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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Father Paul Schindele New General Superior of the Society of the Servants of Jesus and Mary

Edit: the founder of this order was expelled from the Jesuits for being Catholic.
From 7th-11th July 2014  the General Chapter of the Community of the Servants of Jesus and Mary (SJM) has taken place  in Blindenmarkt (NE).  Every six years the regular General Chapter meets to select a Superior General for the next term. Already on the first election day, Father Paul Schindele SJM was elected by a large majority to be the new Superior General. He succeeds  Fr. Anton Bentlage SJM in this office, who has led the Congregation since 2008, the year of the sudden passage home of the founder Andreas P. Hönisch SJM.
Fr. Paul Schindele was born on 27 March 1968 in Karlsruhe. He is one of the founding members of the Congregation and has worked closely for over 10 years as Secretary General governing the order, first with Fr. Hönisch and most recently with Fr. Bentlage. In 2008 he was elected Society Chaplain {Bundeskurat] of the Catholic Scout Association of Europe (KPE) and was also intensely active in youth work.
The community of Jesus Servi et Mariae was founded in 1988 by Father Andreas Hönisch and recognized in 1994 by the Holy See as a congregation of pontifical right. It currently has about 50 members, including 30 priests, and is active in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and Kazakhstan.
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

SSPX Priest Urges Bishop Williamson to Come to General Chapter

Edit: Now the pieces have to be picked up and the men have to be rallied for other battles in the future against the spirit of Modernism.  I found a translation of the letter at the Bellarmine forum, here.
Altar bei der Piusbruderschaft
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A unification did not take place --- but perhaps it will produce at least a division?

(  On the 29th of June Father Charles Moulin -- the prior of the Society of Saint Pius X in the 340,000 population city of Nice in the southernmost part of France -- has written an open letter to Bishop Richard Williamson.

 The letter is a reaction to the exclusion of the Bishop's appearance from the next General Chapter in Econe.

Good wishes only for the enemy?

Father Moulin is a fellow student of Bishop Fellay.

He notes on this that the "enemies of yesterday" have been treated with enormous friendliness:

For that reason it is also the case that his old "brothers in arms" who have, after so many years, could be excused a certain lack of obedience.

The freedom to defend the true Doctrine

Father Moulin stresses that the freedom to speak of Bishop Richard Williamson would be an enormous benefit to the General Superior.

Finally, he was very concerned about future prospect of independence of the Society in Apostolate and speech during  the negotiations with the Vatican.

This freedom, to defend the true doctrine, is a "true and traditional privilege of every Catholic Bishop".

Attack on unity

Father Moulin can also not imagine that the General Superior by the next chapter would bypass the wisdom and insight of Msgr. Williamson.

He recalled then that Msgr Fellay as a seminarian was one of the most acute listeners of the "masterful lectures" of Bishop Williamson at the seminary in Econe.

The Father can also not imagine that the General Superior would want to shut a Bishop out from the Chapter, whom Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (+1991) himself chose.

That would break the close unity of the Society which the Archbishop desired.

He knows the enemy.

For Father Moulin, Msgr Williamson is an effective bulwark as a convert from Anglicanism, to prevent the "ever possible" protestantization of the Society.

He described Msgr Williamson as one of the greatest students of the subversive tactics of the Modernists, Old Liberals and enemies of the Church.

Solidarity of the Other SSPX Bishops?

Finally, Father feared even that the two other Bishops, Msgr Bernard Tissier de Mallerais and Msgr Alfonso de Gallareta, will stay away from the General Chapter out of solidarity.

The Father wishes that the participants of the General Chapter will find time to observe the words of St. John Chrysostom:

"There are more reasons to trust the wounds inflicted by a friend, than the kisses bestowed by an enemy."

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