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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bishop of Trier to Withdraw Suspension of Faithful Pastor

By Christmas, the bishop should renounce the suspension.

Hamburg / Trier ( CBA) After the dismissal of a pastor in the diocese of Trier, community members sent an "ultimatum" according to a "Spiegel" report, to Bishop Stephan Ackermann. Ackermann. Before Christmas he should cancel the dismissal and stop "swinging the whip», according to the release by an initiative group. A few weeks ago parishioners who were demonstrating against what they called the "authoritarian and unjustified action from above" in front of the Bishop of Trier's palace and wrote letters of protest.

In mid-November, Ackermann dismissed the pastor in Beckingen, Saarland, Christoph Eckert, from his office. For his part, the priest filed a complaint at the Vatican. Until the local decision which is expected in a few months, Eckert may not exercise his previous office. He was provisionally transferred to another parish.

In a letter to the affected parish, Ackerman stressed that he had never previously resorted to such measures.

But only through this painful step would he given the chance for a fresh start. Eckert had his request for voluntary transfer rejected. Ackermann stressed that there had recently been "problematic developments" from a split in the parish community. Doubts had arisen whether Father Eckert had applied himself to his job and the "service of the unity of the church."

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