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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spanish Toughguy Priest at 100

Edit: He's in the 77th year of his priesthood. Persecution hurts, but the Church is eternal. The article below also mentions the massacres inflicted upon the Church in Spain by the Communists. This priest is losing teeth, his memory's not as good as it used to be, but he's not giving up.
[]Ask any dedicated Catholic priest how he would prefer to die, invariably the answer is “At the altar.” And in Spain, once a bastion of the Catholic faith, there is at least one priest that who is well on his way to fulfilling that wish.

Rev. Serafín Rodal Fandiño celebrated his 100th birthday on January 10 by celebrating Mass in Teis, a locale near Vigo in northern Spain. Don Serafín has served in the priesthood for 75 years and despite his age is able to read the Gospel at Mass without the aid of eyeglasses while he sits beside the altar in his wheelchair.

He still celebrates Mass every day despite his age and infirmity. Joined by his many friends, neighbors, and relatives, the centenarian wept in appreciation of the their good wishes as they sang Happy Birthday. A living testimony to faith, a fellow cleric, Brother Antonio Donaire, said of Don Serafín, as he is known, “He helped to get jobs for a lot of people in the Ascón shipyards; he has done a great deal of good.” Don Serafín has lived a facility operated by the Spanish Missionaries to Poor and Infirm for the last decade in the working class neighborhood.
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