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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Benedict Groeschel of EWTN is clueless about Saul Alinsky

Not only did Father Groeschel host a Paulist on his show, which is a strategic mistake of colossal proportions in itself, but he also was clueless when Saul Alinksy, who wrote a Marxist guide to "community organizing" dedicated to Satan, was mentioned. Most people are familiar with the Paulists themselves and their present reputation for being big on challenging church teaching and welcoming the spirit of the world. The founder of the Paulists, Isaak Hecker himself, was mentioned by name in Leo XIII's encyclical Testem Benevolentiae in the most unfavorable terms.

Father Groeschel, no stranger to hippiedom himself had no idea who Alinsky was, that's pretty surprising in itself, almost as surprising as having consistent orthodox shows on EWTN, a network gone wrong that don't promote crypto-marxism in one way or another... In any event, the Paulist gave a defense of Alinsky that he was a good friend of Jaques Maritain, which surprised us again, because unlike the author of the romancatholic blog, we don't regard Maritain very highly at all and offering him up as an endorsement of Alinsky doesn't bode well for either men, considering what they in fact were in the end. Mauritain in addition to having a strange definition of being, doesn't believe in the existence of Hell according to Romano Amerio, author of the monumental Iota Unum on page 697 and 698. (h/t to RB)

h/t: Barb Kralis

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