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Monday, January 3, 2011

79 African Nations Resist EU-Homosexual Pressure

Brüssel ( The 79 Nation group of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States AKP-States sent a letter to the European Parliament which has indicated that they would be forced not to renew their economic agreements on the point of "sexual orientation".  It concerns a contract for economic development assistance, in which there is a clause regarding "non-discrimination" as a condition respecting of sexual origination.  The AKP-States successfully resisted the inclusion of the clause.

The AKP- States request the EU in this letter, "it is urgent that, above all to attempt to keep distance, in those things which we will not freely participate."  These economically developing nations further inform that "the partnership can only work and fully function, if both partners take the necessary respect for social differences and cultural diversity".

The European Parliament in turn had generated a resolution in December in which it reminded Africa that "the EU is responsible for more than half the development assistance and Africa's most important business partner."  Later the resolution makes the admonishment that free sexual orientation is an important category of no-discrimination.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Voodoo Center of Caribbean hit by another Disaster

Yes, our sympathies go out to the Haitians, but...

An earthquake of magnitude seven would be devastating for any country. In the wake of such force, death and destruction is tragically inevitable. However, the repercussions for Haiti, this small ill-fated Caribbean country, will be worse than almost anywhere else in the world, because of the long-term political, economic and cultural context that surrounds today's natural disaster.

There is a story often told among Haitians that when the Spanish came to Hispanola (the small island shared between the Dominican Republic and Haiti) they surrendered Haiti to the devil in order to dedicate the Dominican Republic to God. When you consider their relative situations it is not hard to see why this myth is so commonly believed.

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