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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Third of Aachen Diocese's Real-Estate May be Sold

Disintegration in record time.  In the Diocese of Aachen every third church building will be put up for sale.   The Catholic Faith has long ago been bartered away.

( Monday the General Vicar, Manfred von Hotum of Aachen is unveiling the Diocesan support project with the beautiful name "Church Property Management".

This was reported by the Diocese of Aachen.

In the Diocese of Aachen there are over 900 churches as well as  450 rectories and parish offices.

Actually, there isn't enough money for the support of the buildings.

The Diocese would need 18 million Euro.  There's a ten million dollar shortfall.

In other words:  over a third of the ecclesiastical structures must be closed down in the near future.

The General Vicar explained that the Diocese must economize because of significantly "declining donations by the faithful" in previous years and the narrowing church tax income.

The number of the rectories have already been slashed in the Diocese of Aachen.

Since last year there were still 71 so-called church communities.

All of these "church communities" is decreed over several churches, rectories, pastoral bureaus and chapels.

With that there is the question about which these guildings are not being used for.

As a "good example" for this conversion, consider the former Parish church of St. Josef in Aachen.

It is used today as a burial church.

Even the church of St. Mary in Düren has a new purpose.  The rectory here was integrated into the church building.

Actually the plans of the Diocese go still further.

Unoccupied rectories will be closed.

Where small communities don't need a rectory, a corresponding space could be set up in the church and the community center could be sold.

Churches that are seldom used will be put on the real-estate market.

"We're going to take these churches into serious and lengthy consideration" -- said a conciliatory General Vicar.

It is conceivable could be closed for fifteen to twenty years, "till a suitable solution is found."

In other words:  One will wait to sell the churches, till there won't be fear of any more resistance from the remaining Catholics against the desecration of God's house.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Catholics" Upset About Parish Closing Want to Teach Bishop a Lesson

Opposition to church closings is a lot of emotive hoopla. People who are essentially cultural Catholics who go to Church once a year, send the two children they've decided to have to Notre Dame and frequently tell people they don't really agree 100% with the Church's teachings get really exited when the Bishop, (for substantial reasons, like not enough money to go around and perhaps because his predecessor promoted too many homosexuals to the priesthood, permitted liturgical abuses and didn't preach enough about personal sanctity) decides to close down some parishes.

They're not very keen on defending the teachings they're supposed to believe in, but they're really keen on correcting the Bishop when they perceive that the church in which they were married (twice) gets closed down and sold to Scientologists.

"Catholics" advocate stiffing the collection plate to teach their Bishop some kind of Lesson.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hugo Chavez wants a War against the Church and USA

Amid talks of a coup and doubts about Chavez's mental stabillity alongside the failed economic Marxist economic policies in an oil rich Venezuela, General Chavez is intent on sabre rattling, confiscating Venezuelan Coffee productio and has also set his greedy eyes on the property of the Venezuelan Church.

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He has also looked outside of Venezuela for a source of these problems and has found a handy scapegoat in the "gringo" as he seems poised for war, although like many drug addled and confused people, he will look for convenient excuses to explain away his mania.

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