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Monday, February 15, 2010

Irish Catholic Primate Advances Economic "Reform"

The Irish Cardinal Primate is eager to hail the Devolution of police and justice powers from London to Ireland, but he is just as eager to use this as an opportunity to advance the cause of greater government control over the economy. We hear, repeatedly, the summons from both individual prelates and national Bishop's conferences to greater government control of the economy. Their cheerleading for more socialism is not accompanied by any explanations, we're simply told that things like Healthcare Reform and federal stimulus packages are a good thing. What's worse is that the Bishops often tell us that they are pursuing "social justice" and "human rights" by helping and encouraging legislators to put still more restrictive chains on human endeavor and enterprise. Ironically, these government stimulus packages actually make people poorer in the long run by their hobby of promoting creeping Socialism.

Cardinal Seán Brady, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, has issued the following statement in response to the announcement of an agreement on the Devolution of Policing and Justice Powers to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

I warmly welcome the news that agreement has been reached on the devolution of policing and justice powers to the Northern Ireland Assembly and on a range of other issues. As a wider consultation on the proposals begins, my prayer is that everyone in our society will reflect on what has been agreed today with a spirit of generosity and concern for the good of the whole community.

Local politicians are best placed to deal effectively with the issues that most affect the day to day life of people in Northern Ireland, especially the need for a shared approach to policing, security and justice. We need an urgent and united effort to stimulate economic recovery, address social need, to ensure the best possible education provision for children and to build on the vast improvement in community relations which has taken place in recent years. We need to show to each other the spirit of neighbourliness, welcome and generosity which others from outside so often see and celebrate in us. A local devolved Executive, working efficiently and in partnership for the good of everyone in our society remains the most effective way of achieving this.

I want to express my particular hope that efforts to address the issue of parades will be met with generosity, sensitivity and a willingness to go beyond old ways of approaching each other on all sides. Respectful dialogue and a willingness to treat each other with dignity and respect have been shown time and time again to be the most effective way of resolving the issues which challenge our society. This remains the only way forward and the most effective way of refuting those who would wish to bring us back to the futility of violence and division.

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