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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Untouchable Hippie Priest In Deep With "Gay Subculture" Where Sexual Abuse Was Common

Edit: the following is part of an exchange where the heretical and disobedient pastor of St. Frances Cabrini church in Minneapolis insults his Archbishop and publishes their correspondence on his blog rather than address the liturgical abuses. Father Michael Tegeder has been reprimanded for having laymen give sermons before, invoking pagan gods or worshipping rocks, or lecturing the Archbishop on sexual abuse.

He'll probably keep his job.

We'll also recall that Tegeder hasn't held his alma mater, St. John's University and Abbey in Collegeville to the same standard  he holds Nienstedt.

When Tegeder was at St. John's, he was pretty familiar with the "gay subculture" there. Did he know about the sexual abuse that's been all too frequent there too? From the City Pages article:

He shares stories, stories beyond those bag boys, those fag-beaters. He talks about the gay subculture he saw when he was a student at St. John's, shared between teachers and students alike. [Many of whom were preying on their oftentimes minor students.] He mentions that one of those students had to move to New York to find some acceptance, only to be murdered in a Manhattan bar by another man looking to beat some fags. [Or maybe it was a drug deal gone bad?]

Did Tegeder cover for Deacon Joseph Damiani when the two worked together at St. Kateri's as presiders over a pagan "Indian" ceremony? Damiani is currently suspended by the Archdiocese, and the lawsuit he filed against his nephews and their countersuit were settled out of court.

Here's Tegeder's blog entry.  We're going to post it before it disappears. How does he get away with this?

September 21, 2014

DOING SOMETHING RIGHT Early in my ministry I had a wise pastor who said that if you do not occasionally get some flak you probably are not doing something right. I occasionally take some flak, not that this necessarily means I am doing something right, but sometimes, as Jesus said to the young man who responded from his heart, I may not be too far from the reign of God.

This came to mind with the following letter that I received from our local Ordinary:

Dear Father,

I am in receipt of a communication from a gentleman presently living in Texas, who was visiting his mother recently in Minneapolis and attended Mass at St. Francis [sic] Cabrini on the Feast of the Assumption with his son. He made the following observations:

1) The homily was provided by a lay person.

2) The content of the homily struck him as problematic. At one point the woman preacher said something to the effect that: "The centuries' old theological debates surrounding whether Mary was or was not assumed into heaven are not really important today."

3) The Eucharist was confected using leavened bread.

4) The sacred vessels used were stoneware.

He added, "Sadly these deviations were extremely distracting. Normally the moment before communion is a very peaceful time. However, I felt that my rights as a Catholic as well as those of my son, were being violated. Given my state of mind, I refrained from receiving Our Lord. I received a blessing from the presiding priest who gave the following blessing: "You are the Body of Christ." I'm not sure this is an appropriate blessing or what message it is meant to impart--especially as a blessing tied to the reception of the Eucharist."

As is my policy, I write to ask you to respond to these concerns that the writer raises, seemingly in good faith.

With every good wish, I remain…

Here is my response:

Dear Archbishop John

I was not the presiding priest nor was I present on the said occasion. However, I take full responsibility for it, something all church leaders should consider doing. By the way, your public condemnation of Father ______ ______'s "crimes" was a good example of not taking responsibility. Your violation of respect for due process owed Father _______ was stunning.

Regarding the actual communication I would have to say that things must be pretty good in Texas if this poor soul was "extremely distracted" by the things that he relates. I would have referred this troubled Texan to the wise advice of Pope Francis who calls the church to stop obsessing about "small minded rules."

But what is most amazing to me is that with the concerns in the Archdiocese these days you would take the time to relay such concerns from a complete stranger. What did Jesus say about the splinter in your brother's eye?

He and you seem so concerned about his so called rights as a Catholic being violated. I am more concerned about children being violated under your watch. You still owe us an explanation for your decisions involving Wehmeyer.

