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Monday, July 15, 2013

Radio Maria India -- Mary as the Foyer to the Evangelization of Hindus, Buddhists and Muslems

(Kerala) Radio Maria, the world's largest Catholic radio network also broadcasts in India. On Sunday, the 30th of June, Radio Maria India  inaugurated it broadcasting studios. The blessing of the premises and equipment of the transmitter located in the city of Kochi in the southwestern Indian state of Kerala was carried out in the presence of representatives of the Government of India and the World Family of Radio Maria. The World Family of Radio Maria is the umbrella organization founded in 1998, in which all Radio Maria stations are connected together. In German-speaking countries they are the Radio Horeb: Austria Radio MariaRadio Maria Südtirol and Radio Maria German Switzerland .
Father Rapahael Kootumghal, the program director of Radio Maria in India , welcomed hundreds of employees, priests, laity, religious women and men who participated in the preparation and design the programming for the Marian transmitter. The consecration of the station was led by Bishop Joseph Kariyil of Kochi. In his address, the Bishop wished that the broadcaster bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to all families and households. India is a land of "rapid growth". The people "need to learn from salvation and mercy of our Savior and Redeemer," said Bishop Kariyil.
Inauguration of Radio Maria IndiaThe broadcaster company and the further expansion of Radio Maria India was also made ​​possible by donations under the Mariathon, a prayer and fundraising marathon by Radio Maria stations. Mariathon , the Marian marathon, was broadcast from the 10th to 12th of May  (see separate report). With the proceeds, eleven stations established or yet-to-be recently promoted in as many countries. One of these projects is Radio Maria India .
Radio Maria in India was largely at the behest of the currennt program director Father Raphael. As a missionary he had met Radio Maria in Ecuador and recognized the need to build such a station in India. He informed his bishop about the idea of setting up a radio station for proselytizing and evangelizing and made ​​contact with the World Family of Radio Maria. With a visit by a representative of the World Family in 2008, Kochi's early work began. Today India Radio Maria broadcasts on Internet radio. The state of Kerala has the highest with a 20 percent share of Christians in India. There  Radio Maria India also appears in the Malayalam language of the people.
Program director,  Father Raphael, sees an important access to Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims and thus for the evangelization,  especially in the worship of Mary. In Asia, there are three countries that have their own Radio Maria stations: Radio Maria, India , Radio Maria Indonesia and Radio Maria Philippines . Lebanon broadcasts a partner station in the world family.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Radio Maria India
Trans: Tancred