O'Malley aka Josef K aka Zuleika Dobson, is that you? Knock twice for 'yes'.

We both know the floods and the Greek fires only happened through God's will, whether active or permissive so forgive me if I defer to Padre Pio on this one.

(Just to pre-empt you, Massimiliano Mondadori and Pippo Panzavecchia are in agreement with this).