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Thursday, November 12, 2015

"The Chaos in the Vatican" -- Is the Media Honeymoon for Pope Francis at an End?

Gianpaolo Pansa on Pope Francis
(Rome) Is the media honeymoon with Pope Francis coming to an end? Is the media circus becoming tired of him? Is the anti-Ratzinger effect spent? Or does the reigning pontiff no longer meet the expectations placed in him?
Giampaolo Pansa, a known source for left journalism in Italy, has attacked Pope Francis in an unusually sharp manner. This Panza is a historical companion of Eugenio Scalfari, the preferred atheist interlocutor of the Pope. Pansa was one of the founders of the Scalfari daily newspaper La Repubblica, its deputy, and he served as editor in chief from 1978 to 1991. Since 2000 Panza is again constant columnist of the left media flagship.
In 1987  he also created the column "Bestiario" (Bestiary), at the first  it appeared in the bourgeois weekly magazine Panorama, from 1990 in the left-wing weekly magazine L'Espresso, since 2008 in the left-liberal daily Il Riformista and now it is printed in the right-wing liberal daily newspaper since 2011, Libero. What has remained unchanged is the author of the Bestiary, namely Giampaolo Pansa.
The example is intended to document that something is seeming to change in the relationship between the media and Pope Francis.

Chaos in the Vatican. Pope Francis brings more confusion than Ignazio Marino

Il Bestiario
"Is that clear?" This sarcastic question of just three short words with a question mark, which Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio growled under an improvised press conference will go down in history. The meeting with journalists took place on board an aircraft, which brought  the pope from one stage of his autumnal trip to the US. The pope had fired them, in order to deny that he had invited Ignazio Marino [since June 2013 Mayor of Rome's left Democratic Party, resigned on 12 October 2015 in accordance with a corruption scandal], at that time still Mayor of Rome,  to the World Meeting of Families, which was being held in Philadelphia. But unfortunately for Pope  Bergoglio, he was not aware that his famous "Is that clear?” would also remain a part of his history as head of the Vatican. A real mess, with all due respect and without innuendo, which is still phenomenal, as the collapse which Marino left, when they had chased him out of the Capitol.

What Does  Bestiary Think about Bergoglio? He talks too much

Should I say what Bestiary thinks about Bergoglio? The past of each of us is a peephole to what he will be like in his future. I speak mainly about us old gentlemen, as much the undersigned as the current Pope. Pope Francis is an unpredictable figure, an inexhaustible source of problems, even for himself. He talks too much. Every day he invents something new. is how my grandmother Caterina would have complained, at her praying daily of the rosary, after all, the whole Psalter. He is always on the move. He meddles in matters that really do not concern him, since he is not a political leader. Finally, he shows a strong tendency to the left as it seems.  Libero has already designated him as Peronist. For the rest, even though he is descended from a family of Asti, he is also a son of Argentina, the landing place of many Italian emigrants.
Antonio Socci, a really excellent colleague who knows all about priests, bishops and popes, has recalled in this newspaper since, that Bergoglio had left a bad impression of himself when he was head of the Argentine Jesuits. At that time he proved to be a disaster and caused lots of problems. According to a Big of the Society of Jesus, he had surrounded himself with a retinue of super loyal, Peronist Pasdaran and was displeased in no way is to be the object of a personality cult. This led to a number of problems which are not yet solved even after many years. Maybe the same ones who today also happen in the Vatican.

A Hellish Landscape Comes to Light

Do I speak badly of the Pope? Not at all, I think, but even if that were so, I would commit no sin. I'm not religious. On the evening before I fall asleep, I ask my parents, my succor in his sleep and let me wake up in good health and sound mind again the next morning. Therefore, I can afford it, to think that Bergoglio should ask himself the fatal question "Is that clear?". The reason for this lies in front of everyone. With thanks to the publication of books by Gianluigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fittipaldi, it comes to light, revealing a landscape that seems like hell, though it lies in the shadow of the dome of St. Peter.
As mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino will have recognized too late the weeds that grew around the clique run by Salvatore Buzzi & Co.  of “Capitol-Mafia". This has now earned him his ironic nickname 
Ignaro (ignorant) instead of Ignazio. But even showing himself more ignorant than he was Pope Bergoglio. His court today trying to assert that the reports and research by Nuzzi and Fittipaldi would reflect a disastrous situation which had already been fixed by the drastic intervention of the Pope. But the bestiary seems just a useless porch. Not to say that this is a completely unsuitable escape.