As it turns out, the Sunday after I received this letter, the gospel reading was about handling differences in the church. Jesus says first of all go to the person and work it out. He says nothing about first reporting back to the local ordinary. If the man wants to discuss his issues please give him my address.

I do have a concern over his state of mind as I do for yours. Indeed, I do not see how you can continue in your position. It cannot be good for you. Even Cardinal Burke has apparently seen the light and is moving on.

I will continue to pray for you.


Link to Frances Cabrini blog...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pipe Ceremony Calls Down Occult Spirits at Minnesota Liturgy

[Minneapolis]  This is part two of a series of short videos featuring liturgical abuses by a dissident priest, Father Micahel Tegeder and Deacon Joseph Damiani.  The Archdiocese is well aware that this takes place every Sunday.  The Ojibway outreach, which looks more like a platform for nostalgic hippies to relive their past, has been in action since it was founded by Father Notebaart.

It's also a recipient of Catholic Outreach funds.

American Indians have been participating at Holy Mass for centuries without the benefit of such showmanship and shamanistic intervention.  The pipe ceremony is intended to "call down spirits", but just what spirits are being called down?

The following is a continuation of videos taken on Holy Saturday of 2012.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Occultism Under a Catholic Name: Parodies of Native American Traditions Exploited by Radical Leftists to Destroy the Mass

[Minneapolis]  Being a radical in touch with indigenous traditions is a kind of garden industry involving lots of consumer items, sage, special mystical rocks, weird confab liturgies, guest appearances at schools and other perks. Whether these practices are legitimately Indian, or have more pecuniary or nefarious purposes is at question. Supposedly, the personages involved in this type of activity is surrounded by a panoply of myths and various objects  imbued with alleged magical properties. They provide an aura of authenticity for entrepreneurs, various groups of victims, particularly native Americans, who often hide their demands for special treatment, entitlements and subsidy behind clouds of mysticism and guilt.   Such is the case with the community of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha where new age practices, political correctness, heresy, occultism and liturgical abuses are blended together under a mostly non-native leadership who also in some cases cynically conceal their agenda under a Catholic banner.

It's not necessary to resort to faux mysticism to be an authentic Native American. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha herself was baptized as Catherine Tekakwitha and became fittingly known as Lily of the Mohawks (1656 – April 17, 1680). She  is a Saint, who was a virgin penitent and layman. Born in Auriesville (now part of New York), she survived smallpox and was left with scars on her face and body when cured. As an orphan, she was one of the few successes of the Jesuit missionary effort to the Mohawks, but her conversion yielded a great bounty.  She was baptized lived in constant prayer and sacrifice till the end of her life at the Jesuit mission village of Kahnawake, south of Montreal in New France, now Canada.

Despite having such a noble namesake, the Catholic Community of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, which was founded by a heretical, but unhumbled, Father James Notebaart and is now headed by Father Michael Tegeder, (More environmentalist and civil rights activist than priest, if he could be called a priest.) features a number of departures from approved practice of the Church under the auspices of the General Instructions of the Rubrics to the Mass.

Sage Smudging Ceremony

On April 7th 2012, Holy Saturday, Father Michael Tegeder presided over a Mass, if indeed it was a Mass, which contained and continues to contain many liturgical abuses, if not outright heresies along with various attempts at political correctness.  The Archdiocese has been informed:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dissidents Disparage Catholic Faith Despite Archbishop's Words

"Father" Bob Pierson at "Gay Prom"
Edit: There was a lot of controversy a few months ago when a Benedictine guest master at St. John's Abbey in Collegeville wanted to host a nude retreat with a strange nude guru who threatened to "touch" people.   The retreat was cancelled, but the man who made the retreat continues to be a priest in good standing with the Archdiocese and the Order of Saint Benedict headed by the Rock Abbot, Notker Wolf.

Fr. Pierson was born on December 29, 1955 and  graduated from St. John's University in 1978. He was ordained on 2, June 1984.

