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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Black Pope: "There can be more Christian Love in An Irregular Pair, Than in One, Which Has Been Married in the Church"

The White Pope Embraces the Black One, Both
Come From the Jesuit Order
(Rome) Giacomo Galeazzi of Vatican Insider conducted an interview with Father Adolfo Nicolas, Superior General of the approximately 18,000 Jesuits worldwide. The General of the Jesuits provost is also called "Black Pope" because of the contrast to the white robe of the Pope, while the Jesuits have no habit, but wear the cassock of secular priests. At least that's the theory. But above all, for a fourth vow, the Jesuits owe allegiance to the Pope. "There can be a more Christian love in an irregular pair, than in one that was married in the Church,"  Nicolas said at the beginning of the interview. documented the full interview with the Superior General of the Jesuit order, which one of the three synod is participating as a representative of the Catholic Order of the Synod.
Will there be an "aggiornamento" of  family morality?
The free and open discussion is towards change, towards pastoral adaptation to the changing reality of our time.  This is of an epoch-making character, because there are forces  in these years that have attempted to return the Church to before the great season of the Council.
And Communion for the divorced and remarried?
You can not stop them from discussing this in the Synod, as some would like to stop them. The bishops were not summoned to reinforce abstract ideas with the blows of the doctrine, but to seek solutions to specific questions. Significantly, the Pope has participated and many Synod Fathers in their  addresses regarding texts of the Council. Here the Church of hearing is heeding the  expression of the Spirit, which was  hoped  for by Cardinal Martini until the end of his life.
The Conservatives say that the doctrine is in danger ...
It is wrong to make absolutes. Take the case of illegitimate partnerships. It's not like that with a lack of everything is bad. On the contrary, there is something good, where you can not hurt your neighbor. Francis has stressed: "We are all sinners." Life is to be supplied on all fields. Our task is to bring the people of grace, not dismiss them with provisions.  For us Jesuits, it is daily practice.  The Inquisition one  knew exactly this.
In what way?
Our founder, St. Ignatius underwent an examination by the Inquisition a total of eight times, after he had spoken of listening to the Spirit. Then, as now,  the Spirit comes to us again, because He comes from God, but not the rules and norms which, however, are the work of man. The morality of the family and sexuality need kindness and brotherhood. It is not to split it, but to harmonize. You can not evangelize the people, by beating them with the Gospel. Only the decision to focus on Christ,  will keep us from fruitless disputes, to abstract ideological disputes. Defects and imperfections do not invalidate the whole of the evolution of the family in society in recent decades. If there is something negative, it does not mean that everything is negative.
Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Insider
Tans: Tancred