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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anti-Roman Course even in the Archdiocese of Munich

Uwe Karrer, the President of the Catholic Council in the Archdiocese of Munich fulminated against celibacy and promoted woman's ordination at the yearly meeting of the Catholic Council of Munich -- Karrer is for this reason praised by SPD- and Green politicians.

Munich [] Even in the Archdiocese of Munich high ranking Church functionaries lead a campaign against celibacy. Last Friday at the yearly meeting of the Catholic Council of the Region of Munich, Catholic Council President Uwe Karre, promoted "woman's ordination" and the "Abolition of celibacy" (see photo); in a more than half an hour speech. Karrer referred also to Archbishop Ludwig Schick of Bamberg, who had put celibacy in perspective for "Spiegel" and also the new Provincial Stefan Kiechle. He had also spoken out about the lifting of the discipline of celibacy and for taking into consideration the ordination of women.

As participants in the eent reported, a discussion over Karrer's proposals were not possible, he had imposed his views in a quasi ex cathedra to the participating Catholics. The Catholic Council President was praised by Munich's second woman mayor, Christine Strobel (SPD), and the District Attorney of Munich, Susanna Tausendschon (Greens). At latter praised Karrer, "for his bureau of change for the future."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Talk About Your Dodos

Talk about your Dodos: Even Wallstreet Journal Knows Dissident Catholicism is a Dead End

Sometimes the stench from dead bodies grows so strong that you have to admit that something's wrong; even the leftist organs of information pick up the story, long after people like Father Z. or most of the curia have been talking about it for more than a decade now.

Dissident Catholicism has been long relied upon by the media for quite awhile, but they're a tough act to follow, literally; they have no intellectual heirs (unless you're talking about John Allen) In the days of yore, liberal journalistas could always rely upon an articulate traitor to speak condescendingly about "medievalism" and "outmoded beliefs" or wheel out such jargon words as "Jansenism" to make the lives of the harried local Cardinal of New York or Libson difficult.

Nowadays such voices are becoming increasingly hard to find. Some of them have, no doubt succumbed to complications related to AIDS, others have simply keeled over, and others, like the Zombies of a George Romero film, continue to shamble their way behind the microphones of journalists eager for that tired old dissident story. Increasingly, they have to rely on alleged polls that indicate that most Catholics believe women should be priests. We hope it was a scientific poll.

Well, now the Wall Street Journal, owned by Papal Knight Rupert Murdock, is telling the sad tale: but they're putting a brave face on it all the same. Perhaps there's some lamentation admid occasional attempts at gallows mirth, but the female journalist at Wall isn't entirely at a loss. She seems confident that since most Catholics are dissident anyhow, that perhaps Catholicism is a "dead letter" after all and that like characters from Elenor Rigby, laughable Catholic clergy who don't really believe in Catholicism are becoming unnecessary.

h/t to pewsitter, our inspiration.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dissidents Want to Immitate the Society of Pius X

Well, the Devil is God's ape.

This just in over at Catholic Media Coalition in an article aptly named "Katholic Carma" It features the American Catholic Council which aims to form its own organization called the Laical Society for Blessed John XXIII (LBJXXIII) much like the Society of Saint Pius X was formed, outside of the sphere of influence of the Vatican. One poster complained that she has to drive for many miles to find parishes that are committed to the "Spirit of Vatican II".

Because we are “conservative” and “traditional” Roman Catholics (in the true sense of those words), we will be returning to some practices of the Early Church which have long been neglected, but which are in the Spirit of Vatican II. Among these practices are the election of bishops by the people, ordination without regard to marital status, gender, or sexual orientation, and ownership of property by the people rather than by the hierarchy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anglican churches in Waltham Forest could move en masse to the Catholic Church after a decree issued by Pope Benedict XVI [The Guardian]

St Margaret's, in Woodhouse Road, Leytonstone, St Michael's, in Palmerston Road, Walthamstow, and St Saviour's, in Markhouse Road, Walthamstow, all look set to take the Pope up on his offer.

But some Anglicans believe the Catholic Church’s opposition to the ordination of women and gay rights will be a stumbling block.