He's famous in the past for resigning from his campus ministry position at St. John's University when the Pope announced some increased standards for seminarians.  Homosexuals were to be excluded.  The ruling was later softened, but Fr. Bob Pierson insisted on sticking to his guns.

Last year, he even found time to attend a "gay prom".

Since then, he's been toted by the media barons, like the anti-Catholic Huffington Post, as a "Gay Priest" which prompted some stern words from the local ordinary, Archbishop Nienstedt.

Despite the fact that Fr. Pierson identifies himself alternatively as "Epsicopalian" on his Facebook, he is still in good standing.  Indeed, he approves of and has even posted an open letter to the Archbishop by a Lutheran Lay-Bishop.

Despite all of these antics, and many others that go on at St. John's, theAbbey website still describes him as a Catholic monk in good standing, to whom it falls the task of creating an inviting, welcoming and caring environment for visitors to the Monastery.  It's a pretty tall order for anyone to make that badly wreckovated place look inviting.  The poured concrete Abbey Church is a significant pile of brutal concrete, designed by Jewish architect Marcel Breuer. It looks nothing like a Catholic Church and actually more closely resembles a Buddhist temple.  Still, irony of ironies, Father Pierson is in good standing with the Catholic Church and many local people, albeit a shrinking number, have been fooled into believing that the Abbey, the monk, his very public and scandalous declarations, are Catholic.

Despite all of this, more recently, the Benedictine told the tale that he'd been advised by Archbishop John Nienstedt to stay out of his Archdiocese.  Despite what looks like a very stern warning, the errant priest and one of his cohorts, Father Mark Tegeder, continue to work with wheelchair organizations like CALGM   and CPCSM which have been unwelcome in the Archdiocese in the past.

They also continue to be very public in attacking the Archbishop's marriage amendment.  Indeed, despite repeated warnings, including a pointed e-mail to Father Mark Tegeder, the priest has continued to speak publicly, to the glee of the local anti-Catholic Star.

Last fall, Nienstedt told priests and deacons that he expected them to support the marriage amendment and that "there ought not be open dissension on this issue."
He had more specific instructions for the Rev. Mike Tegeder, priest at St. Frances Cabrini Church in Minneapolis who's been a rare internal, public critic of the church on this issue.
"If you choose not to offer your resignation, but continue to act openly or speak publicly about your opposition to Church teaching, I will suspend your faculties to exercise ministry and remove you from your ministerial assignments," Nienstedt wrote to Tegeder in a letter last November.
Asked why the archbishop hasn't removed Tegeder, given the priest's continued public criticism, spokesman Jim Accurso said the archdiocese doesn't comment on personnel matters. More generally, Accurso said, "we are not aware of a single incident where the conduct of an employee regarding the marriage amendment has raised the issue of discipline."
Nienstedt has declined Pioneer Press requests to be interviewed about the marriage question.
To Tegeder, Nienstedt's push is "putting things really out of kilter."
What threatens marriage most is a bad economy and divorce, he said. Trying to deny a small percentage of people with homosexual orientations the right to have committed relationships under law "seems to be cruel."
"That's the odd thing about Nienstedt's making a big issue out of this. There's a small percent of gay people, but what is it, 50 percent of marriages break down or something? Using the constitution to do what he says he's doing, defending marriage, it's like using a bazooka to kill a fly. You're going to get all kinds of collateral damage; you're not doing what you're trying to accomplish."

Monday, September 3, 2012

Archbishop Nienstedt Puts Pressure on Lavender Basilica

Edit: In the past, the Lavender Basilica has been resisting the Archbishop's initiatives, keeping an ambiguous presence at Minneapolis' depraved Gay Pride Festival and fostering an atmosphere of disobedience to the Archbishop and opposition to the Catholic Church's teachings on a variety of issues. On Friday, there was a giant puff piece giving a lot of attention to some of the usual suspects on the subject of the Defense of Marriage Act that is up for a vote in the state of Minnesota in the anti-Catholic 'MinnPost'.   There is some resistance from 17 parishes in the Archdiocese, the most dissident and substantial is the Basilica of St. Mary's, to the Archbishop's initiative, but there is also a loss of nerve.

