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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Judge Forces the Resumption of Public Masses in France

Reims Cathedral: The French government gave the French government eight days to lift the ban on public services.
(Paris) In France, the judges restore public celebrations. The Supreme Administrative Court opposed the government, which announced numerous easings on May 11, but still wanted to ban services. 

The situation in France is similar to that in Italy. On May 4, the government also announced “Phase 2” of the Corona measures on the Apennine Peninsula. While the curfew was lifted and many things were allowed again, the re-admission of public Mass remains excluded. There was discontent and hectic behind-the-scenes negotiations. Pope Francis himself had to intervene with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Finally, public Masses were re-opened on Monday, May 18th.

Comparable easing came into force in France on May 11, but the public Masses were excluded. For weeks, the government of President Emmanuel Macron, led by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, was deaf to the wishes of the Catholic Church. The appeals by the bishops and 67 members of parliament faltered. Now the State Council repeated the request and did it not as a petitioner, but with the authority of a supreme court. The Conseil d'État ordered the government to lift the general and absolute ban on church services.

Édouard Philippe and the Laicité

That the Christian faith plays no special role for the French elites, but rather is marginalized, is part of the state doctrine. So it is not without irony that the scolding comes from the State Council, the institution where Édouard Philippe began his steep career.
Edouard Philippe
He sees himself as an intellectual frontier worker, others see him as a careerist. 1995-1997 he graduated from the elite Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA) where in France, its innermost circle of public servants is formed. The red carpet to power was rolled out to him. His political affiliation is dazzling. However, this only applies if one measures politics according to party labels and less according to content. In the 90s he was a member of the Socialist Party (PS) and sympathizer of the left wing around the ENA graduate Michel Rocard. In 2002, the Gaullist and ENA graduate Alain Juppé raised him to the top as a full-time party official for the civil start-up UMP, whose liberal wing included Philippe. With the political ticket of the bourgeois president and ENA graduate Jacques Chirac (UMP), he received a director position in the state-owned group Areva (today Orano) in 2007. They had noticed him.

In 2011 he participated in the program to support young scientists of the French-American Foundation, the French equivalent of the German Atlantic Bridge, which included the association of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). In 2012 he was elected to the French parliament for the UMP. Since the Socialist Hollande became president, Philippe squeezed into the opposition benches. Formally, he was only one of 577 MPs, and also an opposition figure who was not noticed in the parliamentary committees or in the plenary. Nevertheless, he was destined for higher tasks. Backbencher Philippe was invited to the Bilderberger conference in 2016. The Socialist and ENA graduate Emmanuel Macron, who was then Minister of Economics in the Hollande government, had already been invited to this exclusive meeting in 2014. It was an unmistakable sign. Indeed, for in 2017 Macron became President and made Philippe Prime Minister. Macron, who'd conveniently disposed his Socialist party credentials, put himself at the top of the opposition, En MarcheFor Philippe, who at the time already changed his party alignment for a fourth time, at last joined the Republican (Les républicains), in a barely credible way, so he was no party. This digression was necessary to briefly introduce the real political system in France.

Federal Court Boxes Government's Ears

The Supreme Administrative Court, which examined the objections of Catholic movements and organizations, came to the conclusion that an even longer suspension of public Masses "in a serious and apparently illegal manner" violates religious freedom and should be replaced immediately by a less restrictive measure. The Federal Court gave the government eight days to do this.
The Palais Royal, the seat of the French State Council (Conseil d'Etat)
The government's current provision was "disproportionate to the goal of maintaining public health." Rather, it questions a fundamental freedom that "also includes the right to participate in ceremonies collectively".

The verdict is a resounding slap in the face for Prime Minister Philippe, who also wanted to maintain the ban on worship in the so-called "phase 2" of the Corona measures and announced that it could be eased by June 2 at the earliest.

The French Bishops' Conference welcomed the verdict. In their comments, they pointed out that it was entirely in line with what they had written to Philippe in a letter on May 15 without being heard. The bishops now expect the restrictions to be lifted within the next few days. Archbishop Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, the President of the Bishops' Conference, had already hoped for the resumption of the Masses with the end of the "phase 1" of the Corona measures and informed President Macron via video conference that church life "will be back on May 11th,  and fully restored to a community character.” With government decree of the 11th, the Federal Court has now led the government back to common sense in its own way. At the same time, it put additional reins on the Macron government by banning the use of drones by the police to monitor citizens' compliance with corona measures. Corona measures of this kind have also sparked a discussion among the French public about the danger of an authoritarian regime.

This had also contributed to worrying attacks, some of which involved the church when some armed police invaded the Paris church of Saint-André-de-l'Europe in Paris and required its immediate termination, although in only a handful of people were present. Monsignor Michel Aupetit, the Archbishop of Paris, reacted with unusual clarity:

"There were no terrorists in the church! It's time to put an end to such scenes. Otherwise we will speak and speak. "

Such attacks on the church would have to be avoided, "otherwise we will be very loud," said the archbishop.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Israeli Police Bar French President From Entering St. Anne’s Church

French President Emmanuel Macron clashed with police officers on Wednesday visiting Israel in Jerusalem who refused to let him enter St. Anne's Church.

"I don't like what you did in front of me," Macron yelled in English at a policeman who had stood up in front of him. "This is France and everyone knows the rules," Macron emphasized. "Please go away, provocations are unnecessary, is that clear?" Added the head of state.

The Catholic Church of St. Anne has been part of the French territory since the Ottoman Empire ceded the basilica in 1856 to the then Emperor Napoleon III. It is subordinate to a French order today.

