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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Churchperson ++Wuerl Has No Opinion on DADT

Way to go whomever was responsible for getting this man into seminary, ordaining him, consecrating him Bishop and then giving him a Cardinal's hat.  Surely, we all knew what a Lion of Orthodoxy he was when all of that was going on and the ambitious young protege of the great  Cardinal McCarrick, was conscientiously moving up that ladder of power.  Perhaps there are some who might have been wondering a while back why nothing substantial was done when he was assigned to +Hunthausen in Seattle when the latter was in trouble with the liberalism and sex abuse; now things should be clearer...
WALLACE: So are you in favor or against the repeal of "Don't Ask/Don't Tell"?

WUERL: That is a question that has to be worked out politically. And there isn't a specific Catholic Church position, but whatever happens, it has to be seen in terms of the church's teaching position.

Read the full interview, here.

H/t: Barbara Krallis