There is a presence on Facebook of "Catholics" who say "No" , which has a list of parishes resisting the Archbishop, but it only boasts about five hundred souls, many coming from the Lavender Basilica of St. Mary's, which is the Archdiocese's Co-Cathedral.  Yet even at this place, the pressure is increasing and there was a flier included in this week's church bulletin, complained one of the Basilica's parishioners on the Facebook group:

Another dissident is Father Bob Pierson whom the Archbishop doesn't want teaching in the Archdiocese any longer and is keeping his mouth shut for now, except that the Tribune did cite him.

Archbishop Nienstedt is still remaining firm on the issue.  He's getting one of the most dissident parishes to get the message out and others will soon be following in their continued efforts to get the message out.  His statement for the MinnPoste was as follows:
“But the reality is that marriage is not ours to redefine, just as another human life is not ours to take,” the archbishop continues. “God is both the author of life and the author of marriage. It is this most fundamental understanding of the natural order that animates who we are as Catholics. ... It is also why we fight to defend God’s plan for marriage, because his providence is as clear for what marriage is as it is for the dignity of each human life. ...
At present, the Archdiocese has given $1 million to defend marriage, something which should be encouraging to local conservative protestants and conservatives in general who don't want to see society further eroded by such legislation.

There's also no word from the noxious Father Mike Tegeder.  He's not even mentioned in this article.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Local Minneapolis Priest Threatened with Excommunication: +Schönborn's Malice Spreads

In a letter to a local Minnesota paper, Father Michael Tegeder recently insisted, on October 3rd, upon demonstrating his resistance to Church teaching on homosexuality in defense of one of the Basilica of St.Mary's long-time (at least 12 years) promoters of sodomy, Lucinda Naylor. He isn't just "out on a limb" of dissidence, he's been steadfastly resisting Catholic teaching throughout his priestly career and it's amazing that he, like many other Priests, administrators, communications directors and teachers in the Archdiocese continue to hold their jobs and bloat the Archdiocese's payroll and will eventually have to be taken care of when they have to mercifully retire.

According to Father Tegeder, Archbishop Nienstedt had threatened him with interdict and excommunication already for the "cremation garden" at his (sinfully minimalist) suburban church. In response Father Tegeder provided the Archbishop with documentation suggesting he had complied with the Church's rules regarding burial of the dead; said practices and customs are, no doubt another victim of post-conciliar ambiguity. There seems to have been no repercussions for this priest who insults the company he works for and his boss with impunity, but he's been doing it for a long time and while it hasn't gone undocumented or unnoticed by others more vigilant than the Archdiocese's disciplinary authorities, it has certainly gone unpunished, with the predictable result that the perpetrator can set alternative standards for others to follow and inevitably be confused about.

Of greater interest is his reliance on Cardinal Schönborn as an improvised shield quoted here from NCR:

In his letter, Tegeder said it was "most scandalous" that Nienstedt "comprised his office with the use of anonymous money." He said the campaign leaves the impression "that political funding is at work here."

He also cited comments last spring, reported in the German press and in the British Catholic publication The Tablet, by Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna, who told an interviewer that the church "should give more consideration to the quality of homosexual relationships. A stable relationship is certainly better than if someone chooses to be promiscuous." The Tablet also reported that the cardinal said lasting gay relationships deserve respect.

++Schönborn, as Tegeder noted, is a close friend of Pope Benedict XVI and a principal author of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

In an interview Oct. 4 with NCR, Tegeder said he had received overwhelmingly positive response to his letter, but had not yet received any reaction from Nienstedt.

Link to article...

Photo: Taken in the spring of 2008 of America's First Basilica in Downtown Minneapolis