The incident commemorates a dispute by former President Jacques Chirac during a visit to Jerusalem in 1996. "Do you want me to go back to my plane?" Chirac demanded at the time, to Israeli security forces. Like Macron, he spoke of a “provocation”. Chirac was also initially not admitted to the St. Anna Church.

In 1996 Jacques Chirac tussled with Israeli security forces. Picture: Jim Hollander / Keystone

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu later apologized to Chirac, who declared the matter settled. Macron had already met with Netanyahu in the morning.

Source: oli / sda


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Manif pour tous: "We say no to Macron" -- Rothschild, Grand Orient Freemasons and Grand Mosque

"Manif pour tous" say "No to Macron".  "His politics are
anti-family, the exact continuation of the politics of the last five years."
(Paris) France is preparing for the presidential elections. Last Sunday, the electorate succeeded in what the opinion research institutes had already said in the weeks before. In four months the establishment, with the help of the mass media, succeeded in catapulting a former socialist baggage carrier, the Rothschild banker and minister of the outgoing president François Hollande as a "wonder worker" in a few months.The civil rights movement Manif pour tous warns against Macron and has published an denunciation: "We say no to Emmanuel Macron on 7 May."
While the government of Hollande lost all citizens' credibility and their official candidate Hamon could barely earn more than a disastrous six percent of the vote, Emmanuel Macron seems to be bursting with reliability.

Storybook career und stroke of genius: Who can, he does

Macron would be the eighth President of the Fifth Republic, but he would already be the second employee of the Rothschild Bank in the highest state office. The other was Georges Pompidou, who on 3 January 1973 prohibited the Banque de France by law from lending money to the state. Since then, the latter has had to squeeze money from private banks at high rates of interest and interest rates, including the Rothschild Bank. The four-year interim  at Rothschild made Macron a millionaire. Hollande took him as an advisor to the presidential chancery after his election victory, while Macron "qualified" among the "Young Leaders" of the 2012 Graduate Class of the French-American Foundation as a Euro-Atlantic lobbyist for higher offices. In 2014 he took part in the Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen and was promoted shortly thereafter as Minister of Economic Affairs.
The stroke of genius by the French establishment with Macron, captivating sociologists and political scientists, if they are left free and uninhibited, will continue. The masterpiece shows the importance of PR agencies, programmed image campaigns that have been thoroughly studied. It also shows how helplessly large parts of the population are at the mercy of the media manipulation of those who control the opinion-forming media. When even provincial papers from other countries, uncritically celebrated Macron after the Sunday election as a "young high flyer" of politics, they only repeat that which they themselves are fed by others. The election campaigns have long had nothing to do with reality. As a clever head said, "If elections were to change something against the will of the establishment, they would be forbidden."
Macron has a picture book career behind him, his work history reads impressively, but can not, on closer inspection, conceal the fact that he was a protege during his lifetime. And precisely as such, he is now standing as a candidate for the Elysée Palace for others who have held their protective hand over him.

Representatives of the voted out socialist establishment

On the evening of the election, the representatives of the establishment had tended to assure Macron of their vote. The citizens movement Manif pour tous , however, warns of Macron's voice, because "it is openly anti-family."
The citizens' movement had arisen from the resistance to the socialist social policy which Hollande began to enforce with uncompromising harshness after his election victory in 2012. Whether promoting abortion, legalization of gay marriage, legalizing euthanasia and  "surrogacy", introduction of adoption rights for aberrosexuals and gender ideology, to kindergartens and schools, whether the criminalization of the pro-life movement or Manif pour tous, whether the open declaration of war against the Catholic Church by Socialist Ministers, Macron had never heard a word of contradiction. As a socialist party soldier, president, and minister, he was unconditionally involved in the campaign against the natural order of the family and the state.

Grand Orient of France: "We choose Macron"

So maybe a look at those who support Macron? This is yet again the freemasonic Grand Orient of France. The Grand Master of the Grand Orient, Christophe Habas, who has been influential in France, left no doubt. On Monday he declared:
"We choose Macron."
On June 21, 2016, Macron, at that time still a socialist party member and an economic and industrial minister, had presented himself at the headquarters of the Grand Orient of France. Before the fraternal brothers, he was allowed to give a lecture on "Is globalization compatible with progress?" This was a non-public event. There can hardly be any doubt that it in fact involved his bid as a potential candidate for presidential elections. Two months later, he resigned party membership and ministry.

Manif pour tous: "Macron is the continuation of the policy of the past five years"

Manif pour tous, the movement which gathered millions of Frenchmen to rallies in opposition to the anti-family policy of the Hollande government, published the statement "No to Macron!" For the families, for the children, for the upcoming election. The future we will say no to Macron on 7 May," said Ludovine de la Rochére, the chairman of the movement.
"The Emmanuel Macron program is a continuation of the anti-family policy that has been imposed on France for five years."
A victory Macron means the "destruction of civilization" with "new injustices and inequalities for women and children." Politicians are bound to the general good. Macron's program represents "other" interests, "which is why we call upon all to go to the polls and vote against Macron."

Candidate of Islam

Macron is not only the candidate of the Rothschild Bank and the Grand Orient of France, but also of Islam.The Grand Mosque of Paris called on the Muslims of the country to elect Macron at the election on Tuesday. Macron stands for a policy of "openness," which primarily means "open borders" for the Muslim umbrella association for mass immigration.
Text: Andreas Becker
Photo: Manif pour tous (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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