Vaticanopoli Many Times Worse than Tangentopoli

I have told the tragedy of Italian parties for many years.  And every time I was overwhelmed with protests of many of the porter caste that dominated both the First and the Second Republic. If they do not accuse me of spreading falsehoods, they claimed that the defects described by me and other colleagues in daily and weekly newspapers were related to the past. The that blots that I discovered had already been resolved. When in February 1992 the Tangentopoli bribery scandal broke out and the investigation by the Prosecutor of Milan brought undeniable facts to light, it also came to light that the rot was just not eliminated. The earthquake that followed, we still remember all too well.
Today one must have the honesty to say that the dramatic scenario that has everything on the banality of entertainment films related to  the accountant Ugo Fantozzi, is also coming to light behind the sacred walls of the Vatican, which is hundreds of times greater than what came to  light at the time of Tangentopoli. And that with an aggravating factor: this time it comes to a reality, and thus also to an authority which is much much greater than the political caste of Italian parties.

Francis Has Not Only the "Cross" of Bertone to Wear, but Vallejo and Chaouqui

The Vatican and the Catholic Church are the only hope that millions have remained faithful. This hope appears to be going to rot,  that is flushed to the surface, causing a myriad of believers great pain, the horrified witness a disaster that no one had expected. And we are only at the beginning. Yesterday there was a cartoon published about the pope on the front page of Corriere della Sera, in which has   Emilio Giannelli has drawn an new class of satire. The cartoon "Via Crucis" shows us Bergoglio who wears a large cross on his shoulder: Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. But an old saying goes, the devil is in the details. This also applies to the Vatican disaster. Bergoglio has namely to do with two extras: a Spanish prelate and a Moroccan lady. He is located  in the papal prison, the only reason she was not jailed is because she is pregnant. But the media are relentless and not all are obedient to Francis.
Part of a functioning free press  is an iron mechanism: competition. Even the benevolent media can not long stand aside and leave the hostile-minded media field for the current incumbent in the Vatican. As told in an old motto? That's capitalism, little one! The very "generous" photos of Francesca Chaouqui,  of the until recently completely unknown PR consultant, add ingredients as spicy as malicious to a story which will have nothing on Boccaccio.

The Mayor and the Luxury Apartment in the Vatican

In comparison to this, even the chaos in the Capitol and the figure of mayor Ignazio Marino gets its real dimension back. The receipts of the poor "Ignaro" have, at best, the weight of a feather compared to the financial machinations of dubious figures together with high prelates who behave  "like Pharaohs" (Bergoglio dixit). Therefore Marino's words can not be ignored. He stated, and I quote the Messaggero of 11 October: "I'm humiliated. They treated me like the Mafia boss Provenzano. My wife can not leave the house. If you can imagine that?"
Last Tuesday, the now ex-mayor has acted properly when he took questions from Giovanni Floris on television. Not even with the merciless caricature of Maurizio Crozza did he bat an eyelash. What should we do with him? Put him against  the wall, exile, withdraw his civil rights? Ignazio the ignorant will remain among us. And I'm willing to take a bet that he will not leave the storeroom  locked. He will continue to speak, write and revenge, as I would also do in his place.
Does anyone remember the Garibaldi anthem, which was written in 1859 by Luigi Mercantini? It  began with the famous words: "Opens the graves, bring the dead out". If Marino really wants it, then he would have to open many graves. And since we're at it, he could tell us at the same time, how  he has managed to rent a luxury apartment in the Vatican. 
Introduction / translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Libero Online (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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