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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conflicts at Synod are Being Downplayed by Most of the Press and the Vatican

Edit: the press has been virtually silent about the pederast enabling Cardinal Daneels.  Damian Thompson is looking past the synod toward younger and more sensible management.

Despite efforts to stifle any public revelation of what's actually going on, a Melkite Patriarch, Gregory Laham spoke up in the face of the heretical musings of the President of the Panamanian Bishops' Conference, according to Toronto Catholic Witness, who translates from the blog of Archbishop Stanislas Gadecki of Poland  

"One should always speak of the "sacrament of matrimony" and not "marriage".  To show the spiritual beauty of marriage. To assist spouses one must show them the unchangeable, spiritual vision of matrimony. Many times we are not united with the positive vision of marriage and the family. Jesus corrected Moses. Dissoluble marriage is against its nature".

Even the Old Liberal Archbishop Coleridge states that an overwhelming majority of the Bishops are opposed to Communion for the remarried and divorced as reported by the evil John Allen at the Old Liberal, Crux from Boston Globe:

It’s very early, but based on your sense of where the synod stands right now, if the Kasper proposal for the divorced and remarried were put to a straight up or down vote, how would it go?I think it’s about 65-35 against, and it’s been clarified over the last year. I think there would certainly be a majority of bishops – this is a guess, but an informed guess – who would not favor the Kasper proposal.
Because they see it as touching the indissolubility of marriage?Not only that, but also the understanding of the Eucharist and of the Church. That’s a kind of Trinity, and if you touch one, you touch the lot. That said, there are all kinds of positions along the spectrum within that 65 percent who are against.
I’ll quote one bishop, and this scandalized me, who said, “This synod basically has to choose between the way of Jesus and the way of Walter Kasper.” [He's right.] It wasn’t in the public session, but it was said. I don’t scandalize easily, but that did it.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Cardinal Erdo: Synod 2014 Did Not Wish to Alter the Practice of Communion

Relator General recalls situation of discussion  - Church is called to "mercifully accompany" divorced and remarried," but also "to witness consistently" to Catholic doctrine 

Vatican City ( The Relator General Synod of Bishops, Cardinal Peter Erdo (Esztergom-Budapest) has made it clear on Monday in the Vatican, that he defends  the indissolubility of marriage and  the current teaching of the Church. The majority of the Synod participants from 2014 have shared the view that remarriage after the failure of a bond formed by the Church  is contrary to the message of Jesus Christ  and excludes those affected from receiving Communion, he said in his opening speech. Erdo referred in his remarks to the working document (Instrumentum Laboris) from the Synod. This is based on the Extraordinary Synod from October 2014.

The Church is called pastorally "to mercifully accompany" the divorced and remarried, but "to witness consistently" at the same time the Catholic doctrine, said the Primate of Hungary. To accomplish this, however, deeper reflection it needed a deeper reflection, Erdo conceded looking forward to the forthcoming three-week deliberations of the bishops. 

As General Relator, Erdo is the  correspondent of the Episcopal Assembly and has important influence on the formulation of the synod results. He pointed out that there are many ways for the divorced and remarried to share in community life, without allowing for the Eucharist.   Erdö was critical about the ways of the Orthodox Churches that permit remarriage after a divorce under certain guidelines. These practices are not comparable with the case law based of the Catholic Church. 

Erdö also rejected the idea of "gradualism" in the assessment of sexual relations outside of marriage. Objectively between true and false, and between good and evil, there is no gradualness, he stressed. However, there might be for the individual a subjective, gradual approach to good and truth. The subjective fault is less serious if the sin is not recognized.

On the subject of homosexuality Erdo recalled the existing Church doctrine, according to which there are "not even distant analogies or similarities"  between homosexual partnerships and God's plan for marriage and family. Copyright 2015 Catholic press agency Kathpress, Vienna, Austria VIDEO from lecture: (C) 2015 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH.All rights reserved.

Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pope Francis Passes Notes to Cardinal Baldisseri

Edit:  do I have to separate you two?

(Rome) What is on the piece of paper written by Pope Francis  handed to the Secretary of the Synod, Cardinal Baldisseri in the Synod Hall?
The Pope, who participates in the General Congregations, but doesn't speak, reaches again and again for a fountain pen and writes something on scraps of paper, which he then can deliver to Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri. "This is not a possible wish, but I would not pay just a  little to know what is written on the piece of paper which Pope Francis wrote  and  sent to the Secretary General of the Synod," said the Vatican expert Marco Tosatti.

Pope Francis Giving Directions on How the Synod is to Run?

The cardinal read the slips of paper   supplied, wrote something under it and sent it back to the Pope, who stuck it in his pocket. So Tosatti describes the flow of messages list, the number of times since the beginning of the Synod repeated every day. The exchange could not be hidden from the  attentive synod participants. Especially not during the remarks given by Cardinal Burke and Müller, as an attack on marriage teaching of the Church was in the air.
The series of messages convey the impression that the Pope is giving instructions to the Synod Secretary. Who, when the instructions can or should address? It is known that Pope Francis has placed people loyal to him at all strategic positions of the Bishops' Synod. This includes Cardinal Baldisseri as Archbishop Forte to name just two.

Among the Synod Participants Themselves,  Resentment is Spreading - Interim Report "Unacceptable"

Since the beginning of this week, the Synod no longer convenes in Assembly, but separated according to language groups. Among the synod fathers discontent is spreading. First,  every day it is more apparent that what the media reports, does not correspond to what actually happens in the Synod and a direction that is favored by Cardinal Kasper. Then there came the interim report of Cardinal Peter Erdo, in which many members of the synod do not recognize.
41 synod participants came forward to speak after the announcement of the Interim report in the Synod Hall, including  Cardinals Pell, Ouellet, Müller, Caffarra, Scola, Dolan, Filoni, Vingt-Trois, Burke, Rylko and all spoke out against Kasper's proposal, who also spoke. They criticized the ambiguity of the entire report and the homophilic statements, had   called for a clear statement of the truth about marriage and the family, a clear statement against abortion and against artificial insemination.

Cardinal Erdo, Himself Amazed,  Points to "Homo" Passage by Archbishop Forte

The interim report has been signed by Erdo, the Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, but was written by others. These "others", were officials hand-picked by Pope Francis. Erdo was apparently astonished, and he told the press conference that the text part did not come from him and pointed to Archbishop Bruno Forte as the author of the controversial passage about homosexuality.
In the discussions the Synod Fathers are talking about two different synods: One is the actual Synod and then a desired one, a manipulated Synod. Cardinal Müller already hinted last week that manipulation is in play. Cardinal Burke has said it now openly. Archbishop Gadecki, the chairman of the Polish Bishops' Conference unmistakably expressed his displeasure. For this purpose, he used the Polish section of Radio Vatican, the only one open to him, as the President of the Polish Bishops, which could not be closed, however,  as has been happening with the other language groups. The interim report was "unacceptable for many bishops unacceptable," he said, as he brought his opinion to the point.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred