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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cologne Liturgical Congress: Following Rubrics a Sign of Love

The bread baking materials for first communion instruction demonstrate how the approving Bishops think about the Eucharistic Celebration.
Photo From Facebook of Cologne's 14th Liturgical Congress

(, Herzogenrath) The catechetical materials for first Communion preparation are not suitable.

Pastor Guido Rodheudt of St. Gertrud in Herzogenrath described this during his lecture on the 14th Cologne 'Liturgical Congress' at the end of August from the article in the Catholic paper 'Tagespost'.  

Baking Class Instead of First Communion Preparation

Fr. Rodeheudt complained that First Communion preparation should be more important than how bread is made.

Even worse, the children are hardly instructed that the consecrated Host is the true Body of the Lord. The participants in the congress discussed those responsible for this misunderstanding.

This led them to consider "theologians" and Ordinaries.

The Cathedrals Were Built for the Mass

When the Motu Proprio 'Summorum Pontificum' was published, said Fr. Rodheudt, the Old Mass has supposedly been let out of the "doghhouse'.

The Liturgy of All Times should not be limited to "reservations" for Traditionalists. They should be "on free hunting grounds", in the great Cathedrals and simply parish churches.  

New Mass Hostile to Thought

The Augsburg theologian, Fr. Hofman explained that the New Eucharistic Celebration's vestments are often neglected. Fr. Bernward Denekie of the Society of St. Peter criticized the "strip mining in the visible area".

It has led many individuals to lose their faith in the Eucharist.

The Australian, Alcuin Reid of the French Diocese of Frejus-Toulon complained of a diversity -- it would probably be systematic -- of abuses of the rubrics in the New Mass. Truth to the rubrics is "nothing else than an act of love and loyalty to God himself."  

Is Matussek Going to Abandon Communion in the Hand?

  The Catholic journalist Matthias Matussek read from his book "The Catholic adventure" where he discusses Communion in the hand. Matussek commented on this passage at Herzogenrath: "Perhaps I will come over to Communion on the Tongue after this Congress."

Austrian Parish Liturgically Restored

The Graz Pastor Paul Scheichenberger reported that he has restored the Old Rite to days during the week. It is working like a gradual change of diet long and lasting. It states openly in the 'Tagespost' article what plots the Old Liberal Bishop Egon Kapellari of Graz-Seckau is planning to accomplish.

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