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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Islam Wants to Take Away Our Porno Videos"

Debate over Values

Martin Mosebach deals in his book "Der Ultramontane - Alle Wege führen nach Rom" [The Ultramonane -- All Paths Lead to Rome] with the question, among others, where the much prized Western values truly lay.

[] That Frankfurt's writer Martin Mosebach "participates in the claims of the Catholic Faith" and publishes "pointed messages to the Church, State and Society" is well known up till now.

That he has discovered the "Old Mass" and learned to treasure it and also otherwise is not inclined to the modernist inclinations of progressive secular theologians,  has distanced him from the progressive political side,  from the progressive "Catholic" side however it has brought him hate.

Nowhere has a conservative encountered  so clearly, open mistrust from Left Catholics, as he has noticed.

Mosebach has experienced the concept "Ultramontane",  which came from the "lapsed Prussian-Catholic conflict" again: "The Ultramontane lives in the conviction that the society of the homeland that he should have the last word in questions of law and morality."  and "The appearances of Catholics conceal the Ultramontane."  He recognizes therefore the Pope in Rome -- the city ultra montes (beyond the mountain) -- as the final authority.  "Ultramontanism is the refusal of anti-totalitarianism".

The Secularistic "Lehman-Church"

The current Catholic Church in Germany is no longer "ultramontanist", loyally bound to the Pope, it "is  not in a decided manner", it seeks "the Sonderweg (special way), which does not shy from being opposed to Rome."

What does "threat to Western Values" mean?

With the concept "Lehmann-Church" ( named after the Mainz Liberal-Cardinal)  the "degeneration of the Church is  bound to the open world consensus".  One is more transfixed by Islam, not to defend Catholicism, but because of the "threat to Western values".

And:  "The evidence is even now now presented, that 'threats to Western values' are described much more in terms of: "Islam will take away our porno videos".