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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Decadent Pastor Still Endorses Gomorrist Parade

Edit: in view of the day’s recent news at Lifesite, regarding the spread of HIV, the decadent pastor of a Minneapolis parish endorses moral evil and does so during a rally conceived to adulate the evils of sodomy, while seeking to impose legislation which ultimately punishes those who oppose it in any way.

The individuals associated with this event were particularly exultant, and the highly visible parish where this event takes place wasn’t so much a beacon, as a siren, luring men to destruction. This lavender Basilica has been a problem for ages. It’s also deeply connected to the Modernist Monastery of Collegeville as a collaborator.

One local blogger was good enough to supply the pastor’s endorsement of sodomy in a blog entry two years before:

I am sure the vast majority of us in Basilica on Sunday were waiting to see what the Pastors Homily would be. There was little doubt about the topic; the only unknown was exactly what he’d say.

Basilica is a welcoming and diverse place, and Fr. Bauer made specific reference to the greeting at every Mass: “Whatever brings you here and wherever you are at on your faith journey, you are welcome here.” It is a theme that the Basilica lives. It fits my Parish.

The rest of his brief message spoke gently to the issue that had Lucinda out on the sidewalk: “Parishes are much like families“, he said, alluding again to something he’s said before: that in his own family, members tend to cancel each other out in Presidential elections. He pulled a quotation from, he recalled, James Joyce: “The word ‘Catholic’ means ‘here comes everybody’ “. And then he quoted from an e-mail someone had sent him during the tense few days preceding this Mass: “I stay [in the Church] because I want the Church to be the Church I want the Church to be.”

Of course, the parish continues to be welcome to depravity and unwelcome to Catholics. Nothing appears to have been done by the local Archbishop.